Saturday, December 19, 2009

Il Divo - O Holy Night

Il Divo has long been one of my favorite recording groups.  These handsome young men, brought together by Simon Cowell, began recording together in early 2004.  This foursome consists of Carlos Marin, a well known Spanish baritone, two classically trained tenors,  Urs Buhler of Switzerland and David Miller of the United States, and Sebestien Izambard, a French pop singer.  

They have achieved amazing success, appearing on Oprah Winfrey early in their career, and then completed a six month tour of America, Australia and Europe.  They also accompanied Barbra Streisand for all 20 concerts of her North American tour in 2006.  Every album they have recorded has risen to the top of the charts in countries all over the world.

I was fortunate to see Il Divo perform in 2006 during their appearance in the San Francisco area and was thrilled to have seats in about the 25th row in the Concord Pavilion!  What incredible voices these men have and there was barely a sound in the audience.  

I love all of their albums but one of my favorites is their Christmas album.  I am including a link to 
a You Tube video of Il Divo singing one of my favorites, "Oh, Holy Night."


  1. We do like our musica, don't we? What a beautiful tree! I must decorate mine tomorrow!

  2. Have heard and seen them...they are great..Hugs

  3. What a beautiful tree, so lovely and festive. Thank you for the recommendation on Il Divo as well! I am always looking for good music!

  4. Snap! I too love the group, Carmen. I was introduced to them when someone bought me one of their CDs at Christmas, the same person sends a different one - all of Il Divo - each year. Thanks for sharing the video.

  5. Wow Carmen! you've seen them perform? I haven't and I am not sure if they will be performing in Sweden. I hope so.

    Take care and have a nice day!

  6. Hello Carmen, I absolutely adore Il Divo and have a couple of their CDs. Oh Holy Night IS my favourite, so will go and hear them sing. Have a happy season!

  7. Hello Carmen, I absolutely adore Il Divo and have a couple of their CDs. Oh Holy Night IS my favourite, so will go and hear them sing. Have a happy season!

  8. Anonymous5:51 PM

    ONe of my fave carols at xmas or anytime of the year, actually got to sing this in my church as a young girl during xmas. Il Divo makes me have goosebumps even typing their name.. TY for sharing and for all wonderful comments.. So much appreciated. I hope the your smiling today and feeling chipper lol

  9. These guy have such amazing voices. How lucky your are to have seen them perform live. I doubt they would have disappointed like some groups do when performing live.

  10. Pink Martini - yes, music is wonderful..I have
    my favorites!

    Liss - seeing Il Divo live and so close up was
    an incredible experience. They are so
    elegant in their beautiful suits and
    tuxedos and they truly sing like angels -
    or how I imagine angels would sound.

    Inky - those guys give me goosebumps, too.
    Have you heard them sing, "Mama" - if not,
    I'm sure it's on YouTube. It will make
    you cry.

    magiceye - they do have incredible voices.
    Simon Cowell was right on in bringing
    them together. I read that they aren't
    very good friends but, when they sing,
    they are magical.

    Bernie - we certainly have great taste, don't

    maxivelasco - i've seen some great performers
    in my life - Sinatra, Tony Bennett, John
    Denver, lots of country stars but Il Divo
    left me breathless! They are all
    Europeans but one so you might have a
    chance to see them!

    Alaine - the CD with "Mama" in it makes a
    great Mother's Day gift!

  11. Beautiful post !!Lovely and fantastic tree !! Have a great time on Christmas..Great

  12. They are too beautiful for words both in song and look.

  13. I've only seen them on morning talk shows and wow....are they good !!
    and sexy, too !

  14. I agree that the group Il Divo have magical voices, Carmen. I especially like their rendition of "Amazing Grace" which is one of my favorite hymns.

  15. I saw Il Divo CD on the same rack as Andrea Bocelli when I bought my Andrea Bocelli CD!!! :)

    Girl, copy and paste the "embed" code so you can embed the video here!!!!!

    I hope you have enjoyed much listening to their music!!!! They sound phenomenal!!!! I mean, I haven't listened to them yet (but I will after clicking that link) but you have made them sound phenomenal here!!!!!