Thursday, October 30, 2014

Orange You Glad It's Friday, Week 114 - October 30, 2014

First of all, I must congratulate my home team San 
Francisco Giants on their great World Series win.
It was a knuckle biting seven games and, though I 
didn't actually watch them from India, I followed, almost
play by play, on internet news.

I offered prayers to almost every deity, including Lord
Ganesha, the Indian god, known as the overcomer of
obstacles.  To whichever god ( or all of them ) that 
helped my team win, thank you!!  Our city rejoices.

My "orange you glad Friday" post is of a sweet Lord
Ganesha I found at Creative Textiles in Jaipur, a store
that had wonderful fabrics and made lovely clothes 
from them.  I came home with two outfits and this 
little Ganesha.  I now have a small collection of Ganeshas.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cats on Tuesday - Indifferent Tom - October 28, 2014

I lived nearly a year, at two different times, with my
wonderful friends, Rosy and Norman Toscano, in
Bandra West, an upscale suburb of Mumbai, India.
The house was shared with three cats who gave me
multiple photographic opportunities.  None of the 
three ever paid a bit of attention to me!

Here's Tom, clearly wishing I would take myself and
my camera off, anywhere!

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 - Bringing Sunshine to Dispel Shadows Wherever She Goes - October 26, 2014

This precious little imp,
With eyes of brightest blue,
And wisps of golden hair,
Isn't sure what shadows do.

She runs to chase then down,
But they just get in the way,
They're glued at hands and feet,
And follow her at play.

The shadows quickly dissipate,
Lasting just awhile,
For rivaling the sunshine,
Is my lovely grandchild's smile!!!

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Carmen Henesy
Copyright October 26, 2013

Friday, October 24, 2014

Looking Back - October 24, 2014

Three years ago, I did it, 
I went through all my things,
Downsizing, giving away so much,
With necessity, retirement brings.

I found that I could do it,
By keeping treasures dear,
Telling myself I'd see them,
In some future year.

With super help from Jeremy,
My stalwart athletic son,
At last, it all was over,
My Canterbury life was done!

I finally boarded my flight,
Two months overdue,
A bedraggled weary traveler,
When those 7000 miles were through.

At last, I'd returned to India,
Fourteen years away,
But I felt at home with many friends,
Acquired each cruising day.

Four months I stayed with Santos,
And my lovely "family" there,
It made my life in India,
Begin without a care.

Next time I went to Jaipur,
A most amazing place,
With memories made and friendships,
That time cannot erase.

Back home to spend eight months,
With the sweetest grandchild ever,
Whoever knew a little girl,
Could be so very clever!!!

Who says that growing older,
Still can't be much fun,
I've realized a dream,
And I still am not quite done!!!

It must have been my destiny,
That Virginia Lynch and I were here,
To share ten days together,
In this country we both hold dear!!!

I've even found martinis,
That meet my discerning taste,
And I'm happy to report,
I've lost pounds around my waist.

As long as I can manage,
With my creaky joints and such,
I'll commute between two countries,
That I love so much!

Carmen Henesy

copyright Carmen Henesy October 24, 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Diwali 2014 - October 21 - October 25

Once again, for the third consecutive year, I am in India for Diwali.  I still haven't
learned to speak Hindi though my smart phone, a Samsung Note 3, is full of
Hindi aps which I should be learning, so, hopefully, if I survive to use my return
ticket May 5, 2015, I will be able to say more than hello, thank you and goodbye.
One of the aps must be a military or law enforcement Hindi program because it
has such tidbits as, "stop or I'll shoot," and other important commands of that

Diwali, the "festival of lights," which is, I believe, the most important of Hindu
festivals, falls very shortly after the celebration of Navratri, which honors the
Hindu goddess Durga, in all of her manifestations.  Diwali celebrates the victory
of good over evil, light over darkness, and hope over despair.  Each of the five
days is dedicated to a special celebration.

Diwali is a time when people clean their home, buy new clothes, exchange
gifts with family and friends and make offerings ( puja ) to the gods.  Family
feasts take place and lights, candles, everywhere, there is light.  As night falls,
firecrackers boom until the early hours of morning.

Diwali is a major shopping period, corresponding to Christmas in Western

I've written in previous blogs about this major Hindu celebration.  The links
are below.

To all my Hindu, Jain and Sikh friends in India and throughout the world - and to all
others who may celebrate Diwali, I send my heartfelt wishes for a joyous and
wonderful festival of lights with blessings from your gods and goddesses.  

Monday, October 06, 2014

Wi-Fi Woes - October 6, 2014

A few days ago, I moved to my friend's home in Sahar Village, across from Mumbai's
international airport.  I'm ensconced in the new upstairs room, with private bath, they built,
surrounded by coconut palms and I even have air conditioning.  What I don't have is Wi-Fi.  Theirs is not strong enough to reach through these thick walls to my computer - though someone else nearby certainly has a strong signal. I wish I knew who  & I might negotiate use of it for a fee.  If the steps to my lofty retreat weren't quite so steep, I would just lug my computer up and down when I want Wi-Fi but, now that I am 70, and not grace
personified, I think it's not a wise idea.  I will just head to Vodafone this week & invest in a "dongle" though uploading pictures is not so great.  Bear with me, my blog followers!