Thursday, June 30, 2011

Skywatch Friday: Season 4, Episode 51 - June 30, 2011

Ross, California scene - beautiful tree, beautiful sky!
Photographed at the Marin Garden and Art Center.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Watery Wednesday, #146 , Waiting For The Waves, San Francisco, Ocean Beach, June 29, 2011

No matter how gloomy and overcast the San Francisco day, even as afternoon
fog encroaches, determined surfers, clad in wet suits, brave the 55 degree
temperatures in hopes of momentary thrills on whatever waves break the

While twenty miles south, in Half Moon Bay, a location known as "the Maverick's"
is world renowned for its periodic waves from 25 to 80 feet high.  In recent years,
two famous Hawaiian "big wave" surfers, Mark Foo, on December 23, 1994, and
Sion Milosky, on March 16m 2011 have died at this area
( ) where the break of the waves
is caused by an unusually-shaped underwater rock formation.

Ocean Beach waves never reach collosal proportions.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

San Francisco Zoo - Tarantulas - June 27, 2011

When I went to pick up my friend, Joanne Olivieri ( aka Poetic Shutterbug ) the
other day for a rendevous at the Park Chalet, I couldn't help but notice this
sign on her street, advertising the latest exhibit at the San Francisco Zoo!  Give
me the sweet little koalas any day of the week, tarantulas are not my favorite
creatures.  The sign certainly got my attention, though!

I thought it was a great photo for both Mellow Yellow Monday #127

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shadown Shot Sunday #162 - Bench and Shadows - June 26, 2011

My trip to Ross, California on June 16, 2011 to hear my dear friends, Sony and
Jerry Holland, in concert was a bonus in many ways.  I got a number of excellent
pictures to use in my blog - lovely flowers from the Marin Art and Garden Center,
offerings from the Farmer's Market that day, and other interesting photographs.
Todays Shadow Shot Sunday was a result of that visit.  I think it is one of my most
interesting shadow shots.  What do you think?

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Camera Critters #168 - Something to Crow About - June 25, 2011

When I was in Ross, CA June 16th with my friend, Joanne Olivieri, aka Poetic
Shutterbug, the crows were out in full force to listen to Sony and Jerry Holland
in concert.  They seemed to enjoy the beautiful music as much as we did!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Alphabe Thursday - "J" Is For Jasmine - June 23, 2011

"J" is for jasmine,
With the loveliest smell,
It's a gift sent from nature,
To cast its sweet spell.

There are many varieties,
Some fill the night air,
Though you can't see it,
It's fragrance is there!

It's a blossom that thrives,
In tropical climes,
Cherished by women,
Since earliest times.

There's no need to lament,
Or to start feeling glum,
It's bottled in perfume,
If you lack a green thumb!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2011 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Exotic Red Flower - June 21, 2011

Taken at San Francisco's Botanical Garden, a beautiful source of trees, plants
and flowers at any time of the year.

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Mellow Yellow Monday #126 - Mini vegetables - June 20, 2011

Last Thursday, when I was in Ross, California, near Sausalito, to hear my friends,
Sony and Jerrry Holland in concert, there was a farmer's market in the parking lot
at the Marin Art and Garden Center site.  There were all sorts of wonderful fresh
vegetables for sale - as well as scrumptious things to eat. 

I fell in love with these pretty little minature squashes - though I opted for other,
more practical vegetables, more reasonably priced.  I thought they were pefect
for mellow yellow, though.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sundays in my City - Sunny Sony Sounds - June 19, 2011

I've been home from the hospital since Tuesday afternoon, still on two different
oral antibiotics, and I'm feeling better.  My only real problem is that my left
ankle is not healing as fast as I would like.  I'm still having trouble walking on
my left foot and there is still some swelling that remains.  I hope this isn't going
to be permanent since I need to be able to get around!!

It's been a nice weekend and I could not entirely obey doctor's orders to spend
most of it in bed, with my ankle elevated.  The Bay area's former jazz diva,
Sony Holland, and her song writer husband, Jerry Holland, who is also a guitar
virtuoso, were in town to do a series of three shows for their loyal fans.

Thursday, they did an outdoor performance at the Marin Art and Garden center
in Ross, California.  It was a glorious day and people spread out their blankets
on the lawn, brought picnics, and enjoyed the music.  Children of all ages
danced and cavorted, dogs raced about, and birds joined in with their
melodies.  I am sure it must have been a bit distracting for our beloved
entertainers but they were just wonderful, nonetheless.  We also got to see a
bit of the gardens before the performance, with so many beautiful flowers
in bloom.

Saturday night, our glamorous diva performed in Palo Alto, California at the Jewish
Cultural Center.  This time, in addition to Jerry's guitar, she was accompanied by
Benny Watson on the piano, Seward McCain on bass, and Bob Blankenship on
drums.  Dressed in a sparkling black dress and glittering bling, her performance
was beyond description.  You could hear a pin drop in the auditorium as she sang
beautiful numbers from the Great American songbook, several songs writter by
her husband, Jerry Holland, and rocking tunes like "Honky Cat."  The whole
evening was fabulous.  I never tire of hearing her.  And there's more to come.
This evening, she and Jerry return to Cafe Divine in San Francisco where they
used to perform on Sunday nights.  It will be packed full, a reunion of the
"Dynamic Duo" and all their adoring fans! 

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shaggy Dog - June 18, 2011

Thursday afternoon, my friends, the Hollands, were in town to perform at the
Marin Art and Garden Center as part of the summer concert series.  It was a
spectacular day and there were quite a few people, children and dogs sprawled
on the lawn in front of the gazebo where Sony sang and Jerry accompanied her
on the guitar.

This shaggy dog got a great deal of attention from his two-legged companions
and he was very well behaved during the concert.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Flash 55 - He Love Me, He Loves Me Not - June 17, 2011

She had begun to doubt his love,
He often was away,
But, imagine her surprise today,
When she received a huge bouquet!

The fragrance of the roses,
Spread throughout the room,
But when her finger touched a thorn,
That's when she met her doom!

Her last thought was that her love was a forensic toxicologist.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Alphabe Thursday - "I" Is For India - June 16, 2011

"I" is for India,
The land of my dreams,
It's a country of contrasts,
Of the greatest extremes.

The country is huge,
Seventh land-wise, you see,
But its ranks number two,
In population density.

For all of these people,
With cultures diverse,
They have a democracy,
Working through times adverse.

It's the country of Gandhi,
And food wonderfully good,
There's a huge film industry,
They call "Bollywood!"

Women often wear saris,
In bright colored sheens,
They are incredibly beautiful,
As elegant as queens.

A truly breathtaking sight,
Is the magnificent Taj,
Its beauty overwhelms you,
It must be a mirage!

India is ancient,
Yet most modern, too,
From its intricate temples,
And skyscrapers new.

Darjeeling and Assam,
The most wonderful teas,
Both come from India,
And are sure to please.

It's a world filled with spices,
And myriad smells,
Horns noisly blaring,
And tinkling temple bells.

Elephants are painted,
In colors so bright,
For festive occasions,
They're a beautiful sight!

This country of my hearrt,
Is one all should see,
For its wonderful people,
Are true treasures to me!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2011 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved.

Dedicated with much affection to my Indian friends world wide!

Thanks to Bing Images for all photos!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home, At Last - Five Impatient, Inpatient Days!! - June 14, 2011

I did not realize, when I arrived at Seton Medical Center last Thurday afternoon, I
would not be discharged until a full five days later.  I had akready received IV
antbiotics Sunday night in the emergency room and began Bactrim and  Keflex,
oral antibiotics, the following day.  When I saw my doctor Thursday and had
showed only minimal improvement in the redness and swelling in my left lower
ankle and foot, she felt that I had to be hospitalized to receive "big gun" antibiotic

I pretty much opted not to tell folks that I was in the hospital since I really didn't
feel very well or social.  My last night, Phil Zaragoza, my dear social worker friend
and fellow traveling companion of yore, stopped by and that cheered me up a great
deal.  After sharing a cruise cabin and hotel rooms with him, in the past, I felt no
need to put on makeup and could just enjoy the support of having him there.  I
had not been in touch with how really lonely I was feeling.  My thoughts had often
gone to the disease process I had - cellulitis - which Mayo Clinic defines as:
" a common, potentially serious bacterial skin infection. Cellulitis appears as a
swollen, red area of skin that feels hot and tender, and it may spread rapidly.
Skin on lower legs is most commonly affected, though cellulitis can occur any
where on your body or face. Cellulitis may affect only your skin's surface —
or, cellulitis may also affect tissues underlying your skin and can spread to your
lymph nodes and bloodstream.  Left untreated, the spreading infection may rapidly
turn  life-threatening. That's why it's important to seek immediate medical attention
if cellulitis symptoms occur."

In addition to the redness and swelling of my left ankle and foot, I could barely
weight bear on my left foot or bend  my ankle.  I related it to the excess swelling. 
An MRI in the hospital showed marked denerative changes in that ankle and, since I
had an elevated uric acid, I might also be developing gout!  I do know the resident
kidney stones I have are uric acid stones so they may be the culprit for the
elevated uric acid in my blood..  My physicians will have to follow up with me for
that!!  With my usual bad karma, medications for gout are not good at all with my
gastric ulcer!!!  Nor are the ones that would help with the arthritis in my
shoulders and knees.  Why does a sweet old lady like me have such bad luck!!!

So, now I am home, both arms full of bruises ( I've counted 17 ) - one day the lab
came and drew blood three times.  As if that weren't enough, on two occasions,
my IV infiltrated and had to be restarted.  It took three needle sticks to get it
going the last time - kudos to Tess C., the evening charge nurse who seems to
have an incredible skill at finding an elusive vein.  She got my antibiotics
going again when the other two sweet nurses could not.  They were unwilling
to make another try!

I never felt well enough to get online to do my blog or respond to comments.  One
night, about 11P, as I was reaching for my little Acer notebook, I somehow,
managed to knock over the whole bedside table, sending it crashing to the floor.  I
think it woke every patient in the entire wing and, boy, did it send the nurses
running!  My computer is now out of commission and my desk top went to
computer heaven over three months ago.

My doctor, Alice Yan, is wonderful.  I've been seeing her over ten years and she really
does take the best care of me.  Also, as she did exactly one year ago, she had Dr.
Shefali Talwar consult, the most beautiful young Indian woman who is the area's
specialist in infectious diseases.  While cellulitis is not a communicable disease,
her knowledge of antibiotic treatment was important in my case.

It's amazing how exhausting being a patient is!  Once I got home, I took my
evening medications, set the clock for 10PM and took my nighttime meds and
one sleeping pill.  For the first time in months, I actually slept straight through
for EIGHT hours.  I do believe I'm on the road to recovery!  I must confess that,
as you lie there in a hospital for hours on end, listening to the bleeps of
biomedical equipment, realizing you are sixty-six-years of age, you are definitely
confronted with your mortality. 

Thanks, dear friends and family, for all the good wishes and support.  Hopefully,
by the end of the week, I'll be back to my normal abnormal!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Flash 55 - The Nurse is Worse - June 10, 2011

I'm once again a patient,
And gumpy as can be,
Dragging around an IV pole,
Whenever I have to pee.

In spite of a shot of morphine,
And a pill I got for sleep,
I can't seem to get any shut eye,
For listening to machinery bleep.

And Seton Hospital blocks my favorite Facebook games!
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Another spider bite! I woke up in the middle of the night last Friday to a severe stinging in my left ankle. By morning, my ankle and foot were completely swollen and I could hardly put any weight on my foot at all. I had hoped to wait until Monday to see my doctor but, when it kept getting worse and worse, I went to the ER Sunday night. They gave me IV and oral antibiotics and started me on a 14 day regimen. Today, I went back in to see Dr. Yan and she said, "You need to be admitted so we can give you multiple IV antibiotics." So that's my story. I really don't feel well. That's why I've been so poor about replying to your comments and reading blogs, which is almost my favorite pastime. Wish me well and, for those who pray, that might even be good!
 I definitely could use a few prayers.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Alphabe Thursday - "H" Is For Hawaii - June 9, 2010

"H" is for Hawaii,
It truly is great,
This lovely island group,
Is our 50th state!

Born of volcanos,
From deep in the sea,
Each island is special,
I'm sure you'll agree.

Incredible scenery,
Mountains of green,
Breathtaking sunsets,
Like you've never seen.

Delectable seafood,
Abounds everywhere,
Exotic fruits like papaya,
And heartier fare.

Whatever you want,
It will be within reach,
From clubbing all night,
To laying on a beach!

It's a mecca for surfers,
Some born without fear,
Waves reach forty feet,
At some times of the year!

Hula dancers sway slowly,
To the beautiful tunes,
Of ukele and slack key,
Or a singer who croons.

Full of interesting history,
One can easily see,
Its cultural diversity,
Benefits you and me.

Would that all nations,
Could live side by side,
As the people of Hawaii,
Set an example world wide.

Carmen Henesy
( Thanks to Bing Images for all photos )

Copyright (c) 2011 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved.
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