Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bits and Pieces - July 31, 2015

Did brave the monsoon rains to have dinner with friends at Saltwater Cafe

I haven't spent any time lately on the computer.  Though I did purchase a "mifi" apparatus from Vodafone with a fairly good internet plan, I've just plain been lazy.  My right shoulder is bothering me so much, sleep, at night, is evasive.  I came to India without my usual pain medication because, at the last minute, I couldn't get down to San Francisco, for my prescription and, with the new U. S. laws, one must get the Rx in hand.  It cannot be called in to a pharmacy.  At least, now, I am really aware of how much the medication helped.  I suppose I could go to a doctor here in Mumbai but I don't want them to think I'm a 70-year-old drug seeking patient 
( even if I am ).  I am taking Aleve twice a day.  I do have a Costco-sized bottle of that with me - not especially good for my ulcer but my beloved friend, Charlene, in Tampa, just sent my 90-day refills of my regular medications.

Monsoon rains have begun again.  It's a bit different from last year. There was a good bit of heavy rain and flooding during my ten day visit to Jaipur, then a dry spell for awhile.  For the last couple of weeks, the rains began anew.  Living high on a hill, the winds are a bit more blustery but we don't really have thunder and lightning.  The clouds dump huge droplets, then we have an hour or two in which to run to the bazar or grab lunch somewhere, then it all starts again.  Rickshaws plow through the water which often flows over the floor and the flapping curtains do little to keep passengers dry.  Traffic comes to a standstill, horns blare, and tempers boil.  Street vendors race to cover their wares, and themselves, for the umpteenth time!

Spices, grains, rice for sale

These spices and grains are so beautiful.  I always wonder about cleanliness as they are exposed to everything - the elements, car exhaust, people handling them, dampness and humidity, etc.  Of course, they are cooked to make the fabulous Indian dishes that always smell so tempting and taste so good.  Just like a Westerner to worry about such things!  Having had a couple of bouts of "Delhi Belly" or "Mumbai Motion" in the past, I do worry from time to time.