Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Farewell, My Family and Friends - Next Stop, India

Still much to do, dear ones - but I have to return my AT&T Uverse paraphanalia
today so I'll be cut off from the internet.  I fly out tomorrow about 11AM - next
stop INDIA.  I'll be online there as soon as it's possible.

Thanks for all your support and good wishes.  I can't wait to get on that airplane,
to relax, eat Korean food and sip a nice martini.

Jeremy, my 6'4" baby can now relax, too and I know he's glad to be getting rid of
me - I couldn't be heading out if it weren't for him.  I enjoyed having Alex down on



Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sundays in My City - November 27, 2011

My lovely daughter-in-law, Laura, a paramedic, had to work on Thanksgiving
( a 5PM to 5AM shift which was her bid this go round ), so she and Alex
invited Jeremy and I up to their West Sacramento home yesterday to
celebrate, instead.  It was actually a lovely drive up, without very much
traffic, beautiful sky shots with nice cloud formations and, even some
beautiful fall foliage, that whizzed by so quickly, I couldn't get pictures.

Christine and Roger came ( Laura's folks ), her brother, Robert, and his
wife, Kristin, and their two delightful little boys, Conner and Holden, and,
in addition to my two granddogs, the Calhouns brought Tigger, the new
shelter dog that joined their family when their beloved Gus died earlier
this year.

The food was absolutely delicious.  Alex and Laura bought a new grill and
the turkey was brined overnight and cooked on the grill - a first time
event for Alex.  It was just hilarious watching him at the task, with
Jeremy helping.  The bird turned out to be the yummiest I've ever
eaten and it just fell off the bone.  Carving it was so much easier than
last year with the electric knife!  There was, also, a whole array of other
treats - a FRESH green bean casserole, an unusual - and heavenly
concoction made from cornmeal and sweet potatoes, two different
stuffings, eggplant caviar, a lovely fruit compote with cranberries, dried
apricots and other good things, lovely California wines, plus appetizers
to keep us happy before dinner.

And, of course, dessert - pumpkin and two apple pies - one with a cream
cheese frosting ( my choice, of course - like I needed more calories ) and
one without frosting.

It was a wonderful family day and, thankfully, Jeremy drove home so I
could doze, intermittently, awakening suddenly, thinking we were about to
face catastrophe on a California freeway.  It must have been my full

The skies over Fairfield, CA

Flat farmland near Dixon, CA

Jeremy ( 27 ) and Alex ( 29 ) Vukasinovic

Taffy, my first granddog

Bucky, granddog number two

Beautiful Laura, my daughter-in-law

Grandma and her pooches

Macro of table flowers

Bucky's favorite position

Such a sweet face!

Having fun in the kitchen

Working on a pony tail!

Ohhhh, that's nice, Uncle Jeremy

Forget that computer and use both hands...

Thanksgiving flowers

Smells scrumptious!

A piece on the plate, a piece in the mouth

How about dropping a bite of that turkey?

I'm waiting over here, too.

Alex with his mother-in-law, Christine

Laura and Alex

Nini and Holden

Laura and Holden

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Greetings - November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone

No time for poetry today, dear family and friends. Things are slowly
beginning to fall into place but, to be truthful, I'm still not ready to leave.
My youngest son, Jeremy, has been coming over daily, after work, to
help me, giving me grief, in a loving way, about the need for haste and
warning me that my storage space is nearly full.  He thinks I need to
discard everything I have left ( impossible ).

December 1st is my departure day for India and I wonder if I'm going
to have to postpone it again.  If I do, I won't get any flights over the
holiday season, I know.  I won't be doing any Thanksgiving day feasting,
though I've had several kind invitations.

While you are with family and friends today, offer a little prayer
that I do get finished and out of here and on my way to India.

Once again, please bear with me.  I haven't responded to all your kind
comments or read blogs which distresses me greatly.  I promise to
catch up once I get settled in India and get internet access.  I love you
all and wish you joy and happiness.  You all are one of my "thanks"
on this special day.  I am especially thankful to my friends and family
and I am thankful to be an American, even in this time of stress for
our country.

My biggest thanks this season are to my youngest son, Jeremy, for all
he has done to help me get moved and on my way to India.  He has worked
long days and nights and I appreciate it more than I can say.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Flash 55 - Where Did the Week Go? - November 18, 2011

Father Time, give me a break,
Progress, I'm not making,
The nearer my departure date,
I'm stressed out and shaking.

How can it be, when I pack up,
And send things off to store,
I look around my domicile,
And it seems I've even more!

One more 55 remains,
Until I board my two airplanes!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Watery Wednesday #162 - A Pacifica Scene - November 16, 2011

I was out with two San Diego friends yesterday in my neighborhood and was
delighted with this lovely sunset.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #147 - The Heart of a Yellow Rose - November 14, 2011

Sixteen days until I leave for my four month stay in India!

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Veteran's Day Thoughts - November 12, 2011

Thoughts on Veteran's Day

Row after row of tiny flags,

As far as one can see,

Remind the saddened visitor,

That freedom isn't free.

In hallowed ground, lay heroes,

Loved ones left behind,

Heading toward their destiny,

Not knowing what they'd find.

They fought in steaming jungles,

And in the bitter snow,

And left behind their comrades,

With tormented hearts, I know.

War seems never ending,

And our brave youth of today,

Continue heroic service,

For the good of the USA.

To all of our Armed Forces,

From beginning to present day,

We offer thanks and prayers,

On this very special day.

Carmen Henesy

Veteran's Day 2011


Copyright (c) 2011 Carmen Henesy

All Rights Reserved

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Flash 55 - Not Gone, But Forgotten - November 11, 2011

I'm stilll around,
Not posting much,
A couple days a week or such.

It's been just hell,
Sorting through my life,
Discarding much has caused such strife.

I'm nearly done,
The end's in sight,
December 1st, I'll board my flight.

I'll have four months,
To get to know,
An exotic country that I love so.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2011 Carmen Henesy
All Rights Reserved

I still have a bit more to do to finally vacate my home of
thirteen years but I am definitely on my way to India on
December 1st!

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Watery Wednesday #161 - Pacifica, CA - November 7, 2011

Pacifica. California is a beautiful spot on the northern California coast between
San Francisco and Half Moon Bay.  It is a small community of only about
40,000 people, resplendant on a sunny day with beautiful ocean views,
great seafood, fishing, surfing and a Mediterranean climate.  As often as not,
however, Pacifica is foggy and is famous for its annual Fog Fest.

The houses often seem to dip into the sea and, as a matter of fact, eroding
cliff sides have been a problem.  Real estate has crumbled into the ocean,
causing great headaches for owners and city engineers.

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Monday, November 07, 2011

The Latest From Carmen - November 8, 2011

Well, you've guessed, I'm sure.  Once again, I've spent half a day on the
phone with Alaska Airlines, changing my flights for India.  Last time, though,
I promise, my dear Indian friends - otherwise, it's hardly worth my coming
at all.  I saw my doctor this week - as dictated by Medicare, for my annual
phsyical exam.  I went looking like a horror, with not one, but three fever
blisters on my lips ( haven't had one in years ) and my blood pressure, for
some reason, up to 200/100.  I can't see how that is possible since I am on
two different types of antihypertensive medications.  Dr. Yan shook her
head and suggested I must be under some kind of stress.  She thought I'd
already left for India.

"That's the problem", I told her, "I can't seem to get finished packing up the
house".  I've been working like a demon but it's going slowly  Most of it, I'm
doing myself and, while I AM making headway, there is still much to finish.

I was successful with changing my itinerary - for a $100 change fee, and,
actually, it is all much better for me.  Instead of having to fly down to L. A.,
I'm going out of San Francisco on Korean Airlines.  I'll be home on the 14th
when two of my dearest forensic colleagues and friends - two fellow queens -
will be here overnight - and I'll get to be with them.  We've traveled often
together and I've so much missed being with them the last few years.  What
a gift to have them in San Francisco and to see them.

Secondly, I'll be here when my beloved friends, jazz singer, Sony Holland,
and her husband, songwriter and guitar virtuoso, play two days at the
Rrazz Room in San Francisco.  I was so sad to be missing them.  My
suitcase is packed with their CDs to give to my Indian friends as gifts.

I will be leaving AFTER Thanksgiving so I'm hoping to spend that up in
West Sacramento with my son, Alex, his beautiful wife, Laura, and my two
sweet granddogs.  Laura's probably working ( she is a paramedic ) but I'm
sure I can manage to cook something for the occasion.

December 1st, I'll board my Korean Airlines flight for Mumbai...and, best of
all, I will do my Korean stopover on the return, rather than as I'd originally
planned, NOT in December, when it would be icy cold and a bit difficult for
me with my walker!  I'm going to stop five days in Korea, rather than two
and I'll get my wish to visit the Unesco World Heritage site of Kyongju!  I
plan to spend two days there and three in Seoul. 

I will only have four months in India but I know my dear friends will help
me make the most of my time there.  I will start getting REALLY excited as
soon as I can bid farewell to this house and head for the airport and my first
international flight since my 65th birthday journey to Europe. 

If I could only get these damn fever blisters cleared up....I might find a frog
I want to kiss!

My new itineary is as follows:

Korean Air KE24 San Fran (SFO) Thu, Dec 1 11:35am Seoul, Korea (ROK) (ICN)  Fri, Dec 2 5:35pm

Korean Air KE655 Seoul, Korea (ROK) (ICN) Fri, Dec 2 8:20 pm Mumbai, India (BOM)
     Sat, Dec 3 2:15 am

Korean Air KE656 Mumbai, India (BOM) Thu, Apr 5 4:15 am Seoul, Korea (ROK) (ICN)
     Thu, Apr 5 3:00 pm

Korean Air KE19 Seoul, Korea (ROK) (ICN) Tue, Apr 10 6:00 pm Seattle, WA (SEA)
     Tue, Apr 10 12:30 pm

Alaska Airlines AS316  Seattle, WA (SEA) Tue, Apr 10  2:55 pm San Francisco (SFO)
     Tue, Apr 10  5:03 pm W

Mellow Yellow Monday #146 - Split, Croatia - November 7, 2011

My last Mediterranean cruise was a great source of photos for my blogging
memes.  This picture of a sign for Split, Croatia is perfect for Mellow Yellow

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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Weekend Reflections #111 - Gondolas in Venice - November 7, 2011

I've thoroughly enjoyed my two Mediterranean cruises with included
overnights stops in Venice and two full days to explore that delightful
watery wonderland.  Someday, I'd like to have at least a week there.
Will need a lottery win to realize that dream!

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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Camera Critters #187 - Barbados Donkey - November 5, 2011

While traveling around the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados, I came
across this donkey, tied up and waiting patiently in the heat, for someone
to come along and pay attention to him.

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Friday, November 04, 2011

Skywatch Friday, Season 5, Episode 17 - Low Clouds Over San Francisco - November 5, 2011

We've had a bit of rain in our beautiful city but, when the sun shines, the view
is glorious!

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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Watery Wednesay #160 - Another Sunset at Ocean Beach, San Francisco - November 1, 2011

Eighteen more days until my Korean Airlines flight arrives in Mumbai and
I'll have five months of new sunrises and sunsets.  This sunset was taken
at San Francisco's Ocean Beach, one of my favorite drives and the route I,
most often, try to take to my Daly City home.

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