Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter Romance

Winter Romance

Bundled warm and cozy,
We braved the cold and snow,
To join the ranks of skiers,
At magnificent Lake Tahoe.

After several lessons,
I bravely caught a lift,
And thanked my lucky stars,
When fate gave me a gift!

I hurtled down the mountain,
One ski left behind,
Until I crashed into you,
But you didn’t seem to mind.

We checked for broken bones,
Laughing all the while,
Even decked with snow,
You had a lovely smile.

We made it down the mountain,
And shared a nice mulled wine,
That was the beginning,
Of a winter romance divine.

As spring buds began to open,
Our feelings blossomed, too,
A romance that ignited in winter,
Grew and grew and grew.

In the warmth and heat of summer,
Under a brilliant moon,
On the blue shores of Lake Tahoe,
We exchanged our vows in June.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2009 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved. 


  1. That is so lovely, concise, yet I imagine all the scenes you paint with words.

    Love Granny

  2. Carmen that is Beauuteeeful! Such a lovely romance---tell me it was true!

  3. Sweet! Such a beautiful love story!

  4. Is this so? Is this how it started for you?

  5. Now this is the stuff we all dream about my friend.......:-) Hugs

  6. Granny on the Web - this is pure fiction but I
    do have an active imagination!

    jcollins224 - not at all true...had I been on the
    slopes, no one would have laughed about it
    with me, much less married me!

    Ayie - thanks....sounds nice in a poem, I think.

    Woman in a Window - pure fantasy. I have been
    happily divorced about 17 years!

    Bernie - alas, for me, anyway, it is but a dream

  7. Lovely poem, and this is the kind of romance I would love to "ski" in..

  8. hehehehe...wait...I was gonna say that you have such a sweet story...until I read your comment right there "pure fantasy I have been happily divorced for about 17 years" hahahahahahah! omg! that wasn't your story? hahahahahah!

    Thank you for your visit and your comment on my writing. :)

  9. Lovely, Carmen. I also thought it was a true story.

  10. RNSANE! Carmen? Active imagination hummm....I don't see why anyone wouldn't share a laugh with you, and possible proposals, for your imagination can make anything come true!


  11. this is so finely written with depth of feelings... gud poem..!!

  12. a load of feelings when explodes out it makes a wonderful poem..dats what is reflected here..!!