Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Poem for Children

A Christmas Poem for Children

The snow has started falling,
And the angel’s on the tree,
There are cookies baking ,
For my sister and for me.

There’s a huge roaring fire,
To keep us cozy and warm,
And Grandpa and Grandma,
Arrived before the storm.

We had a festive dinner,
With lots of special treats,
Followed by desserts,
And once-a-year sweets.

Our house is full of cheer,
Bright bows and sprigs of pine,
Every room is glowing,
Resplendent and so fine.

Mama tells of Christmas customs,
In lands so far from home,
Some mysterious and exotic,
Where we hope some day to roam.

Papa reads the Christmas story,
Then we’ll soon be tucked away,
To dream of jolly Santa Claus,
For tomorrow is Christmas Day!

Carmen Henesy
Copyright © 2008 Carmen Henesy. All Rights Reserved.


  1. A lovely cosy poem, Carmen. I wish it was like that again... yes I do. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Hi Carmen! Another lovely one!!

    Blogtrotter is waiting for you in London! Enjoy and have a great holiday season!

  3. Anonymous5:32 AM

    I Love this I am printing this off and believe it or not I am tacking it to the kids xmas stockings LOL they are not kids anymore, adults but to me they are and always will be my kids..

    TY this is precious.. MERRY XMAS

  4. Really very awesome poem I really like it & I think you have a great talent you must try blogerzoom for advertising and marketing and see how you get the followers & traffic to your blog.Finally Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you.

  5. Lovely Christmassy poem, Carmen, thanks and welcome aboard Santa's poetry kart.Merry Christmas!
    Ps That's a mighty tree in the photo!

  6. Merry Christmas Carmen!

    You are so good with your poems..

  7. This poem would make a very nice Christmas story book for young children Carmen if you could find an illustrator to draw pictures for it! Have you ever tried to find an agent for children's books?

    PS: The church in my blog post is not Trinity near Wall Street. Sorry if that was confusing in some way. We took a cab from that area up to Greenwich Village neighborhood to attend the Christmas concert at The Church of The Ascensionon Fifth Ave and 10 St. It us another beautiful and historic church.

  8. This is a pretty poem for children! My mind can see all the images that you're painting!

    Merry Christmas Carmen!

  9. Carmen, I second Pat's suggestion. I can see a big picture book with fun illustrations. You really should check into it.

    Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  10. Carmen...the poem was just lovely.....I really enjoyed reading it as I listen to my Christmas music....

    It has been a pleasure getting to know you this year and I look forward to more in the New Year..

    Sending Christmas Love to you and yours.....


  11. Oh How sweet my dear Carmen...

    I've been strugging against google ever since I installed my last anti-virus and could not get to your blog... Now that I solved the problem... i sigh with relief and amusement as I read you!!!
    You are great and I love your work
    Thank you so much for your comment on mine!

    Merry Xmas!!! ;)

  12. Carmen, I love this one, it brings back so many wonderful memories :)

  13. Hello carmen, that is a beautiful poem. I've been collecting some short Christmas poems to include in my favorites and I'd love to add this one too, of course credits will be provided. Happy holidays!