Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Challenge: "Golden" - The Reclining Buddha at Wat Po, Bangkok, Thailand - September 22, 2011

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Red Tipped Plant and Squirrel - September 27, 2011

There's just a touch of red on the plant behind this little squirrel!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

What's Happening in My Life - September 25, 2011

There's no doubt, I'm really rattled and preoccupied.  On Thursday, my
dear friend, Werner Zucher, a forensic toxicologist from Switzerland,
arrived to spend a couple of nights with me before heading to the
Marriott Marquis in San Francisco to attend a conference, after which he
will return to spend the weekend at my house.  On our way  home from
te airport, we stopped at Costco to stock up on necessary provision like
beer, wine, Brie and other cheeses and a few other essentials. 

Later, I realized, I no longer had my wallet in my possession.  A frantic
search didn't turn it up so I began the most annoying task of cancelling
credit cards, going to the bank to replace my ATM card and, Monday,
I have to get a new driver's license and senior ID.  I have about ten other
things I must do related to that, as well, all at a time when minutes are at
a premium!

Jo Olivieri, Poetic Shutterbug, and I spent all day yesterday involved in
my "estate sale" - even my wonderful son, Jeremy, came over to over
security and support.  Sadly, there was a very poor turn out and we only
made a hundred dollars.  At least, I had good company.  We went through
my dad's military foot locker which I hadn't opened in about twenty years
and found some of my high school and early nursing school scrapbooks!
What funny things I saved!

Here's a picture taken in 1968 on my way back to New Orleans from my
home in Columbus, Georgia.  My girlfriend and I had stopped to eat at
a rest hour and I was leaning into the car to get the sandwiches!  Oh, how
I wish my gluteus maximus was still this size!

My son, Jeremy, almost took one of Werner's Swiss gifts away from me -
24 four bars of luscious Swiss milk chocolate, one box plain, the other
with hazelnuts.  "Just what you need", he commented.  I told him I
would give him have and eat one little square a day, ONLY. 

We are going to hold the second day of the estate sale today and, hopefully,
the turnout will be better.  My goal was to earn enough for a new laptop
as this one is not going to survive much longer and I need  to be able to
post from India. 

I am so far behind in making the deadline of getting out of this house by Oct
15.  Forgive my slow repsponse to posts and reading and replying to your
blogs.  I love you and will be back to normal once I can.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Complete Chaos - September 20, 2011

I got a new India book yesterday and all I want to do is sit and look at it
but, alas, time is running out and there is so much yet left to do.  My
friend, Joanne Olivieri, aka Poetic Shutterbug, gave up her whole day
yesterday to come and help me get started on organizing for my "estate
sale" this weekend which will be from 10A to 4P at 67 Canterbury
Avenue in Daly City, CA, right near Hickey Boulevard and
Skyline ( just in case any of you are in the area! )!  I have so much
packing left and things to move to storage, not to mention that all
the furniture still has to go - and I have a friend coming from
Switzerland tomorrow.  He'll spend a few days here with me when
he isn't at his conference in San Francisco.

Jo and I did manage to get out to lunch with my friend, Silvia ( I
had liver and onions which I love - I know that most folks don't -
I even wrote a poem, "Liver and Onions"! ) and, on the way to take
Jo home, we saw a chance for some nice photos so, of course, we
had to stop!

This book is filled with so many marvels, I could easily never get packed
or moved out of my house!!!

Many years ago, my dear friend, Santos, my very first Indian friend, gave
me this beautiful cookbook.  It is filled with incredible marvels and the
most glorious pictures.  Santos, Lorna, his mother, May, and so many of
their relatives and friends made my one week stay in Mumbai so warm and
welcoming when I went back in 1997.  It is there I will begin this visit to

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I'm also adding some photos of my home so you can see what my life
is like these days!!!

Sadly, almost every room is like this - boxes in every stage of being
packed, upstairs and downstairs.  I've given hundreds of things to Good
Will, before Jo talked me into an estate sale.  Over fifty pairs of my
shoes are out there somewhere in the world and, at least, two hundred
books!  I could never bear to part with a book.

I'm keeping my ancient Marantz receiver and the speakers though my
turntable died years ago.  I'd like to get another because I love all my
33-1/3 records...but, if someone wants to buy them, I'll woefully say
farewell.  I have over a hundred VHS movies I hope someone will
want.  Some nursing homes and other facilities still have videorecorders
and players.

This was my mother's owl collection - I brought it home with me from
Georgia but none of my boys, of course, wanted it and I'm not an owl
collector.  I decided it should go to someone who loves owls.  I'm having
a hard enough time parting with things I've loved all my life - like that
ferm coffee set!

Every book in here goes - they're all cookbooks ( you should see the
number I'm keeping.  About thirty years ago, I used to do some
catering but I never charged enough to make it worthwhile.  Cookbooks
were also the souverneirs I brought back from my travels.

Everything in here goes as well.  I'm not sure why but I used to collect
teapots, some of them with a hundred dollar price tag...and they were
never used for tea!  Okay, I'm crazy but I know it. 

Years ago, when a son didn't occupy my guest bedroom, it was all done up
in unicorns!  I have dozen of unicorn pictures and knick knacks.  They're
not important to me anymore.

I used to do a lot of needlework, decoupage and various arts and crafts.
I love Christmas, too, and tried to make each one different and special. 
All those books are for sale now and so is the legal book case that I
ruined by painting a cheerful yellow.

I won't say that this whole experience of  going through my life and
marking things I've treasured for sale hasn't been a really painful
experience.  Every thing I touch spawns so many memories and I've
shed more than a few tears.  I've left off the eye makeup and mascara
or I'd really look a fright.  I know my boys don't realize how traumatic
this is for me.  "Junk," they call it - a lifetime of joy it's been for me.
It's a good thing my years are numbered.

I just want to say a very big thank you to Joanne Olivieri, aka Poetic
Shutterbug who is the best of friends and always the greatest help to
me whenever I need her ( which is constantly! ).

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sundays in My City - Buddhas at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, September 18, 2011

Since my visits to the Hua Zang Si Buddhist Temple in San Francisco, my
intesest in Buddhism has become fueled even more.  I will do a post on
that place of beauty and serenity before I leave for India where I am sure
I will be exposed to even more opportunities to pursue my interest in this
religion.  In the meantime, I realize I never posted the pictures I took of
some of the Buddhas at the Asian Art Museum during my visit there a few
months ago with my friend, Joanne Olivieri, aka Poetic Shutterbug.  I
realize that I did not photograph all the accompanying cards so some of
the treasures are unidentified.  I will definitely have to return!

Additionally, let me apologize, in advance, about the quality of some of
the photographs, especially the identity cards.  Some are very poor and out
of focus.  We went on the free day for the museum and it was VERY
crowded.  It was difficult time in front of some of the exhibits to get
quality photographs.  I was just glad to be able to see them at all and I
wanted to share this incredible museum with you.  Please, if you ever
visit San Francisco, add the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco to
your list of "must sees".

The Bodhisattva Samantabhadra on an Elephant


The esoteric Buddhist king of passion, Ragaraja


Crowned and bejeweled Buddha image and throne

Green and yellow Buddha

The Buddhist deity Achala Vidyaraja

The Buddhist deity Vajradhara

Seated Buddha, Sri Lanka


The Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara

The Buddha Shakyamuni as an ascetic


The Seated bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pink Saturday - Pink Flower and a Bee - September 17, 2011

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Flash 55 - Enough Already!!! - September 16, 2011

I've been getting lots of shots,
And I still will get some more,
Thyphoid, DPT -
My arms are getting sore.

Japanese encephalitis,
And I got a rabies, too,
You'd think with all of those,
I would, at last, be through!

Alas, three more I've left to take,
Let's hope they'll be a piece of cake!

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Time is growing shorter and I am in panic mode!  In 38 days, I'll board that
Air France flight for India.  I have to be out of my house by October 15th,
though, a week prior, and I am not quite up to speed in packing and getting my
things in storage. 

I am so happy, though, that my health insurance is covering my shots!
The Japanese encephalitis and rabies vaccines carry a hefty price tag -
$200 each - but my wonderful travel clinic nurse talked to my insurance
carrier and I do not have to pay it myself.  I've ordered all my regular
medicines for the duration of my stay since the CDC recommends that
all prescription drugs be purchased in the U.S.  My son, Jeremy, is
planning to come visit me so he'll bring my refills since my online
phamarcy can only fill 90 days at a time.  I know my luggage is
definitely going to be overweight!!

I haven't yet begun to get excited but, as the house begins to empty out
and my suitcases are packed, I know I will begin to get excited.  I will
send for my Indian visa soon and it will really feel like a reality.

I'm going to India!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Tokyo Fire Hydrant - September 13, 2011

I loved these Tokyo fire hydrants and their signs which never left any doubt as
to their location!!!

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sexual Chocolate and Other Things - September 10, 2011

What a wonderful day I've had, quite varied, filled with laughter and too
much food.  Blame it all on Joanne Olivieri, aka Poetic Shutterbug.  We
were like raving maniacs, too, taking pictures of everything - meme mania,
you could call it.  Sort of like a game of, "I spy". 

At 9:30AM, I pulled up in front of Jo's place, shivering, still chilled by the
morning fog.  We headed toward Noe Valley, the sunniest part of San
Francisco, for breakfast at Toast Eatery.  It was a cute little spot, very
small, with tables crammed in, and filled with happy diners. 

Picture on the wall

Toast Eatery has a huge menu but Jo ordered her usual - waffles which she
deemed among the top three best she has had in the bay area.   I had a
fabulous Sicilan omelette with fresh and sun dried tomatoes, pesto,
spinach, onions and feta cheese. It came with two slices of wheat toast and
hash browns.  The huge cups of French dark roast coffee were excellent,
too.  I can' believe I didn't get pictures of the food.  I guess we were just
too busy eating.
From the cafe, we went down the street to get pictures of St. Paul's Church,
where Jo's mother went to church and school.  Sadly, because of the
homeless problem in San Francico, the church is kept locked except
for services.  Jo will have a much more comprehensive series of photos
of the church which I hope she will post on her blog, "Poetic Shutterbug".

St.Paul's Church, Church Street, Noe Valley, San Francisco, CA

The Noe Valley area is one of San Francisco's nicest.  It was developed in
the years after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and many samples of
classic Victorian and Edwardian architecture - for which our area is so
famous - can be seen here.  I like them because many of them are more
modest than their Pacific Heights counterparts - though Dolores Street,
one of the Noe Valley borders has some very large Victorians.
Next to St. Paul's, we saw an interesting bush with pink flowers and
unusual fruits ( ? ).  Maybe one of you will know the name since I do not!

Good Pink Saturday post!

As we walked about the neighborhood, Jo and I encountered several
people who stopped and chatted with us.  We loved the friendliness of
the area and we decided that, after we win the lottery, we'll buy one of
those cute little Victorians and we'll open up some kind of little shop.

Blue Monday here!

Here's another Pink Saturday one!

Blue Mondy, for sure!

Ruby Tuesday!

Mellow Yellow Monday, I think.

Actually, Jo and I liked this two flat house which was for sale.  We
figured we could each have our own separate living space but still
be close together.  Now, if only we could find a rich benefactor.  And
to make thing even nicer, it's less than half a block to Cafe Noeteca
Wine Bar!

Speaking of the Cafe Noeteca Wine Bar, after driving past the place for
nearly two years, Jo and I stopped in since we were walking in the
neighborhood.  I looked at my watch, saw that it was noon and said,
"It's 5PM somewhere in the world...time for a glass of wine!"  After
all, we'd walked about five blocks.

Flower box outside - Today's Flowers, Mellow Yellow, Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tueday

Cafe Noeteca Wine Bar - has already garnered many awards

Lovely inteior

Weekend Reflectons

Everything inside Noeteca is beautifully arranged and welcoming  Here an
old dresser is set up with coffee fixings in an artful way.  Be sure to check
out its website:

Cute reverse of sign from the inside

From the minute we passed this on entering, I knew what Jo was going to
order.  It didn't matter that we'd just finished a huge breakfast less than
an hour ago and she'd consumed two Belgian waffles!  We'd walked over
three blocks and the waffles weren't dessert!

The wine list at Noeteca was  excellent and had some selections that
were new to me.  I liked that there was a good choice of both California
and international wines and a few dessert choices as well.  I could get
no further, though, than one called Sexual Chocolate, a San Luis
Obispo blend of zinfandel and syrah made by Cal Poly viniculture
graduates.  In honor of my youngest son, Jeremy, who was a decathlete
there ( graduating with a BS in kinesiology ), I felt compelled to try
the Sexual Chocolate.  That was dessert enough for me ( though I did
take the tiniest taste of Jo's fabulous confection ).

Another nice thing about Noeteca ( actually, we found nothing that wasn't
nic ) is that they offer wine in a small pour  ( 3 oz ) as well as a full 6 oz
glass and, also, by the bottle.  With the small pour, you can build your
own flights.  They have weekday happy hours from 4PM and bottomless
mimosas on Saturday and Sunday from 11AM to 2PM.

Oh, yes, not only do the great guys of Noeteca think of their two legged
friends, they put a water dish outside for their four legged neighbors.  I
found this so delightful as this is, definitely, an area of well loved pets!

On our stroll back to the car, we passed a few candidates for Shadow Shot
Hibiscus shadows
Jasmine shadows
We also saw an interesting truck that might be good for Color Carnival.  I
am not sure what it represent.  It looks like something from San Francisco's
Museum of Modern Art.

We also passed a dahlia that must have been glorious a few weeks ago but is now
on its last legs ( like me ) though still prettyl

Ruby Tuesday
We made on last stop in the Mission District so I could show Jo the
beautiful Buddhist temple I had visited twice in the past month.  It is
a respite for the soul, an oasis of serenity in this chaotic world.  This  Buddha
is only one of several at the temple but He dominates this hall in which
He resides.
Ruby Tuesday
As we were nearing Jo's neighborhood, we passed this huge yellow trumpet
vine!  I wonder what people think as we start snapping away at their houses,
plants, pets, etc.  So far, no one has come after us with a shotgun.  There's
still time, though!
Mellow Yellow Monday

I apologize to everyone for not posting as much and for being much slower
reading blogs and replying to posts.  With my deadline fast approaching for
packing and moving out of this house ( October 15 ) and the trip to India
set for October 23rd, it is all getting away from me.  Please do understand
and know that I am not gone, just slower than usual.  Also, I am getting old!!
My 67th birthday is less than a month away.  I'll do better eventually and you
are always in my heart, even if you don't see me!
This post is quite comprehensive, covering many of my favorite memes -
Camera Critters, Sundays in My City, Mellow Yellow Monday, Pink
Pink Saturday, Color Carnival, Weekend Reflections, Ruby Tuesday, Shadow
Shot Sunday and Today's Flowers, Blue Monday, Pets Forever.