Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Balinese Dance - August 30, 2011

This is another one of my "lost" photos from the past, taken during an overnight
stop in Bali on a cruise in 1997.  I lost the original photo and this was a scanned
picture I had made from it to hang in my office cubicle at work.  It certainly is
not as good as the original photo but I'm glad to have it.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Mellow Yellow #136 - Yellow Dahlias - August 29, 2011

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #171 - Athens From The Acropolis - August 28, 2011

While going through thousand of old photos prior to my six month India stay and
move from the home I've occupied for thirteen years, I've come through quite a
few pictures I can use for various memes - plus I've had a wonderful time
recalling some wonderful trips to places about the globe.  It's almost as if  I
traveled there again - very restorative to my soul!!
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy 29th Birthday to Alexander the Great ( the one I delivered) - August 27, 2011

Since I've posted so many pictures already of my children, I won't go overboard
and do so today on Alex's 29th birthday.  I can't believe all those years have
gone by since I agonized in the delivery room, trying to expel that 8 pound, 9
ounce football player from my uterus.  It all happened fairly quickly, thank
heavens, since I didn't even get an epidural!  Part of that was my fault.  I had
Alex at Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco where I'd worked both in psychiatry
and the operating room.  My inpatient adolescent psych unit had ceased to
exist and was, in fact, part of the building that had became the Department
of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

I had arrived, in labor, a bit early so I went across the street to visit my pals
in the operating room.  My obstetrician gave me CLEAR instructions to
come back when my contractions were five minutes apart.  I had fully
intended to do so but I waited for one more friend to get her afternoon
break and, the next thing I knew, my contractions were four minutes apart.
By the time, I waited for the elevator, crossed the street to the Pavilion and
waited for that elevator, I realized I was REALLY uncomfortable.  The
nurse checked me and rushed me to the delivery room. 

"Wait, wait," I complained loudly, "I can't have a baby without an
epidural!  I didn't go to classes.  I want an epidural." 

Totally unsympathetic, my doc said, "Don't worry, your son will be here
before you know it." 

I tell you, I never pushed so hard in my life and I guess I pushed him around
so much for eighteen years that he left home for UC Davis after high school
and he's been gone ever since!

Alex is the middle of my three sons!  I'd forgotten about birthing babies since
Shawn was already eleven when Alex came along!  He's a terrific young man
and he chose a wonderful wife.  So far, he's the only one of my boys to get
married.  I owe him big time for bringing Laura into our family ( oh, yes, he
also gave us Taffy, my female granddog! ).

For some reason, as a toddler, Pampers boxes were Alex's favorite toys.  He had
no use for all the expensive toys piled up in his room - that is, other than his
collection of  stuffed leopards and his supreme favorite, "dirty leppie".

Alex and Laura just got back from Hawaii so I'm posting a couple of
pictures from their vacation.

He's certainly gotten skinny since his college football days!

Laura and Alex at the Pali in Honolulu - the two share
August as a birthday month!  Laura's was the 12th
while they were in Hawaii!

Today, while going through yet another stack of papers for the garbage pile, I
came across a booklet Alex did for his English class ( it won't be tossed! ) 15
years ago.  He titled it, "Creative Free-Style Poetry".  His teacher gave him an
A+.  Reading it today, I shed a few tears.  Included among his compositions
were works about me and his brother, Jeremy.  Wonder why his oldest
brother, Shawn, wasn't in there!!

It really want't my intent to have THREE sons.  Each time, I kept thinking
I'd finally have my little girl, to dress in frilly pink frocks, to set her hair in
ringlets, to take on shopping expeditions, to share my love of cooking
and cake decorating.  Thinking about it now, though, I wouldn't give up
any of my wonderful three sons.  Each of them is so special to me, each
unique and individual and I love them dearly.

Alex, on your birthday, I want you to know I truly am proud of the man
you've become, of how hard you work, of your integrity and kindness and
respect for others.  You know what you want and work toward that goal,
regardless of how others might try to dissuade you.  You have a lovely
wife and home and two great dogs who adore you.  I know it is not easy
working your crazy schedule and going to school but you keep your nose
to the grindstone and, eventually, it will all be behind you.  My only
admonition is to, occasionally, take time to stop and smell the flowers.

I love you.  Have a happy birthday.  I am so happy you, Shawn, and
Jeremy were chosen for me.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alphabe Thursday - "S" Is For Sexual Assault: Start By Believing - August 25, 2011

For twenty-one years of my professional life, I worked as a forensic nurse,
providing sexual assault services to both child and adult victims of sexual assault.

In April of 1990, the city and county of  San Francisco sent a group of nurses
to Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, California where two pioneers in the field,
Sherry Arndt and Sandra Goldstein provided a forty hour course teaching us
the specifics of adult evidence collection and the myriad components of sexual
assault care.  We heard from advocacy, the crime lab, law enforcement, attorneys,
judges, and victims themselves.  It was all a bit overwhelming, to say the least.

What was even more overwhelming were the statistics.  On the RAINN 
( Rape and Incest National Network ) website today, I read the following:
every two minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted.  60% of
sexual assaults are not reported to the police.  Approximately 2/3 of
assaults are committed by someone known to the victim.

When I began doing the work, nurses were relatively new in the business
of providing sexual assault care.  In 1992, I was one of a group of 72 nurses
that met in Minnesota to form the International Association of Forensic
Nurses.  Today that organization has over 3000 members in 24 countries!
Partly because of the work of that organization, the American Nurses
Association officially recognized forensics as an official nursing speciality
in 1995.

In spite of setting standards and ongoing education, providing care to
victims of sexual assault is still very difficult.  Why is that?  In no other area
are victims of crime treated so horribly.  A rape victim's credibility is met
with doubt when she reports.  She is often made to feel at fault  for what
happened to her.  "Why were you wearing that short skirt?"  "How come
you were out till 2AM?"  "You had HOW MANY drinks?"

There is a wonderful organization which has always been a tremendous
help to me: EVAW ( End Violence Against Women International )
http://www.evawintl.org/.  According to their website, their purpose it to
change our response to sexual violence.  EVAW International focuses on
connecting professionals and strengthening the community’s response system. 
They bring together the many diverse professionals who respond to victims of
violence against women — to communicate, share, learn — and ultimately to
strengthen the whole system by better understanding each component. All of this
collaborative work is focused on creating a more compassionate response for the
victim, a more aggressive prosecution of the perpetrator, and a more secure
environment for communities everywhere.

EVAW has mounted a new campaign called "Start By Believing"!  You may
not be aware of it but we all probably have a friend or relative, female or male
( yes, men can be raped ) who is a victim of sexual assault.  Be aware and be
enlightened.  Your support and understanding can make a world of difference
to a victim.  Check out the "Start By Believing" website at:
http://www.startbybelieving.org/ or check out their site on Facebook and do
what you can to support their efforts to stop this most violent of crimes.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

India Bound - August 23, 2011

At long last, it is beginning to seem like a reality.  For so many years, I have
dreamed of returning to India but something has always interfered.  I even
had a ticket purchased last year but ended up being hospitalized and that
wreaked havoc with my plans.  I have, once again, arranged my flights,
via Air France, with frequent flyer miles, and my departure date will be
October 23, 2011, just 20 days after my 67th birthday.  I will have to
overnight at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris but that's fine.  It will give
me a little rest before I finally arrive in Mumbai.  I had initially thought I
might snooze at the airport but, considering my advanced years, I think I'll
splure and stay at a hotel instead.

I've already had most of my shots but there are a few remaining medical
tasks to complete - malaria medications to start taking before my departure,
a visit to my doctor for a summary of my medical conditions and a copy of
my medications, and that sort of thing.  I will visit an Indian doctor here for
recommendations for consults in India should that be necessary - but I hope
I'll be fine while I'm there.  However, I'm staying for SIX MONTHS so it's
best to be prepared!

To say that I am excited is a vast understatement.  I have been keeping
in touch with my many friends, mostly Royal Caribbean staff I've known
over the years, many of whom have offered me a place to stay while I
am there.  I am hoping to meet some of the new friends I've made in the
blogging community, as well. 

If anyone knows reasonable accomodations throughout India, please let me
know.  Since my job loss, now almost three years ago, I don't have funds for
some of the palatatial hotels for which India is famous.  I'd be happy for a
clean, safe place to sleep.  

I will start off my Indian adventure in Mumbai, where I stayed in 1997 for ten
days.  My friend, Santos, his wife, Lorna, and his two sons, Nick and Jake, are
there, living quite close to the international airport.  Many of my other Royal
Caribbean friends also live close by.

During my stay in India, I am hoping to cover many parts of this vast, lovely
country with its amazing history, culture, and diversity.  The food has always
been a favorite of mine, laced with exotic spices and tantalizing aromas and I
will certainly avail myself of it and, hopefully, return home able to cook many
Indian dishes.

I might even learn to speak a little Hindi - though I am most fortunate that
English is spoken almost everywhere!

My son, Jeremy, has said he might come to see me for a couple of weeks on
vacation which would be wonderful.  He is an avid traveler and always
embraced other cultures wholeheartedly.  I think some of my love of travel
certainly rubbed off on him.

In the next two months, I do have my work cut out for me.  I have to finish
packing up my house, sell many things on Craig's list, decide what I will be
taking to India, and finish myriad tasks.  If  I'm a bit slow in attending to blog
duties, forgive me. 

I will take my aging computer with me, of course, and, as often as I can, I'll
be posting.  Please think of me often and remember me in your prayers this
six months I will be away.  I return to the USA April 10, 2012 - but I won't
be leaving for another two months yet.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another De Young Museum Offering - August 21, 2011 - Shadow Shot Sunday #170 & Mellow Yellow Monday #135

This rather stern looking gentleman could have been fitting for a number of
memes.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of the placard so I don't know who
made him nor the composition material. 

He was at the De Young Museum in San Francisco and I rather preferred him
to Picasso!

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Camera Critters #176 - More of the Granddogs - August 20, 2011

I was in West Sacramento from August 9th to the 17th, taking care of Taffy
and Bucky while Laura and Alex enjoyed a vacation in Hawaii.  It was a
peaceful, relaxing time for me - in spite of the hot temperatures - and I really
enjoyed being with the dogs.  They stayed with me all the time, except for
brief forays into the back yard.  Taffy, especially, would lie on the bed in
the "office" while I worked on my computer and both slept with me at
night.  It was nice to have that California king bed!

I went to pick up my new CPAP machine while I was there.  I hadn't used
one since my basal cell cancer surgery on my nose so the dogs had never
seen me sleep with the apparatus.  This new one is even smaller than the
last and has a nasal cannula but they must have wondered what had
happened to Grandma with tubing attached to her nose at night.  They,
however, just ignored it and snuggled up close.


Both Taffy and Bucky are shelter dogs.  Taffy joined the family first, about a year and
four months ago.  She is a pit bull and the vet said she was about a year old when they
got her  She had clearly been abused - maybe because the person who owned her
couldn't make her mean.  She has the sweetest, most gentle personality.

Bucky, came from the same shelter, and is a pit bull mix.  He was added to the
household two months after Taffy and was about two-years-old when he came.  The
kids wanted Taffy to have a companion, one who was a little more rambunctious -
and he definitely is.  He's a big klutz but he, too, is very sweet.

Bucky really is strong and he loves to play with these rings.  With my arthritic
shoulders, I can hardly last very long at this.  I'd be sitting, watching t.v. or
working at the comuter and, all of a sudden he'd appear, rings in his mouth,
looking pathetic, with an expression like, "Hey, Grandma, aren't you ever
going to play with us?"

Sometime, Taffy would give a half-hearted response and tug for a minute or
two but she really isn't into doggie toys at all - other than to keep them from

"I'm just gonna put my foot on them and let Bucky try to get them from me!"

"Don't I look good in black and white?  Like in silent film days?"

"How can I get my beauty sleep when Grandma has that flash going?"

"I'll scrunch up my eyes and maybe she'll get the idea that I'm not enjoying this!"

"She is NOT getting the idea!"

"Okay, okay, there's no rest for the weary with a blogging Grandma!"

"It's better if you stay out of the way on the floor!"

"You're giving me bloodshot eyes, you know!"

"Don't try talking about me - I can hear every word with these ears!"

"Maybe if I turn this way, she won't take any more pictures!"

"How about this position, Grandma?"

"I'm worn out...I can even sleep like this!"

Nighttime!  Poor Taffy has terrible allergies and eczema from the grass.  I had
to give her Benadrl twice a day.  I always got a kick out of  her sleeping on her
back with her paws up.  She always had to lie right next to me and, after
awhile, she'd curl up in a ball right next to me.  Bucky, on the other end. would
sprawl on the other side of the bed.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

"R" Is For Reminiscing - August 18, 2011 - Alphabe Thursday

I don't know what's the reason,
Perhaps it's change that's in the air,
But I'm feeling somewhat nostaligic,
And a sense of loss is everywhere.

Life as I've always known it,
Soon will meet a rousing end,
And I cling to certain memories,
Remembered joys, a special friend.

I sift through a thousand photos,
Holding close good times I had,
Somehow, it helps diminish thoughts,
Of any memories that were bad.

I am busy packing boxes,
Sorting out my cherished things,
Each coveted treasure that I wrap,
With it, a memory brings.

I hear the laughter of my boys,
Tumbling about in play,
That any glassware survived at all,
Is a mystery to this day!

Soon, I fly away to India,
Six months away from home,
I'm excited about this adventure,
Yet I'll be fearful, as I roam.

As one approaches seventy,
And one's body squeaks and groans,
It's harder to meet the challenges,
And face the new unknowns.

I shall manage as I've always done,
Since travel''s been good to me,
I've found the world a special place,
If you treat all with dignity.

When, once again, I find a home,
I'll have new memories to share,
I hope I can become more my old self,
And not give up in despair!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c)August 18, 2011 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Our Lady, Refuge of Sinners - August 16, 2011

This is another submission from my wonderful visit to the De Young Museum
in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.  It is sad that the artist is unknown!

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To all my friends from India, I hope your Independence celebration
yesterday was one of great joy and pride.  You have so much
to celebrate in that spectacular country of yours and, everyday,
should really be one of celebration.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday, #169 - Shadows at San Francisco's De Young Museum - August 14, 2011

Knowing that I am not a fan of abstract art, I went to see the Picasso exhibit,
mainly to rendevous with my good friend, Joanne Olivieri, aka Poetic
Shutterbug.  We toured the rest of the De Young, needing to see art that
didn't require interpretion.  It was a fabulous day, ending up with a late
lunch, good music and our usual unbelievable brownie sundae at the Park

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Flash 55 - Playing With The Pooches - August 12, 2011

CA State Capitol

I'm glad the Terminator's gone,
To me, he seemed a freak,
Though admired far and near,
For his muscular physique.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 38th governor of California

He did little for the Golden State,
And left office cloaked in shame,
For some politician movie stars,
Every woman seems fair game!

Republican husband, Democrat wife,
Seems, to me, a source of certain strife!

Carmen Henesy

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I am a hundred miles north of my Daly City home, house sitting with my two
granddogs while my son, Alex, and his wife, Laura are spending eight days on
a two island vacation in Hawaii - four days on Oaha and four days on Kauai. 
It's Laura's first time in Hawaii though I've taken my boys there twice.
They are having a wonderful time and I am really enjoying the adoration of
these two doggies.  I can't believe how loving they are.  There is no question
in my mind that pets can lower one's blood pressure.  I have felt so relaxed
since I got here.  Taffy and Bucky are constantly with me, following me
from room to room and, of course, they hop onto that California king bed
at night to keep me company.  I'll really miss them when the kids get home!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sundays in My City - A Golden Kimberlye Gold - August 7, 2011

I really had an indulgent Saturday!  My friend, Joanne Olivieri - aka Poetic
Shutterbug, treated me to the Picasso Exhibit at the De Young Museum in San
Francisco ( more about that in tomorrow's post ).  Afterwards, we stopped
at the Park Chalet for a late lunch and were delighted to find a four person
group playing old hits from the 60's and 70's.  We were applauding the

Then, last night, I went to hear my friend, Kimberlye Gold, sing at a little
place about five miles from my home.  I'd never even heard of  A Grape In
The Fog - a perfect name for any place in Pacifica, which hosts a fog fest
every year!  Anyway, it's a cute little wine bar at Rockaway Beach where
I often go to eat at Nick's ( less often since my job ended, though! ). 

Kimberlye and her two musicians were terrific and I really enjoyed A Grape
In Fog.

Kimberlye has a terrific voice, whether she's singing rock and roll or one
of her own ballads, "Rope of Faith" from her CD, "Sycamore Street".  If
you'd like to hear a sampling, go to CD Baby at: 
http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kimberlye.  She really brought the house down
last night with her rendition of "Bobby McGee"!

Calvin Keanoola

The other two musicians were really good as well,  I am not very musically
oriented so I'm not even sure what you call the instrument the fellow in the
foreground was playing.  Of course, even I can recognize a violin.  Calvin
Keaoola ( no denying that lovely Hawaiian name ) which sounded

A Grape In The Fog, owned by Beth Lemke, is a small, intimate venue, made
all that much nicer by friendly wait staff.  I especially liked Ruth who was very
knowledgeable about all the wines on the menu ( a very nice variety of domestic
and imported ).  I stayed late, just chatting with her about the cafe, its menu and
musical offerings.

The menu had a nice selection of munchies - nuts, various cheeses, prosciutto,
salami, sandwiches, gumbo on Sundays, on Wednesdays, there are several
dinner choices, and there are even wine flights, which I always enjoy for
trying out new vintages.  The desserts on display looked very yummy though
I was able to forego them after lunching at the Park Chalet this afternoon.

Some nights, there is music or comedy for entertainment or you can take a stroll
a block away and watch the mesmerizing waves of the Pacific. Afterwards,
return to A Grape in the Fog for a glass of port and dessert.  The atmosphere
is warm and welcoming.

Wine flights

To find out the entertainment or sign up for the mailing list at A Grape in the Fog,

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