Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Most Exciting Day, Three Weeks Away - March 31, 2013

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  Mine was spent alone, contemplating
my return to India and beginning to order medications/ necessities I will need, 
preparing my packing list - and trying not to get TOO excited about the next three 
weeks because - my FIRST grandbaby is due to make his/her debut the 21st of
April.  Since I am already 68-years-old, I think my three sons have failed me
miserably in providing me with grandchildren to spoil.  Thankfully, Alex, my 
middle son ( and the only one married ), at 30, is fulfilling this responsibility.
His beautiful wife, Laura, who is still as pretty as every in her final weeks of
pregnancy is still working but will take off the last two weeks before her due 
date.  Her baby baby shower was three weeks ago and that was so delightful,
held at her mom's house in Antelope, CA.  I'm going to post some pictures from
that special day.  I'd like to post the video I got from Alex a few days ago -
it was just hysterical - but I don't think Laura would appreciate having her gravid
belly shown to one and all.  All I can say, is I've never seen a baby move that
much in utero!!  Alex's comments were hysterical...."dude, that's freaky."  He 
told me he thought the baby was going to pop through her belly like a scene
from "Alien" - I wonder if there is anyone left who saw that movie.

Jeremy, my youngest son, drove up with me so he could visit with his brother.  We
went south to pick up Laura's grandmother and great aunt, then headed north 
for two hours to the Sacramento area.  There was still ground fog but not too 
much traffic on these older freeways ( I wanted my Indian friends to see our 
California roads ).  

The hills are still green from the winter rains.  In a couple of months, it will all
be "gold".

The yellow mustard was beautiful in bloom, along with all the flowering fruit and
nut trees.

I'm not sure what these trees are but the blossoms look like snow when they fall.

Here is the lady of the day, my lovely daughter-in-law, Laura Vukasinovic

Soon to make her or his debut is my first grand child

Presents for the baby are starting to arrive

Laura, with her great aunt, Patt

Laura and her mother, Christine Calhoun, who is also a nurse

Laura's "granny", Trudy and her friend

Wonder what the ladies are discussing?

Leah Serb


More presents

Yummy food - we had a feast!

Enjoying lunch

Kristen Winterhalter, Lynn Hawkins, Mandy

Dawn Lockhart - who my oldest son, Shawn Smith, is lucky enough to be dating!

And here I am - soon to be "Nana" - though Alex tells me it will be "Grandma"

Laura's aunt Shirley

Lynn and Leah tied in a game and are drinking out of baby bottles for the tie breaker

Here's a better shot of Leah

Mama-to-be seems happy

I wish I could sit like that!!

What a sweet baby - and, of course, I remember no ones names!!!

The first of many presents!

Of course, being an elephant freak, this was one of my favorites!

I even wore my new elephant shoes for the first time!

So many gifts....

Ummm, can I read this writing?

Nice, a bathtub!

Here's Alex's present!

A little bit of everything...

"Let's crib...2AM"

You're going to be using a lot of those!

A special blanket

Coming to an end

All smiles


Paramedic buddies of Laura's

Forever friends

Mother, daughter, and grandbaby-to-be

It was a most wonderful day.  I will go up to visit Laura, Alex, my soon-to-arrive 
grandbaby and the granddogs for a couple of days this week.  I can hardly
wait to hold that little sweetheart in shoulder is healing beautifully
and I should get the okay on April 9th when I see Dr. Belzer.

With Laura's permission:  You can post the "freaky" tummy video. I don't mind.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Unique Weekend Photo Challenge: Rain - Monsoon in Jaipur - March 30, 2013

I thought this would be a good photograph for this week's photo challenge
of rain. I well remember that day of torrential downpour in Jaipur. Traffic was
at a standstill for a time, with the streets flooded and a momentary reprieve
from the soaring temperatures.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ruby Tuesday 2 - My Elephant Shoes - March 26, 2013

My beloved friend, Charlene Payton, knows me so well.  Of course, she has 
shared my life for about 40 years since we worked together for a year as
young nurses ( yes, even I was young once ).  We have stayed in touch ever
since, traveling together all over the world, even dragging the children along

Char is well aware of how much I like elephants and she has even donated a
few to my collection.  When she spotted some very special shoes at,
she immediately made me aware of them.  Of course, with a price tag of $109,
I decided I didn't need them that badly.  However, I did keep going back to look
at them and, yes, I now own a pair.  I just love them.  They are extremely
comfortable but quite heavy so I will probably need to wear them on my flight
back to India June 1.  They are perfect for Ruby Tuesday.

Here are my Alegria Paloma Golden Elephant shoes ( thanks, Char! ):

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Camera Critters #259 - Pretty Kitty - March 23, 2013

I'm really not a cat person, mainly because I am very allergic to them...but they
always seem to like me.  They always make a mad dash for me when I visit any
home where they reside - & I am  sniffling for hours after.  If they make it to my
lap, I end up with little red bumps on my arms - so attractive!

This cat, I spotted as I walked up the steps to the house where I'm living.  She 
gave me a most disdainful look but I got two great photos ( well, I thought they
were good ).

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