Monday, December 07, 2009

Dreams and Hope

Dreams and Hope

In a world so often crazy,
And fraught with so much strife,
My dream is that we learn respect,
And value human life.

I hope we teach our children,
To cherish this great earth,
We can show them by example,
Almost from their birth.

I dream of having peaceful days,
Without a single war,
When countries learn diplomacy,
And to negotiate much more.

My hopes are for a cancer cure,
For there to be enough to eat,
Of streets that have no violence,
Of relationships without deceit.

I dream that all can worship freely,
No matter what they believe,
And that every single child,
Is given the ability to achieve.

I pray that in my lifetime,
My hopes and dreams come true.
I will try to help them all along,
In everything I do.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) December 2009 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved. 


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this poem!

  2. Oh wish and pray for right beside you my friend, I wish I had your talent for poems, have you ever thought of publishing a book of would be a hit. ......:-) Hugs

  3. You are a beautiful dreamer!

  4. Carmen wonderful poem and your hopes and dreams are my hopes and dreams too.

    How clever of you to spot that I am my mother's favourite.


  5. i hope your dreams come true in your lifetime!

  6. Margie and Edna - glad you like my more serious

    Renee - hope you had a joyful birthday celebration
    with your mom and, of course, you are your
    mother's special child!!

    jcollins224 - a dreamer, I am...probably more than
    I should be!

    Bernie, someday I hope to publish at least a
    small chapbook of 40 poems..if I hadn't
    lost my job, it would have already be

    fullet - I keep working at these poems but
    I'll never achieve fame!

  7. A beautiful poem and prayer, so apt for our times and for this time of the year,

    love and care, Michelle, xxx -Zebbycat is silently sleeping

  8. I don't think this could have been said any better than you did it. I think this is what we all want.

  9. Beautiful poem and with such caring words!

  10. Anonymous5:11 AM

    I know my dreams came true when I had my children, I truly felt true love, and I have tried to teach them that dreams can come true, I have taught them respect, affection, love, feel passionate about anything.

    Today I can see that most, not all , has been passed on to them, for the good. I am still helping them dream..

    your poems get better and better, LOve and season greetings dear one..
    Blessings to you and yours.. SMILES

  11. Lofty dreams! You make me want to write some poems too.

  12. Mickle in NZ - and Zebby cat...I am glad this
    poem pleased you!

    Ratty - thanks. Many people said "Dreams and
    Hope" echoed their thoughts!

    Icy BC - you always support my efforts at

    Inky - we have such a huge responsibility to
    teach our children the basic rules of life
    and to nurture them. They give so much
    back to us! Thanks for your constant

  13. Sharkbytes - I'd love to read your poems!