Thursday, December 17, 2009

Butchart Gardens, Brentwood Bay, British Columbia

In the midst of all our Christmas preparations, I was going through my photographs and came across some of one of my favorite spots on earth, Butchart Gardens, on Vancouver Island, at Brentwood Bay in British Columbia.  Since I moved to the San Francisco area a little over thirty years ago, I've been to the Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria area at least twenty times and, many of those trips, have included a stop at Buchart Gardens.  While my favorite time to visit the Gardens is in late June when the roses are blooming, it is always spectacular.  

Butchart Gardens maintains an informative website with information about events, their different growing seasons, the restaurants, the gardens history, wedding planning, their online store and much more.  Check it out at:

Here are just a few of my pictures from one of my visits.  They do not really do the Gardens justice!




  1. The photo with the reflections in the water is especially fabulous. It must be a sublime place to sit and contemplate life...maybe compose an ode or two to le fleur. Photos bring back such wonderful memories don't they?

  2. The flower banks are like paintings...I like thse the best.

  3. Lovely. This looks like springtime in the Northwest.

  4. I love BC and have many pictures taken on many of my trips there........:-) Hugs

  5. bright and beautiful

  6. what amazing colors, thank you for this gift!

  7. Margie: I needed these on this cold, rainy, dreary day. Thanks.

  8. Beautiful flowers, Carmen..They are so colorful and wonderful to see at this time of the year, for me!

  9. Photos are gorgeous, if they don't do justice to the Garden, it must have been breathtaking!

  10. steviewren - Buchart Gardens is indeed a place
    that brings back wonderful memories. I've
    stayed many times in Victoria, in the Inner
    Harbor area, once even at the Empress Hotel
    and that is so lovely as well.

    Joan - I agree - I feel like I'm walking through
    paintings of French impressionists when I'm
    at Buchart - or I imagine how they would have
    loved painting there!

  11. lakeviewer - I haven't seen any of the gardens
    elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest other
    than Buchart and Vancouver

    Bernie - BC is beautiful...Alberta, too - have
    you been there. It's been 30 years since
    I've been there Quebec was spectacular, too.

    magiceye - I wish I could find all the other
    photos I've taken of Buchart. They are so
    so beautiful.

    Manuela - I didn't have any roses in these
    pictures or the dahlias or tuberous
    begonias - they are so beautiful in bloom.

    Margie and Edna - every time I look at those
    pictures, they brighten up my world!

    Icy BC - those beautiful flowers make the
    thought of spring something to really look
    forward to! We aren't really into winter

    AngelaCorrias - thank you for stopping by my
    blog! I see you have a travel blog. You
    must visit Buchart Gardens and Victoria one
    of these days, if you haven't.

  12. These photos are breathtaking Carmen. You know I need to see this spot in person one of these days. Maybe in 2010?