Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Missing You at Christmas

Missing You at Christmas

The house is full of Christmas cheer,
An angel tops the tree,
Cinnamon smells pervade the air,
But you're not here with me.

An eggnog glass is held on high,
And offered up in toast,
Gifts are piled beneath the tree,
But I miss what I want most.

The festive lights are sparkling,
Holly garlands are in place,
In the softly twinkling candlelight,
I always see your face.

In the joyful songs of carolers,
At this time when all rejoice,
My heart can't feel its fullest,
I so long to hear your voice.

As Christmas day dawns again,
My thoughts are far from here,
My love is festooned with a bow,
And sent to someone dear.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2007 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved. 


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    YOu have wowed me once again,. Just beautiful. You shoud contact Hallmark for sure. I am sure they are looking for writers.. shaking head in awe.. HUGS

  2. Lovely sentiments. You touched me with this one.

  3. Hello Carmen...

    wow! you wrote this one? amazing! I love how it is written... great thoughts! i am touched! thanks for sharing!

    by the way, thank you very very very much for always visiting my blog and commenting. i really appreciate it a lot.

    have a wonderful day.



  4. you know I am missing my family this Christmas...it's my first time being away from them

  5. Missing my parents....This is Beautiful Carmen...(((HUG)))

  6. Inky - I am not sure Hallmark would be interested
    but I'm glad you like my poems.

    lakeviewer - this poem was easy...I had a very
    special someone in mind!

    Ayie - it must be hard, being away from your
    family for the first time

    maxivelasco - i've been enjoying your blog,
    Ovah' Coffee and I'm in awe of your long
    move from the Philippines to Sweden ( he
    must be a terrific guy!!! )

    Donna - I guess everyone can relate to this
    poem. There's always someone we miss at the
    holidays. A big hug to you!

  7. This has made me miss all those not with me, such a beautiful poem expressing the feelings in my heart.......:-) Hugs

  8. Beautiful poem, Carmen..It feels like Christmas for sure!

  9. Nice one, Carmen :)

  10. It is appetizing pudding.
    I want to have it, too.

    You are well-read fantastically.
    Your indication is correct.

    St. Francis Xavier is buried in Goa.
    It is the next age that returned from the Far East.

    The part of his breastbone memorializes birth 400 years, and it is still kept in Tokyo.

    From the Far East.

  11. That is how it is. Love, when not in the palm, is celebrated but yet lamented. Nice one.

    Hey, I have to say, I have been having the darndest time getting into your site. I finally said, NO WAY and hit on the post directly. Voila. But hitting on your header in Google Reader has been bringing up a can't locate prompt. Sorry. I'll try to remember to forgo it next time.

    happy holidays, you!