Saturday, December 05, 2009

A Friend's Visit

A good friend stopped by for an hour today.  We had a great time, drank a couple of Grey Goose martinis and  laughed and carried on like teenagers.  Before she left, she gave me this magnet.  I don't know what she meant by this!  Does she think we are old?


  1. aging gracefully with a dash of humour! i like it!

  2. and if getting old means we no longer get lucky
    then let's stop this aging stuff right here!

  3. magiceye - hey, my dear, you have got to keep
    laughing! And, my wealth of Indian friends
    keep telling me age is just a state of mind!

  4. Woman in a Window - I second that - hope springs
    eternal. I still plan on getting lucky, if
    I can!

  5. Oh you mean our situation can get worse...ewwww
    Had a good chuckle anyway....:-) Hugs

  6. Who's counting? Don't we get to go the other way at some point, like a reverse mortgage?

  7. Anonymous10:44 PM

    i agree... its all a state of mind!

  8. I can relate to that! Great sense of humor!

  9. Hahahahaa!!! That happened to me Yesterday!!!hughugs

  10. I really panicked when I lost my car in the car park. I don't want it to happen again so I mentally mark the spot. I wonder if those magnets are on sale over here.... smiles.

  11. Gotta laugh at life and aging...otherwise we might just have to cry. I love irreverent humor paired with sweet innocent old photos.

  12. Bernie - I can't even remember when I last got

    Sharkbytes - you're too funny! A reverse

    Kamana - thanks for stopping by. I'm not sure
    how you found you way here but I love your
    beautiful photographs!

    Icy BC -laughing is better than crying, right?

    Donna - what happened? You got lucky?

    Valerie - if I ever come across one of those
    magnets, I'll get it for you!

    steviewren - that same friend has given me a
    couple of other really cute magnets. I
    can't believe I'm already 65 anyway...the
    years sure went by in a blue!

  13. No, we aren't getting old because aging is a privilage denied many! As lomg as we have life, enjoy it to the max. :-)

    I';m in Colorado today and it's snowing! Everything looks so beautiful!

  14. Guess it depends on whose waiting for you in the car. LOL

  15. If it wasn't for the automatic lock on my car keys that I can click twice to make my car honk, I'd NEVER find my car :-)

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  16. Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti - I agree, as long as
    we're breathing, live life to the fullest!

    Is Colorado a vacation? Nice place to be in

    King of New York Hacks - you are too funny!
    Nice to see you here.

    Joanna Jenkins = those automatic locks DID
    improve our chances of finding our cars,
    didn't they?!