Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Original Nilla Banana Pudding

My three sons have eaten all sorts of gourmet desserts in restaurants around the globe - from tiramisu to creme brulee to more exotic fare.  However, when asked what they want me to fix for special occasions,  there is one favorite, which their grandmother always made when they visited.  Now that my mother no longer is able to cook, they ask me to fix this Southern staple.  The recipe used to appear on the back of the vanilla wafer box but, lately, I haven't seen it there.  I was able to find it online, however, and I just made banana pudding for them the other day.  I doubled the recipe so that it everyone would get at least two servings.  Since my middle son, Alex, couldn't come down from Sacramento, I photographed it for him and sent his fiance the recipe.

Original Nilla Banana Pudding
Original Nilla Banana Pudding
Original Nilla Banana Pudding

Ready in: 60 mins.

Layers of Nilla wafers, creamy pudding and fresh banana slices
are the stars of this American classic.

3/4 cup sugar, divided
1/3 cup all-purpose flour
Dash salt
3 eggs, separated
2 cups milk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
45 NILLA Wafers, divided
5 ripe bananas, sliced (about 3 1/2 cups), divided
Additional NILLA Wafers and banana slices, for garnish

1. Mix 1/2 cup sugar, flour and salt in top of double boiler.
Blend in 3 egg yolks and milk. Cook, uncovered, over boiling water,
stirring constantly for 10 to 12 minutes or until thickened. Remove
from heat; stir in vanilla.

2. Reserve 10 wafers for garnish. Spread small amount of custard
on bottom of 1 1/2-quart casserole; cover with a layer of wafers
and a layer of sliced bananas. Pour about 1/3 of custard over
bananas. Continue to layer wafers, bananas and custard to make
a total of 3 layers of each, ending with custard.

3. Beat egg whites until soft peaks form; gradually add remaining
1/4 cup sugar and beat until stiff but not dry. Spoon on top of
pudding, spreading evenly to cover entire surface and sealing well
to edges.

4. Bake at 350°F in top half of oven for 15 to 20 minutes or
until browned. Cool slightly or refrigerate. Garnish with
additional wafers and banana slices just before serving.

Makes 8 servings

287 calories, 6 g protein, 50 g carbohydrate, 7 g total fat

2 g saturated fat, 117 mg cholesterol, 134 mg sodium,
1 g dietary fiber.

Preparation Time: 30 mins.
Cook Time: 15 mins.
Cooling Time: 15 mins.
Total Time: 60 mins.


This recipe courtesy of Back of the Box Recipes. www.backofthebox.com
This recipe created by Nabisco.


  1. Carmen, you have left me hanging. I so want to know how yummy and delicious this looks from the inside too.

  2. this looks and sounds absolutely delicious!!

  3. Thanks Carmen for the recipe..Looks and sounds delicious!

  4. Margie: I've had a lot of wonderful desserts too but nothing will ever surpass my grandma's Banana Pudding. It HAS to be Nilla wafers and I want the cooked version. I don't care for the instant pudding type. Yum!!

  5. Oh, that's so luscious looking! How I wish i can have a taste of that!

  6. have you personally made this recipe?



  7. Liss - this banana pudding is great...I always
    make it from scratch and never use instant
    pudding though you can find recipes using
    instant. It just isn't the same...just be
    sure to cook it until it thickens as the
    recipe indicates. I always double the
    recipe. It is the same recipe my mother
    used..the one from the Nilla Vanilla Wafer

    Margie and Edna - you are so right...it has to
    be the cooked pudding..instant is NOT the
    same. I don't know why Nilla vanilla wafers
    stopped putting the recipe on the box. Maybe
    the youth of today want fancier desserts but
    they don't know what they're missing.

    Ayie - I've made this recipe at least a hundred
    times in my life and my mother always used
    to make it.

    Icy BC - I kid you not, this is a great recipe.

    Manuela - unless you can do passionfruit
    pudding, this has got to be number one

  8. hope it tastes as good as it looks......uuumm...now i'm feeling hungry.....

  9. Can you think of a European equivalent of a Nilla wafer? It's not something I know. :(

  10. hitesh rawat - it is yummy and you certainly have
    plenty of bananas in India!

    Sheila - I am not sure what the equivalent would
    be - are there no other brands of vanilla
    wafers? They are just small round cookies. I
    don't know if shortbread would work..though I
    think that would taste good, I'm not sure it
    would soften in the pudding.

  11. then you must have perfected it already! cool!

  12. OH wow, Carmen, that's one luscious looking pudding! Looking at the picture and reading the recipe made my mouth water. It is so wonderful to have "traditional" food. It is comfort food at its best! I love banana, will try definitely try this! Thanks for sharing!