Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Wordless Wednesday



  1. aaagggghhhh that poor donkey.


  2. Renee - this was taken about 17 years ago when I
    went with a group to visit St. Kitts and Nevis.
    The poor fellow was resting in the road ( it
    was sweltering ) but I guess when he saw all
    of us descending, he thought he should make
    an effort to get up!

  3. This picture conjures up a bunch of strange stories, all about a donkey who refuses to get up. I'm glad you explained.

  4. Poor mite. He would have been better off lying down somewhere cool.

  5. There was a donkey in the opera we saw last night at The Met and all I could wonder was who keeps a donkey in Manhattan? Afterwards I saw the truck he arrived on called "Tame Animals for Hire" I wonder what he thought of his moments on stage?

    Sorry I haven't been visiting lately ... busy getting ready for a trip and hopping around on one foot as I have a stress fracture in the other one.

  6. I have had days I felt like this picture protrays in fact I probably looked worse than the donkey......:-) Hugs

  7. That is a very cute donkey. Bless it's heart and now that I know it was hot I really can see why he was resting.

  8. So cute. I've never seen my parents' pony resting this way — I guess he would never get up again! I'll talk to him about this donkey. :O)

  9. That's a cute pony, but in an awkward position! Poor thing..

  10. Anonymous4:46 AM

    too cuteeeeeeeeeee.. pardon the pun, but he is making an ass of himself LOL

  11. Oh that poor little old thing. Great pic though.

  12. I saw you on Abby Jenkins...and you looked so cute with your glass of wine...I just had to stop by...and then I see a FAVORITE...and then I see you live in Daly City.I am from Los Gatos and now live in San Luis Obispo...

    I'll be following you along...

    I'll check back later.....


  13. He looks Tired!! Poor thing!

  14. Oh, this is so funny! Great shot. You should run a caption contest!

  15. lakeviewer - this donkey really wasn't about to
    move! I can't remember if he actually made
    it all the way the way up!

    Valerie, I agree - I thought the grass would
    have been cooler - but there wasn't too much
    shade anywhere..and he was on a short

    Pat, so your opera donkey is a star! I am sure
    someone advocates for very humane treat-
    ment. I can't believe you do so much
    running around with a stress fracture! Be

    Bernie, I know what you mean! When I lived in
    GA, I was always wilted. I have never
    really liked the heat.

    Nana Trish is Living the Dream - growing up in
    the South, in my youth, I saw mules and
    farmers plowing in blazing sun...I never
    figured out how they could tolerate it.
    And seeing Scarlett O'Hara cinched up in a
    corset, wow! I'm glad those days are long

    fullet - I really never saw horses or donkeys
    lying down. This was a new thing for me.

  16. Bhavesh - I was suprised to see this little
    donkey lying on the road...but I was even
    more amazed to see pictures of camels lying
    down by the dozens in India. I don't know
    why I thought they rested standing up!

    Icy - I wonder if it was a baby - he seemed more
    legs than anything.

    Inky - you are too hysterical.

    Glynis - I am so happy you visit my blog from
    Cypress! I would love to see your home
    someday when I travel in that part of
    the world.

    My Farmhouse Kitchen - thank you so much for
    becoming a follower. We do, indeed, seem
    to have a great deal in common. It must
    be wonderful living in San Luis Obispo.
    I would definitely miss San Francisco but
    that part of the CA coast is wonderful
    My son is talking of going back to grad
    school - I wish I would return to his
    alma mater, Cal Poly, but he's talking
    about San Diego!

    Donna - I think it's more the heat than fatigue!

    Shark - a caption contest...not a bad idea!