Thursday, December 10, 2009

Music in Nature

Joanne Olivieri, my long time mentor and fellow poet, recently had a contest, requesting entries on the topic of music in nature.  She announced the winners yesterday on her blog and I am honored to have been a runner up.  Glynis Smy of Author Blog won with her poem, "Symphony of Life."  The five honorable mentions were:

Congratulations to everyone and thanks to Jo for hosting this contest.  Here is my poem: 

Music In Nature

Nature abounds
In all sorts of sounds,
That seem musical to my ears –

Gentle soft murmurs,
Violent crashing crescendos,
With electricity so hot that it sears.

The ripple of wheat,
in a soft summer breeze,
Or the ping of hail,
As rain starts to freeze.

The roar of a waterfall,
The droning of bees,
The cawing of crows, 
Fluttering leaves in the trees.

The booming of thunder,
Waves caressing the shore, 
They all create a symphony,
Need I say even more?

Carmen Henesy

                            Copyright © 2009 Carmen Henesy.                            

All Rights Reserved


  1. Congratulations Carmen. I liked your entry, it made me 'feel' the elements. Well done.

  2. Congratulation, Carmen! Your poem sure sounds like music..very wonderful!

  3. That was cool, Carmen, congratulations! Thanks for the link and enjoy the CD :)

  4. Anonymous12:08 PM

    AM i surprised NO WAY.. HUGS with congrats.. WOW thats a great honour.. I love all you write.
    I a glad that grew up along the Atlantic ocean and her shores love the symphony she creates

    WONDERFUL.. Keep writing.. HUGS

  5. congrats
    nice poem

  6. Wow, I know at least 4 of you. I'll have to check it out and see if she runs another contest! Can you add a link to her blog on your post?


  7. PS. Your Countdown Christmas calendar makes me nervous (nothing done)

  8. Your poem is a great one. With competition like this I know why I didn't win this one. :)

  9. No, you don't need to say anymore. Nice.



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  10. Sharkbytes - of course, you can put a link to
    Jo'sblog on your post! That would be

    Irredento Urbanita - so glad you liked the poem.

    Ratty - I didn't see your submission but I am
    sure it was wonderful. You do nothing but
    the best!

    sm - thank you!!

    Inky - it is a great honor. Mainly because
    Poetic Shutterbug is such a great poet
    herself! A big hug to you!

    fullet - I hope you have listened to some of
    the clips of Sony Holland..she is a dear
    friend and a fabulous jazz singer. I
    already have her CDs and have give OVER
    three hundred as gifts!

    Valerie - if you felt the "elements", my poem
    was a good one! Thank you.

    Icy BC - what a wonderful compliment!

  11. no, i think you said it perfectly:)