Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas Day

At last the wait is over,
Santa’s come and gone,
Children rose, filled with glee,
Shortly after dawn.

All that careful wrapping,
Took seconds to destroy,
As boys and girls thrilled,
To find that very special toy!

Families gathered close,
Around brightly lit trees,
Pausing now and then,
To give each other a squeeze!

People thronged to churches,
Filled with hearts of love,
Counting all their blessing,
From the good Lord above.

It was a day of feasting,
From morning until night,
The specialties brought forth,
Were a source of much delight.

As this day draws to an end,
I hope we hold most dear,
The loving feelings of goodwill,
Throughout the coming year!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright © 2009 Carmen Henesy. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Carmen, I so admire the fluidity of your thoughts, it seems you will never run out of proses, of inspiring verses and lovely poems. You make writing poem seems easy, but for someone like me, it's not :(

    Happy Holidays

  2. How very wonderfully written, Carmen dear... I think I already left a comment here Or did I?

    Have a nice holiday! ;)

  3. Merry Christmas Carmen, I hope you have a wonderful day spent in the company of family and friends.

  4. Lovely one, Merry Christmas!

  5. betchai - the words usually flow pretty
    easily. It's only when I HAVE to write
    something that I have a problem - or when
    I want it to be perfect, like "The Forensic

    Dulce - whenever I see your name, I think of
    my favorite sweet - marzipan, or a wonderful
    dark chocolate, or delicious fruits like
    exotic mangosteen ( as your poetry is so
    exotic, sometimes )

    Liss - it was a quiet Christmas...only my
    youngest, Jeremy, was home and he and his
    friends were out till 3AM in San Francisco
    celebrating and ending up eating soup in
    Chinatown - I had joined them for a couple
    of shots of very good tequila before they
    left! This evening, he took me out for
    Japanese food before his 8:30PM flight to
    San Diego - nice!

    sm - glad you like my "Christmas Day" poem!

    Sishir - Christmas is long past in India but
    mine is just coming to its end. Glad you
    liked this final Christmas poem.

  6. Lovely thoughts in your Christmas poems.
    Very appealing to both young and old.

  7. Yes, let's not leave it all to the one day. Let's carry a little of it with us.

    Happy Holidays to you!

  8. amen

    the stars cost approx a dollar or two..

  9. It's a very beautiful poem describing the scene of Christmas gathering..

    Hope your Christmas was great!

  10. Merry Christmas Sweetheart!! I Love your poem! You need to write a book!!! Lovely! Have a wonderful weekend!!hughugs

  11. I hope you experienced all the "loving feelings of goodwill" of your poem this Christmas and that you will keep on experiencing them "throughout the coming year!

  12. Travelingjoan -I so appreciate your kind

    Woman in a Window - Erin, my dear, I do hope
    people will hold Christmas in their hearts!

    Donna - When I get the funds, I hope to do a
    small chapbook, at least, then if I make
    enough money at that, I might try for a
    holiday book.

    A human kind of human - thank you so much for
    your wonderful wishes for me!

    magiceye - I don't know how I would have
    gotten them home but, if I'd been able to
    make my trip to India as planned, I would
    have wanted to bring dozens back to San
    Francisco...they would have been so
    beautiful to hang year round in the child
    sexual abuse agency where I used to work!

    Icy BC - you're always my cheerleader! Thanks!

  13. That's lovely. Happy 2010!

  14. Carmen so happy to have spent the later part of 2009 with you and so look forward to more time together in 2010. Another wonderful poem my talented friend......:-) Hugs

  15. belated merry christmas and a very happy new year to come!!