Friday, December 04, 2009

A Love Not Found

A Love Not Found

She looked back on her life,
She had accomplished much,
Degrees from famous colleges,
Accolades and such.

She was acclaimed a beauty,
Envied all her life,
But, in spite of perfect features,
She had never been a wife.

She saw the wonders of the world,
And traveled parts unknown,
Though people thronged about her,
She always felt alone.

Her home was like a palace,
Filled with the grandest things,
Cold inanimate objects,
The kind that money brings.

She ate at gourmet restaurants,
And sipped exquisite wines,
And dallied in romances,
But she read between the lines.

When her life was ending,
She had one regret profound,
In spite of everything she had,
She mourned a love not found

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) May 2009 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved. 


  1. What a beautiful but sad poem...Carmen you are a wonderful writer......:-) Hugs

  2. Lovely poetry and so true!

  3. Another excellent poem. I always am able to feel your poems deeply. I think I can identify with this one too.

  4. This is a beautiful poem. As the old saying goes money cant by love. Those who have true love are far by the luckiest people in the world.

  5. Beautiful poem but sad for a love not found!

  6. poignant and beautiful

  7. Ah, the grass is always greener and people value different things!
    This is a great poem!!

  8. Very pretty!hughugs

  9. Oh yes, a beautifully sad poem, but I am rather glad she did not wilt away with a cat. There is something to be said for accolades and college degrees and giving of yourself to many and not just the one :)
    At least this is what I tell myself while the absent beloved remains absent!

  10. Carmen it still sounds like it would be nice to try on for size.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  11. We do have a need for love, all of us. We must be open, and willing too.

  12. You who are surrounded by wonderful people and friends are happy.

    And you enjoy the life enough.
    You drank liquor of precious Akita.
    It is good liquor.
    It will be to have made you drunk splendidly.

    All of them are important treasure.

    Thank you for visiting the colored leaves of the Far East.
    The haiku of Basho Matsuo seems to have been given to you.

  13. Bernie, I'm not sure I am a good writer but I
    am happy you like what I write! xxxooo

    ruma2008 - how I wish I were back at that lovely
    Lake Tazawako with its beautiful Lady. Akita
    was such a lovely prefecture, with miles
    and miles of green rice paddies. I certainly
    did drink some excellent sake there with good
    friends - I did not find that nearly as
    intoxicating as the shochu offered us by the
    professor/physician from Akita University
    who took all his nursing faculty out to
    dinner - at first, I didn't like it but,
    when mixed with fresh grapefruit, it was
    quite good. The professor was nice enough
    to pay taxi fare for all the nurses
    attending the dinner, to and from, to their
    homes and back to the university the next
    day. He wanted to be sure they could
    enjoy their evening with us and not have
    to worry about driving!!!

    Sishir - I am honored that you liked my poem.
    I wrote two poems about India, one, the
    Taj Mahal and the other, The Peacock, about
    your national bird.

    Ratty - I like that you can identify with my

    lakeviewer - though some may deny it, I do
    believe everyone needs love. It may be
    difficult for some to let it in.

    Liss - you are so right. Real love doesn't
    have a price tag.

    Renee - I am blessed to have many dear friends
    who love me; romantic love eludes me at
    this time!

    Icy BC - would that all of us could find love!

    Shaista - I agree with you. She lived a very
    full life and didn't withdraw from the
    world. I think it would have been far
    worse if she hadn't lived her life to the

    Donna - hugs back to you...glad you like my

    magiceye - my greetings to you in
    happy you are reading my poetry!

    jcollins224 - i need to get busy writing more
    poetry as i am using up my collection of
    past poetry!

  14. Never to trade the knee deep gunk of love for worldly goods. She missed out, that's for sure.

  15. Have you, or have you ever thought of publishing your poems. If you have published, let me know so I can look for it. This poem of course also apply to a very well known, current TV personality. At first I thought perhaps you had her in mind. Can you guess who?

  16. So sad. I hope it's not autobiographical. You have tied in winning the contest, and were also a top commenter in November at My Quality Day. I just posted the results. Thanks!

  17. Sad subject, but beautifully written, Carmen.