Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

It happens every Yuletide,
The gifts that come my way,
Are often so outrageous,
My hands go up in great dismay!

I don't know who decided,
That, at my age of sixty-four,
A gift card for Victoria's Secret,
Was something I'd adore!

My grandchild watched, excited,
As I unwrapped his gift to me,
"Massacre" by 50 Cent,
Was not my hinted at CD.

My husband spends far too much,
On gifts I do not need,
There is always a jewelry item,
No matter how much I plead.

Sometimes I get a sweater,
In a color I'd never wear,
In a style more suited for a teen,
Which, on me, provokes a stare.

Some presents are not even,
Ones I could “re-gift”,
But thinking of recipients for them,
,Gives my spirits such a lift!

This year, I've said to loved ones,
Our gifts should be dinner out,
Enjoying a meal with each other,
Is the best gift of all, no doubt.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright © 2008 Carmen Henesy. All Rights Reserved.

( please note that the author has no husband or
grandchild nor has she ever received annual
expensive pieces of jewelry )


  1. Carmen, learning English with your poems is very helpful, and today was really funny too! I agree that enjoying a meal is the best thing to do in Christmas (or Yuletide, I'll try to remember this one!).

  2. Lovely, Carmen. Thank goodness poetry comes easy to you, which means we all get the benefit. The postscript was funny ... oh the joys of a furtive imagination. Merry Christmas

  3. Carmen, I'm picturing you with your ipod bopping away to 50cent. That's funny

    Best of luck this year I hope you get your dinner out.

  4. Oh yes, great memories. It's the thought, right? How do we go from a good thought to a good deed?

    Warm wishes for a joyful holiday.

  5. I can relate to the dilemma of receiving presents! A very fun poem, Carmen, and the post script was also noted! :-)

  6. oh, love your poem, as always Carmen. this one has a great sense of humor to the giving, and yes, Christmas dinner would be a very beautiful gift for each other.

  7. Boy do I hear you. I'm working on another pile of things I don't need or want, while my one item on my wish list goes ignored.

  8. even though it was fiction (love that you did that!!), i so enjoy the idea of you getting a cd by 50 cent. it made me smile. who knows? maybe we would like ti but i really doubt it.

    enjoy your holidays, carmen!!!

  9. How many gifts have I received as you have stated in your poem.....way too many. I love your idea of dinner together......:-0 Hugs

  10. fullet - I think your English is already very's almost time for a trip to San
    Francisco - Jo and I will be your tour
    guides. If my poems help with your language,
    that's great!

    Valerie - never would I turn down expensive
    jewelry! One never knows when it might
    come in handy!

    Liss - I guess I should listen to that CD
    before I completely diss it. I do like
    some current music but I prefer the Rolling
    Stones genre.

    lakeviewer - some of my gifts go right to
    Goodwill! There is always someone happy
    to have them!

  11. Icy BC - I had to include the postscript -
    sometimes folks think my poems are true!

    betchai - I like writing funny poems - have to
    intersperse them with the sad ones!

    Sharkbytes - I don't know what your Christmas
    request is but I so hope you get it..I
    bet it is something for your wonderful
    outdoor world!

    julie king - I think I'm going to listen to a
    few 50 Cent songs..who knows, I might
    like him!

  12. Hi Carmen! Dinner out? On the 24th, impossible... All restaurants are closed... ;))

    Now, time to relax with a visit to a museum? Blogtrotter is at the British! Enjoy and have a great holiday season!

  13. Hey Carmen. Hello!

    I must say I am sorry for not coming before. But here I am.
    O love your blog, especially this post. It's hilarious, just because it's not true!
    And i agree the best is to go out for dinner. That's the best of bests
    Thanks for coming by
    looking forward for a new poem of yours!

  14. Anonymous6:50 AM

    YOu are a gift to all who reads your poetry, blog.
    Its a true and funny one, we all get those kind of gifts. I loved the Victoria secret LOL

    YOu choice of gifts is beautiful. Enjoy as I know you will , the love for your family comes out in all you write
    Ty for making me smile again
    Ti amo

  15. Margie: The Margiedales and I would love for you to take us to dinner!!
    Southern Belles don't cook??

  16. So, am I correct in assuming that you have received the Victoria Secret giftcards????

    I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season.

  17. Hilarious Carmen - I'll take the Victoria Secret giftcard :D

  18. I love it! Sounds like Christmas chez moi! Great take on a funny experience.

  19. What a fun poem! Gift giving can be tricky can't it? I love the "wish list" as it helps me buy the right things and helps those that love me get what I want. We used it this year and thebservice was great!

  20. Heehee- I love me some Victoria's Secret ;-)

  21. So true!!! I love it - and I think you should have someone to shower you with expensive jewellery, then you could sell it and spend the money on wonderful things like books, journals and things.

  22. Love it, sure sum it up like it is!

    Congrats on your haiku win...the prize sounds good. : )

  23. hahahahahahahahhahahahaha! Carmen! Carmen! Carmen! You poetry is too much! You are the first poet I have come across who writes from fictional whereabouts! Usually poets write from there own places! And you, you clever clever poet you- write from a fictional spot! Which makes it all the more enchanting! You are a FUN poet! And I love it! You paint a smile on my face and a chuckle just below my breath!!!!! :) Merry, merry Christmas!!!!! And may you never, ever receive a Victoria's Secret gift card!!!!! :) Jolly, jolly cheer to you and yours!!!!! :) But of course, I am very sure you make enough of that, all on your own! (the jolly jolly cheer I mean) :D

  24. i love giving xmas presents, it's my tradition already which i will pass on to my kids in time