Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Lottery

For over fifteen years, I've been eating at a wonderful Thai restaurant called Manivanh. I'll do a blog on them one of these days soon. The family that owns it are like my own family. Very often when I eat there, San Pen - who works there and is the partner of one of the Douangpanya daughters ( the lovely Ann ) and I joke about winning the lottery. We always say we'll share our winnings when we do. Often, if I haven't gotten my ticket, he'll go across the street for me, to the neighborhood market, and get two for me - one for California's Superlotto and one for the national MegaMillions. The only problem is that, thus far, San hasn't brought back any winners!

Just last week, I couldn't believe, a lady won the MegaMillions with a ticket purchased at Pak N Save, the grocery store where I shop. I never even thought of buying a ticket there! At any rate, they say that lightning never strikes twice in the same place so I guess I'll stick with buying a ticket when I'm feasting at Manivanh. Don't give up San...we're both going to win one of these days. Keep the faith.

Regardless, I wrote this poem and it is dedicated to you!!!

The Lottery

( dedicated to San Pen )

I know the odds are not the best,
And though I play each week,
And buy a single ticket,
My chances seem quite bleak.

I wouldn’t be a selfish one,
I’d gladly share the loot,
I’d give to every charity,
That’ll be in hot pursuit.

I don’t need mega millions,
Just a million would suffice,
But if I got a little more,
I’d think that mighty nice!

My years are growing short,
So there isn’t much I need,
I wouldn’t want the lottery folks,
To think I’m filled with greed.

I don’t have special numbers,
I do the “quick pick” things,
I’m not asking for great treasures,
Just some pleasures money brings.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) December 2009 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved. 



  1. I know you'll win it one of these days, then you can buy the restaurant from them. Am I one of the charities that you will be donating to?

  2. That is funny and cute! Carmen, I know you can write about any subject-You are wonderful! Cheers!

  3. Poetic Shutterbug - charity? Heavens no! You're
    a shareholder and, the first thing we'll do
    is head off to HONG KONG first class!! I will
    need my private tour guide!!!

    jcollins224 - well, i'll try to write about any-
    thing..not sure if I can pull it off.

  4. Good luck at Pak N Save! You know if there's been one winner there, there's bound to be another!

  5. Hahaaaa...IF Only!!!hughugs

  6. Carmen, Sounds good to me although in first class I could never expect to experience the "high flying melon ball" incident again :D I'll have to let Margie and Edna read that one of these days. They already think I'm a floozy anyway :D

  7. Carmen I have been getting a lottery ticket every week since the early seventies and don't even come close....I do hope you eventually will have better luck than I have....everyone has to have a dream......:-)

  8. Dream is what made life more interesting! Some dreams do come true, and you will have that winning ticket one of these days..
    I will be in line, behind Jo, of course :-)

  9. Icy BC - well, if it's a big enough win, you can
    even join Jo and I on the Hong Kong trip.

    Bernie - the problem is, I rarely even have one
    number that's called!

    Poetic Shutterbug, they have melon balls in
    first class...and you'll be drinking fine
    champagne as you eat them or try to grab

    willow - just once, I will have to buy one at
    Pak N Save! I bet they have been selling
    like hot cakes since their big win!

    Donna - hope springs eternal!

  10. magiceye - get ready to be my personal
    photographer in India when I arrive with my
    lottery winnings!

  11. keep faith - it will happen one day.
    an when it does, dont forget to add maldives to your world tour holiday :)

  12. kamana - maldives? That is where you are shooting
    those beautiful photos! I would so love to
    visit there!

  13. I like the idea of winning the lottery and sharing it among friends and family. I'm not one who could keep it all to myself.
    Only problem to win I need to buy a ticket.

  14. san p.11:28 AM

    thanks carmen for the poem...i love it, one of us i bound to hit this thing one day and then we can go on the biggest cruise ever