Monday, November 09, 2009


I wrote this poem awhile back, on a particularly painful Monday.  Now that I am retired, Mondays are not as bad as they once were.  Of course, as a forensic nurse, working around the clock 24/7, and being constantly on call, every day was the same, really.

Once again, Monday dawns,
It got here, oh so fast!
Why is it that weekends,
Never seem to last?

I left work Friday evening,
Full of joy and glee,
Filled with plans and lists,
Of things to do for me!

I did sleep late on Saturday,
And gave the dog a run,
And started out to do my list,
But had barely just begun
Torrential downpours started,
So I couldn't wash the car,
I did drive to the beach,
But had to picnic in my car!

Sunday was just as dreary,
So I washed a load of clothes,
And spent my afternoon,
Watching t.v. shows.

As I rush to dress for work,
I've got the Monday blues,
All I want to do,
Is go back to bed and snooze.

Five more days ahead of me,
Till Friday's here once more,
Hopefully, next weekend,
Will have more fun in store!

Carmen Henesy

                                          Copyright © 2008 Carmen Henesy. All Rights Reserved


  1. I love it and that your were a forensic nurse how interesting.

    The tales you could tell.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. Oh Carmen, this is so precious, capturing those simple chores/lists of things we plan to do and don't get done. The feeling is authentic,a strong pull of annoyance and tiredness. This would make a great country song!

    I can imagine your life being a 24/7 adrenalin rush all the time. Take a deep breadth. You don't have to do that any more. You might not have been ready for retirement, but retirement has come to your rescue. Your health will benefit too.

  3. lakeviewer, I fought so hard against the budget cuts and my sons implored me to give it up and retire. They kept reminding me of all 21 years I'd spent with the beeper clipped to my bra strap and my life, holidays, movies, etc, interrupted by a page - and, in my field - adult and child sexual assault, there was never a happy ending - all the sleep I'd missed, all the courtroom testimony, etc...yet I didn't want to of our nurses used to say about call, "You can make toast but you can't bake a cake."

    Renee - it was interesting, wonderful and heartbreaking work - forensic nursing. My colleagues and allied professionals are the best in the world.

  4. Carmen, your poetry is amazing to me, I look forward to coming here everytime my reader shows me you have posted.....:-) Hugs

  5. Carmen, I felt your mood in that one. Yes, they should make weekends longer and weekdays shorter. I always fancied a job from 12 'til 1 with an hour's lunch.

  6. I'm still dreading Mondays, Carmen! There is something about it that I just want to roll back the time..

  7. Mondays always remind me of a certain song from the 80s. About Manic Mondays. Something about how I wish it were Sunday. Cuz thats my fun day.

    Garfield has it right. Mondays are horrible.

  8. just another few hours
    and you will be back
    dancing at the bars!

  9. I agree with Icy. I groan when it's Monday and even hate it for contaminating Sunday -hahaha! :) You write wonderful poems, Carmen!

  10. If you practice a kanji, you become an Oriental doctor!!

    Thank you.