Sunday, November 29, 2009

65th Birthday Celebration - 4th Photos - 24 Hours in Malaga, Spain

Malaga is a beautiful city on the Costa del Sol in Andalusia, Spain.  It is rich in history, dating back to Phoenician, Roman, Arabian and Christian periods.  From its spot on the Mediterranean Sea, with its mild climate, endless sunny days, and brilliantly blooming bird of paradise, it is a mecca for tourists.  

I have visited in the past, on a cruise, and once overnight as I was headed for a three day stay in Marbella.  This time, we stayed at Don Curro, a wonderful hotel right in the heart of everything.  It was adjacent to Larios Street and near the cathedral.  We enjoyed Malaga so much, we regretted not spending an extra day there and a day less in Barcelona where all of us had been several times.

 The long line

Disembarking with 3500 other passengers is always chaos.  We joined the long queue of other passengers waiting for taxis.  We had a pretty good system, though.  I waited in line while the other four in our group inched the luggage up slowly from the cruise terminal.  I managed our purses on top of my rolling walker ( some time that thing comes in handy ).

This beautiful cathedral was right around the corner from our hotel

This is a view of the cathedral at night

This great shopping street, minus traffic, was also a block from the hotel.  We loved it and made an instant beeline there though, with the euro, there were no bargains for us!

While the others shopped, I made a quick stop here for a glass of a wonderful wine
and some tapas - I figured lunch would be delayed while the others looked for nonexistent bargains.  I was on a budget that didn't allow too many purchases!

A pretty scene - nice buildings, flowers, light fixtures


Just as in Rome, we chanced upon some newlyweds - such a lovely couple!

Nice getaway car for the bride and groom!

With my sweet waiter at Restaurante La Dehesa, Malaga

At last, my cohorts got hungry and we found a nice outdoor cafe near the hotel.  It was really packed but this nice young man found a table for us and we had a fantastic meal.  My Andalusian salad was delicious and I followed it up with grilled calamari - I always seem to order that in Mediterranean countries!

The police were out on their little bikes at  night ( no Harleys here! )

Fountains across from our outdoor dinner spot

Outdoor promenade at night

Definitely, if I ever get to Malaga again, I will stay at least two days.  We didn't even get to any of the historic spots of the city and there are so many that I wanted to see. 


  1. Dazzeling Photo's--Loved the vintage car! What a flirt you are with the servers!! hnnn.... LOL!

  2. Great photographs, Carmen. I particularly liked those of the cathedral. What's with the men, huh?

  3. How wonderful. What an amazing trip for you.

    Thank you so much for all your work with children, the poor dears.

    Love Renee xoxo

  4. You've captured the real soul of southern Spain: the cathedral, the photos of the wedding... And I really like the beginning of your post, when you introduce this land talking about its multicultural heritage. This is something that many Spanish people should be more aware of. Those malagueños were lucky to meet you, and I hope they learnt something from you :)

  5. Spanish towns, wine, the dishes are very attractive.
    It will be to have become the splendid memory.

    It is the event that is good for you.
    And, cannot exchange it with some others.

  6. Margie: Wonderful. You make me feel like I'm there right now.

  7. I had calamari for my meal tonight :) I love your pictures.

  8. En el Restaurante La Dehesa de Málaga estamos muy felices por los agradables comentarios que nos dispensa. Especialmente su dulce camarero, Ángel, está muy emocionado y le recuerda por su dulzura y maravillosa amabilidad. Nos gustaría recibir su visita en esta su casa en uno de sus muchos aniversarios futuros.
    Sería un auténtico honor. Un cariñoso abrazo de sus amigos desde Málaga.