Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm Ready

I’m Ready

I'm ready for adventure,
At the dawn of this new day,
For an unexpected thrill,
That life might throw my way.

I'm ready for some travel,
To exotic, distant lands,
To swim in Bali's waters,
Or see Egypt's shifting sands.

I'm ready for new learning,
To enrich my mind once more,
I always thirst for knowledge,
And know there's more in store.

I'm ready for the world to change,
For all our wars to end,
I wish I'd see a time, somehow,
We'd call each other "friend."

I'm ready for some changes,
I guess I’ll start with me,
Perhaps they'll be contagious,
And others might agree.

I'm ready for a romance,
The "forever after" kind,
I know I'll have to search,
For those are hard to find.

I'm ready for what life may bring,
I hope my dreams come true.
I'll keep the faith until I find,
Someone just like you!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright © 2008 Carmen Henesy. All Rights Reserved



  1. brave woman, you!

  2. Loved this, Carmen. It's such a straightforward, down-to-earth poem. I wish for most of the changes too.

  3. You go girl.....have tons of fun!....:-) Hugs

  4. Margie: I'm ready too. Where do we begin? How about Italy?

  5. again nice poem

  6. Carmen, I so love this poem, it seems like it is speaking what I wanted so to say but I can not find the harmony and words like you to write. Love it! I am so ready for the joys of simple life :)

  7. Carmen, You are always ready :D

  8. Each one of your poems are excellent. This one hooked me as soon as I read the very first lines, since adventure is what I try to do. You always do a very good job of writing something that I really can identify with.

  9. inspirational poem
    i am ready

  10. Manuela, I wish I WERE brave!

    Valerie, so glad you like "I'm Ready" - and that
    it also speaks for you

    Poetic Shutterbug, Ready, perhaps, but not
    always able. How are you doing, my friend?

    Bernie, even at 65, I do hope the fun continues!

    Margie & Edna, Rome sounds fine. Let's go,
    girls. I bought a lottery ticket in hopes
    that it might be first class.

    Icy, glad you liked the ARE invited!

    sm, you are welcome to come along as well!

    Ratty, your write the nicest comments and I
    am so pleased that you can relate to my

    betchai, I think so many of us feel the
    sentiments in this poem - whether we can
    put the words on paper or not!

  11. Hi Carmen
    I'm sure this poem expresses what many feel. I am also always ready for an adventure.
    How was the wonderfu cruise you were just on? Your son and his future bride make such a nice looking couple.

    Have a good week!

  12. Anonymous6:29 AM

    I like your other readers love this one. it would be awesome if as you said we can all call each other FRIEND!!! Dreams sweet lady, they can come true, goodluck on your adventure, wishing you pocketfulls of DREAMS,