Thursday, November 12, 2009


It was a very long and tedious journey back to San Francisco.  I said goodbye to my mother about 5:15PM yesterday and drove to my friend, Luther's, home to drop off the truck he had so generously lent me during my stay in Columbus ( he and Beth are off on a New York holiday.  There, I said farewell to his lovely daughter, Jennifer, who had given me a second outstanding massage on Tuesday, and made my way to the Muscogee County Municipal Airport, compliments of Tommy Wommack, friend of the Stanton's ( who has become my friend in the past week  - he may not feel that way anymore after lugging my immensely heavy suitcases! ).  My hometown airport was almost deserted - no police officers shooing you away from the front curb, hardly any passengers milling about and, certainly, no skycaps to assist with luggage.  Dear Tommy, ever the hero, hoisted those bags yet again!  After an hour's wait on the tarmac, we finally set off into heavy thunderclouds for the short flight to Atlanta.  I made my next connection with ease, to a full flight, where I was smashed against the window in a three seat row with a sweet baby who cried intermittently.  I am an aisle person so I was miserable being hemmed in.  But, at long last, the trip ended and my oldest son, Shawn, nobly came to SFO to fetch his mom.

I still have some final photos of Columbus to post and the long overdue Europe birthday pictures  which now seems an eternity ago.

In the meantime, here's one of my favorite poems.


I'm a girl of big proportions,
So I hate to shop at all,
The clothes they make to fit me,
Are the worst things in the mall.

In my youth, I was much different,
Slim and quite the girl,
I wore the cutest outfits,
Which gave the guys a whirl!

Now I look for baggy clothes,
That hide my ample frame,
I can't wear stylish outfits,
So i hang my head in shame.

I look at sexy lingerie,
And think of way back when,
When Victoria had no secret,
I was really thin.

My sons encourage exercise,
And tell me not to eat,
They say that if I listen,
One day I'll see my feet!

Now I shop for earrings,
Since whether thin or fat,
They will always fit me,
Thank my lucky stars for that

Carmen Henesy 

Copyright © 2008 Carmen Henesy. All Rights Reserved


  1. I don't think we'll ever truly be happy with how we are or how we look. It doesn't matter if we are thin or not.

    Your poem has a fun humor in it, which I like!

  2. Welcome back to the West Coast. Tell your boy(s) mamas come in all sizes.

  3. Icy, I believe you are right! There is always
    something we think needs improving!

    Lakeviewer, I am happy to be back home. Am
    thinking of heading up to West Sacramento on
    Sunday for an overnight visit with my middle
    son and his fiancee. Had a sweet note from
    her and wedding arrangements ( for next May )
    are coming along nicely. Laura's asked me to
    write a poem to read at the reception...I can
    do that, no problem but, reading it, I would
    probably bawl all the way through.

  4. Welcome home, Carmen you write the most wonderful poems that we all can relate too. Remember it is not the size of your body but the size of your heart that we love....:-) Hugs

  5. Love the poem, I can so identify with it. I keep a little dress that I made for a holiday when I was 4 stone less than now... just to prove to myself I was once slim.
    But as Bernie says, it is what is inside this body that counts.
    Love Granny

  6. Welcome back, Carmen. Your poem is very cute, and the meter all works properly! Good stuff.

  7. Bernie, well, I guess my heart matches my body

    Granny, glad you like the poem. Now, I can never
    remember what a stone correlates to in our
    pounds! My English friend tells me but that,
    and a fortnight, confuse me. I do know what
    it is to "spend a penny."

    Sharkbytes, it felt great to sleep in my own bed
    last night. Silly poems are fun sometime &
    this one wasn't too hard to write!

  8. good to be home! lovely verse there!

  9. Anonymous7:04 AM

    WElcome home and I am glad your visit with your mum was GREAT!!

    OMG this made me laff my BUTT if this morning. lol too funny

    When Victoria had no secret,
    I was really thin. BESTEST LINE

    They say that if I listen,
    One day I'll see my feet!
    TOO CUTE,, gotta love our kids lol there turn is coming he he he

    I HATE shopping for clothes big or small.

    HUGS and blessing for a great weekend.. !!

  10. Oh Carmen I love the cute rhyme. That is me and my clothes to a tee.


  11. CARMEN! That poem is brilliant! I am glad I stumbled across your blog.
    "when Victoria had no secret" brilliant!

  12. Abby, thanks for stopping by "Carmen's Chronicles" - hope you'll visit again. I read the list of your employment...quite impressive AND varied. Your work with Ronald McDonald House is very special. I will certainly send this little one a card and my prayers will go heavenward for him.

    All the best to you.

  13. Thank you for watching the event of the Far East.

    It is my delight that you use my calligraphy.

    I am glad that people to see calligraphy increase in U.S.A.