Thursday, November 05, 2009



Though I mutter about the drizzling rain,
And, as I grab my umbrella, I complain,
For the parched earth below, the glistening drops
Are a blessing.

Work is brutal and the hours long,
And, I wait impatiently for the closing gong,
But every week, when my paycheck comes,
The money is a blessing.

They run shrieking about in whirlwind play,
And seem to ignore what I have to say.
Yet when I hear their prayers at night,
My children are a blessing.

Our country, at times, seems such a mess,
But regardless of this, I must confess,
That to live in the United States, to me,
Truly is a blessing.

I'm growing older, that's for sure,
And, try as they might, there's no cancer cure,
But I woke up this morning,
And that I regard as a blessing.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2009 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved.


  1. Beautiful poem, Carmen! There are so many little blessings that we some time can't see if we don't pay enough attention.

  2. Anonymous6:34 AM

    what a great poem to wake up with, I agree, we can all be in a mess at times. but SIGH!! to wake up each day is a blessings..

    Blessings continued.. :}

  3. ...and I fall asleep counting my blessings. Almost time to pop in "White Christmas"!

  4. Icy - Inky - Willow,
    Glad you liked my poem. You three have become
    blessings in my life. I enjoy your blogs so

  5. It must be Thanksgiving! Carmen, these are beautiful sentiments to put on paper and stick on the refrigerator, or inside a wallet. Being thankful and appreciative helps us cope and appreciate what we have.

    You are inspiring us to be poets!

  6. Carmen, what a nice poem and a beautiful way to express your gratitude....:-) Hugs

  7. We receive different kind of blessing in our everyday lives, we may not see it in bigger scale but we're abundantly blessed.