Sunday, November 01, 2009

Getting Ready for Winter

My mother lives in Columbus, Georgia, in an area of eight duplexes that are built in what used to be a pecan orchard.  Fifteen years ago, when she first moved in, the trees yielded large crops of nuts and I could always count on receiving several bags of shelled pecans for Christmas every year.  Over the years, the trees seem to produce smaller crops but the squirrels still seem to find an ample supply to sustain them during the Georgia winters.  During the past week, I've enjoyed watching them busily scampering about, hard at work.  Occasionally, they take a break and frolic with each other on the lawns.

This is the view from my mother's back door.

The squirrels here are not the pretty black one's like Ratty's but the usual gray ones - they are very well camouflauged by the tree bark and the grass

This one seems airborne

A bit wary of any movement on my part

There must have been twenty of these guys out today 

Play time now


  1. We have a walnut tree next door, but it's usually the birds that take the nuts. I've seen rooks and jackdaws flying off with them, barely able to fit them in their beaks. No doubt there are squirrels too, but I haven't seen them. It was a bumper crop this year.

  2. We like watching the antics of squirrels in the garden, just now they are busy 'planting' any spare goodies in readiness for the winter months. In our local paper last week, two Albino ones had been seen in a large garden. They looked so lovely, but I guess they are too visual to predators to last for too long.
    Love your poetry.
    Love Granny

  3. Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing!

  4. I love pecan nuts and squirrels. I have the squirrels but have a hard time finding the nuts. If ony we had a tree in the garden squirrel and I would be happy.

  5. Squirrels are enjoying their last autumn days...



    Barcelona Daily Photo

    Trujillo Daily Photo

  6. all the squirrels here are busy as the bees!

  7. Very cute pictures of the squirrels! They are so active during this time of the year here, also..