Friday, November 06, 2009


I went out again with my friends last night....will post those pitures later.  I am really enjoying getting to spend so much time with them.  Tonight, we're going out for Greek food!  I am also accomplishing a few things for my mother as well.  In two weeks, thanks to Dale Wommack and St. Mark's Church here in Columbus, my mother will get a hot meal daily at lunch, from Monday to Friday, complete with a beverage and dessert - she loves butttermilk so I am sure that will be her choice.  Also, she finally agreed to see her doctor and I am taking her, first thing Monday morning to Dr. Fussell's office!  That is the biggest relief of all to me.  She has been off her medication for hypertension for over a year.  At the very least, she needs blood work and I am sure he will do that!

The best news of all is that my brother and his wife sold their home in Florida and will move back to Atlanta, into their new home there, on Thursday.  They will be only about a hundred miles from my mother which will take some of the burden off of me, 2500 miles away.  They always lived in Atlanta until my brother decided he wanted to be near the beach about eight years ago, much to my sister's dismay ( she's always felt like a sister to me, not just a sister-in-law ).  Like a good wife, she humored him and, finally, he agreed to move back home.

I would never move back to Georgia myself, not even to Atlanta which is quite a nice city.  It's too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter but I still feel a lot of love for my home state.  I penned this poem not long ago and I wanted to put it out there, especially for my Georgia friends who are now reading my blog and for those of you who are not familiar with this state.


I think of you with fondness,
This state of my birth,
With your Chattahoochee River,
And deep red clay earth.

In the spring, you're abloom,
With dogwoods and azalea,
And you claim that famous onion,
That comes from Vidalia!

Long known as the Peach State,
You're known for peanuts, too,
And before the boll weevil,
Huge fields of cotton grew!

You are a part of our history,
One of the original thirteen states,
You can boast the sea and mountains,
In the list of Georgia's greats.

There is Southern hospitality,
And giants of industry, too,
Amd a mix of U. S. military,
Thrown into the brew.

Georgia has so much to offer,
And no matter where I roam,
I'm proud to say my roots are there,
You will always feel like home.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright©2008 Carmen Henesy. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Good news about your mother seeing the doctor, Carmen. It's great too that she'll be well fed with hot food every day. I guess 100 miles is nothing when compared to the size of the country, over here it seems a great distance to travel.

  2. Val, with the interstate, the Atlanta airport is only about an hour and a half from my mom's. Usually I fly into there and rent a car since it costs, sometimes, $200 more for the short flight to Columbus which is about what a rental car costs for a week. When I use frequent flyer miles for the trip, I just come directly to Columbus since the mileage is the same either way. I was fortunate that my friend, Luther, let me us his second truck, a little one, while I'm here...saved me renting a car...which, now that I'm retired, isn't exactly in my budget!!

  3. I always hear so much good about Georgia. People from there seem to love it in a special way. I guess we all love our home state, mine is Michigan, but I do hear a lot from people from Georgia.

  4. Beautiful poem for a tribute to Georgia!
    (I know what you mean about the weather..)