Saturday, November 07, 2009


Many of the blogs I've seen lately are filled with beautiful pictures of the changing leaves, some hanging on valiantly as winds tug in their efforts to tear them from their lofty perches.  Winter will soon be here and the bare branches will await their spring rebirth.  This is a poem I wrote about the leaves.


A season of such beauty,
Nature's artistry unfolds,
The foliage all around us,
Reds, crimsons, even golds.

The air is fresh and crisp,
Winter snow hovers near,
Autumn leaves in brilliant beauty,
Add their notes of festive cheer.

A vibrant canopy of leaves,
Offers shelter from the sun,
Until a rising evening breeze,
Sends them flying, one by one.

By morning and the falling rain,
The lovely leaves are no more,
They have fallen from the trees,
And lay on the forest floor.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright © 2007 Carmen Henesy. All Rights Reserved


  1. Lovely poem Carmen! This morning I noticed the branches of the trees in front of my house were almost all leafless. Autumn passes too quickly!

  2. The leaves here in Japan are all changing colors and falling. Its quite a beautiful sight. I must agree, autumn comes and goes too quickly most places.

  3. Ah, nature's power to move us so!

  4. Autumn really is my favourite time of year and your poem sums it up so well.

  5. Lovely poem and beautiful shot !! Loved this post !!Unseen Rajasthan

  6. That's perfection.

  7. Another great poem. I especially noticed the fall this year, but the fallen leaves and bare trees depressed me a bit. Now that I've had time to think about it I feel good and I'm ready for the rest of fall and the coming winter. I really like that your poems are about the real world around us. It makes them so easy to relate to.

  8. Beautiful poem described the changes in nature at this time of the year, Carmen!

  9. love it carmen! i so wish we could bottle up these beautiful fall days and be able to experience them again during winter's long visit!

  10. beautiful fall poem and picture Carmen. fall uncovers the beauty that is most of the year hidden by the lushness of the foliage. when the leaves drop, it allows us to see through a world that was blocked before. every season has its beauty, though i don't love the cold :( too much to laundry :)

  11. Beautifully crafted, Carmen. The autumn scene is so bare now, it seems hardly to have arrived before it began to wend it's way towards the end.

  12. Anonymous10:14 AM

    I tried coming by this morning, and for some reason some of my blogs I follow would not open.
    You know I love AUTUMN, leaves of many colors. Kinda like you, your heart, your writing, multi-colored brillance..

    TY for sharing this wonderful colorful poetic words.


  13. It is a wonderful autumn color.

    It is so.
    The black pine is a strong plant growing in sand and wind.

    But it dies if there is not sunlight.
    Therefore it must cut the other plants by human labor.

    It is a sensitive plant.
    It seems to be totally a human being.

  14. Carmen, your words flow so effortlessly, the mark of a great poet. The photo is stunning.

  15. Beautiful photo to match your beautiful poem... :-) hugs

  16. Pat - it seems to take forever for the leaves to
    reach their peak of riotous cover, then in a
    blink, it's gone!

    lakeviewer - nature is very powerful in its
    beauty. Your Oregon shore is so spectacular!

    Joshua Zimmerman - I wish I could see autumn in
    Japan, especially in the countryside. I
    visited the prefecture of Akita & I imagine
    it is really spectacular there!

    Liss - I'm glad you liked my poem..spring is my
    favorite season, especially in GA when the
    dogwoods and azaleas are in bloom! I miss
    that, living in CA.

    Unseen Rajasthan - wish I had you around to snap
    photos to go with some of my poems!

  17. Joanna Jenkins - I am so pleased you liked my
    autumn poem!

    Ratty - I wish my aging infirmities permitted me
    to get out and do the hiking that you do! I
    could do a lot more poetry about the wonderful
    things in nature! You photograph so many
    beautiful things.

    Icy - glad you liked "Leaves"

    Julie King - fall does seem to be gone in the
    blink of an eye and the beautiful foliage
    is so fleeting!

  18. betchai - I enjoy the cool, crispness of fall but
    I have never loved winter, except for the first
    snowfall of the season. Don't like having to
    get all bundled up!

    Valerie - I'm glad you liked my fall poem..I wish
    I painted, so I'd have permanent fall foliage
    on hand!

    Inky - you really know how to make a person feel
    wonderful. Thank you for such sweet & kind
    comments. They made my day!

    Ruma - I suppose a black pine is a good tree to
    have! It seems to endure and survive!

    Poetic Shutterbug, my old friend, you inspire me
    and are my best critic!

    Bernie - thank you for coming back and reading
    my poems! I appreciate you and send hugs