Thursday, January 13, 2011

"N" is for Notes, Songs, Singers & Songwriters - January 13, 2011

I cannot write a single note,
And I cannot carry a tune,
Thank heavens for special beings,
Whose talents make me swoon.

Some  put notes down on paper,
Which musicians then can play,
When sung by a wonderful vocalist,
It, literally, makes our day.

Other songs when sung and  played,
Have such a happy beat,
There is no way on earth,
We're not dancing in the street!

Of course, we cannot all agree,
On the music that we like,
But we willingly pay the price,
To see our favorites at the mike.

Old crooners like Sinatra,
Will endure throughout the years,
The romantic verse he sings,
Can start the sentimental tears.

The long haired lads from Liverpool,
Some fifty years ago,
Gave Beatlemania to the world,
Which still basks in its glow.

The rappers of today,
Might not be your favorite choice,
But, in this song by Tupac,
He praises his mother with his voice.

The dynamic Holland duo,
Who've become dear friends to me,
Are a singer-songwriter team,
Who are as great as they can be

Music can transport us,
To far parts of this earth,
To share in other cultures,
Or the countries of our birth.

Music helps to soothe us,
To clear our minds of stress,
It's so readily available,
A tool that most possess.

So, never let a day go by,
Without your music fix,
Program your cell or IPOD,
With your favorite mix!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) Carmen Henesy
January 13, 2011

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  1. Hi Carmen! I am now following your blog and I am visiting from Alphabet thursdays! I loved your poem! I too adore music and both my daughters are born singers. I know when they are sad because they stop singing and our house is always filled with music. I also have a few friends who are well known song writers and artists and I tell them all the time, what you do is magical! I have such strong appreciation for this miraculous talent that moves us to tears of makes us jump for joy! All the best! Alex@amoderatelife

  2. this was a sweet note of lyrical poetry,loved the tunes. Lovely magpie ,


  3. Well done Carmen!
    Where would we be without music? One of life's true gifts.

    That Tupac song was touching. His poor mother-what a challenging life, and then to lose her son on top of it all.

    I am counting my blessings. Blessed to have found you and your inspirational blog!

  4. Music weaves through all our lives...

  5. What an interesting post. So many widely different music styles. And I took the time to listen to them all. Glad I did.

  6. Carmen, you would have liked my dad. He was a musician, and so is my brother, but my sister and I are tone deaf and couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. So Dad told me he would teach me how to listen. I've always appreciated music, thanks to a caring father.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. Music is incredibly therapeutic.

  8. Carmen, that was lovely ... the Beatles are still my fave even after all of these years ...

  9. Many would agree with you. I'm one of them!

  10. wow- this is great! Nicely done-thanks for all the tunes!

  11. What a lovely work you made, Carmen! Someone should put music to your poems and sing them all around the world. The Beatles, Sony Holland, and that last precious last tune are my faves.

  12. So many styles of music- something for everyone!

  13. AWESOME!! My thoughts exactly, Carmen!! Keep that iPod loaded, and listen to and relish that magic, called music..

    Really enjoyed your sweet ode to music itself!! It was simply lovely!!!

  14. The musical interludes are just great!

  15. What a wonderful post Carmen! I haven't heard Dear Mama before, and now it touches my heart!

  16. Music is the only universal language, no barriers... You have written such a beautiful poem...
    Have a nice day:)

  17. a moderate life -
    Welcome to my blog! I wish I could sing or write music! I do write poetry but that's about it and, finally, at 65, I did publish my first book of poems - "Life's Journey", available on It was to be for my mother but, sadly, she had a stroke before it came out and she doesn't even know I did it.

    One of my three sons plays music - the guitar...not professionlly but he's pretty good!

    joanny -
    So glad you liked my musical offering. I've never been a big rap fan but I was touched by Tupac's song for his mother.

    abby jenkins -
    Thank you so much for you sweet words...and, yes, I was really touched, as well, by the love Tupac showed for his mother in his tribute. I did not like a lot of the lyrics he wrote but this was different. Actually, he had a pretty nice voice, too.

    I have so much wonderful music that I love, I just don't listen to it often enough. I used to always fall asleep listening to somthing...don't know why I stopped but I think I need to start again. I think it was better than warm milk and counting sheep.

    Denise -
    How nice that you listened to all my musical choices....I was trying to provide a little variety. The only one new to me was Tupac. I was surprised to find something of his that actually moved me!

    Tess Kinkaid -
    I have to agree with you. Music certainly makes life bette for me!

    Jo -
    It's nice that even my 26-year-old and I can both relate to the Beatles. Such memories their songs bring back!

    Doctor FTSE -
    Thanks for visiting my musical interlude.

    kathew -
    Hope you enjoyed the variety of music. I am always happy to see you've stopped by.

    Josep -
    You are always such a good friend and I love that you visit my blog! Do you have one of Sony Holland's CDs?

    Sharkbytes -
    I guess that's what's so great about music - there is a type that appeals to everyone. Heavy metal isn't for me but I sure like jazz and blues.

    Kavita -
    A few years ago, my three sons gave me an IPOD for my birthday - and my oldest son programmed so much music into it - they were hoping I'd get out and walk and exercise. I love it ... but I haven't really exercised very much!!

    Lucy Westenra -
    I am so happy you visited and enjoyed my music choices.

    ***Icy BC said -
    I have always had such an aversion to Tupac before, I might have missed his very touching song for his mother. It really was sad. I listened to it a couple of times. She really had a tough life.

    Arti -
    Thank you so much for the compliment. I agree, music - and a smile - are universal languages.

  18. What a beautiful and well crafted poem, music is always somethere in the background in my wee home - even if it is that I have left the radio on for Zebby Cat when I go out (following my dear Mum's fine example with our family cat, Bits, many years ago).

    Sending much care and many huggles (plus loud purrrrumbles from Zebby Cat who is purring happily to himself just now), Michelle xxxx

  19. Carmen! You are so neat!

    I love your poetry! You have such a way of making words sound like music!

    Thanks for sharing your talents on this stop for Alphabe-Thursday's letter "N"!

    Nifty poem!