Saturday, January 15, 2011

Camera Critters #145 & Pet Pride, Great Danes in England, January 15, 2011

I've mentioned my English friends, Steve and Jenny Clark before - wonderful
cruise companions I met fourteen years ago on a southeast Asian cruise.  They were
tablemates and we bonded immediately and, though many miles have separated us,
we've managed to remain close over the years.  They are such a fun couple, with
warm hearts, and a beautiful home which they have opened to me on several occasions. 
Though they are white wine drinkers ( I like white, too ), they always have one of my
favorite reds, South African pinotage, available when I come to visit.  Jenny is also an
RN ( originally from South Africa ) and Steve retired as a British Airlines pilot.  They
have always had rescue Great Danes and I previously posted pictures of some of the
other Danes.they had.  Sadly, these big dogs don't have a long life span.

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  1. They're beautiful, Carmen. I remember my parents considered adopting a Great Dane when we were kids, but they just couldn't afford such a big dog at the time. We kids were disappointed, and we've had a soft spot for Great Danes ever since.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. They are beautiful animals.

  3. What gorgeous dogs and you have captured them beautifully!

  4. Great dogs! I do like big ones.

  5. It's a majestic breed, big friendly (mostly) dogs. Must be wonderful to have that relation still after so many years

    Christina, sweden

  6. My nephew used to have a Great Dane. It was one big, powerful and friendly dog. Thanks for your visit to my blog.

  7. How wonderful that your dear friends give these beautiful dogs a happy life. My Zebby Cat is a also a "rescue" animal - they may come with a phobia or two yet they become such incredible loving pets, a joy to live with.

    Michelle and my rescued lad, Zebby, send care and huggles to you, dear Carmen, and your special friends in England

  8. big and great
    nice pics

  9. They are beautiful dogs. I just love big dogs, they are so gentle. Wonderful photos.

  10. It's so nice to meet people on holidays and become forever friends. I have this with my friends at the English coast, we met 12 years ago in Tenerife !!
    These dogs are so big but also so kind, I like this breed !

  11. Hi Carmen
    i tuoi cani sono meravigliosi !!!
    Buona serata.
    Myriam :)

  12. Kay L. Davies -
    These dogs must cost a fortune to feed! Meal time was quite an event at the Clark house with huge bowls of food for each beast! They ate dry food, I think, with a little canned mixed to make it tastier!

    Sally in WA -
    Aren't they beautiful dogs? I wonder if they ended up in a shelter because people get them and then realize they are just too big for the space they have or they don't have the time to exercise them properly or they can't afford to feed them. They really are quite gentle dogs.

    Jeri -
    One of their dogs that died, Sebastian, had the most beautiful professional portrait - my pictures aren't match for those.

    Sharkbytes (TM) -
    I kind of prefer the larger breeds myself. I always wanted a Golden Retriever and, when I was a young nurse, I had a beautiful black collie who live about 12 years, even moving to CA with me.

    Fotobloggen 2011 -
    Sometimes you just meet people that are so special, you work at preserving that friendship and, though you don't see each other often, it still stays strong.

    Rajesh -
    I was always a little nervous, initially, when I would visit my friends but the dogs quickly took to me and became friendly.

    Andy -
    These dogs are intimidating, just because of their size but I was surprised at what sweet dispositions they have.

    Mickle in NZ -
    I had such a nice surprise right before Christmas, Michelle - a phone call from my Kiwi
    friend in Christchurch - the one I met 17 years ago on a cruise! I laugh at the different kinds of English we all speak!

    sm -
    Tuese dogs are really gentle giants but they do have huge appetites. You need quite a budget to feed them.

    eileeninmd -
    Glad you liked my pictures. I've been going through all of them, in preparation for moving, throwing out ones with people I don't remember, blurry ones, etc, and have found some that will be nice for my blog.

    Gattina -
    I am very blessed with friends in various parts of our world, many crew from India who work for Royal Caribbean and passengers I've met cruising. Some are really special.

    Welshcakes Limoncello -
    Glad you like my Great Dane photos. I have to enjoy everyone else's pets since my landlord doesn't allow us to have dogs of our own.

    Rosadimaggio63 -
    They are marvelous dogs, aren't they? I would have loved to see them as puppies.

  13. Anonymous2:43 PM

    nice looking dogs!

  14. We always had great danes when I was a kid - I loved their sweet natures.

  15. steve9:43 AM

    Blondie has the blue collar,Lulu the red.The old girl is Zola,a rescue dog who was used as a breeding machine