Monday, January 31, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday, #106, San Francisco Painted Lady, January 31, 2011

During a recent drive around Pacific Heights, I chanced across this lovely yellow
Victorian.  I am so glad I had my camera with me.  It was a perfect shot for Mellow
Yellow Monday.

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  1. What a cute house!
    Have a great week!

  2. Wow, a beautiful yellow Victorian house....
    Lovely shot, Carmen

  3. That's a gorgeous yellow house. (Though yellow is not a very common color for houses, isn't it?)

  4. Really mellow, an eye-pleasing yellow.

  5. What a pretty yellow house, Carmen! Great find for Mellow Yellow!

  6. Very pretty yellow and pretty details on the building too.

  7. That house looks like a cake, like a toy. I was waiting a doll appears by the window.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  8. what an awesome house i would love to look inside!!

  9. oh, gorgeous yellow house!
    yellow is also not a common color for houses here.:p

  10. A very pretty yellow house. You can't missed this from a far, like it!
    It‘s Yellow

  11. Carmen, I'm usually not so fond of yellow on a house, but I must say it seems to fit this old Victorian beauty marvelously!

  12. What a charming house ! would suit me too !

  13. Wow- that seems unique, even for SF- interesting shape

  14. Beautiful yellow facade. So perfect for the meme. :) Have a great week ahead.

  15. Now that is a really bright house, but it does suit the style here and would stand out in the neighborhood!

  16. BLOGitse -
    San Francisco is full of this type of house, painted in all sorts of colors.

    lina@home sweet home -
    I never get tired of photographing these Victorians!

    Con Artist Trickster -
    You would not believe the variety of colors of the San Francisco Victorians! There is quite a business of house painters specializing in this. Some are really incredible, with bright colors and contrasting trim. There's a wonderful book out, called, "Painted Ladies" that shows a lot of them.

    GVK -
    I've driven all over this city the past 34 years but, somehow, I've missed this house.

    ***Icy BC -
    I am not sure if that is a single family house or a couple of's pretty big for one family - but it's in a very wealthy part of San Francisco.

    Blu -
    We have so many beautiful Victorians in San Francisco. Some really have fancy
    "gingerbread" on them.

    Irredento Urbanita -
    Have you ever been to San Francisco? If not, you MUST come sometime. You will have a wonderful time taking pictures.

    clean and crazy -
    I'd love to look inside, too. There are a couple of Victorians that are open to the public and I've several friends who are wealthy enough to own them.

    Luna Miranda -
    There are actually quite a few yellow houses around here, Victorian and others.

    chubskulit -
    It is a pretty house, just one of many on this street.

    Kim, USA -
    The house definitely stands out! It wouldn't be hard to find.

    Francisca -
    Yellow does seem a nice color choice for this house.

    Gattina -
    I've been in the San Francisco area 34 years now. I always dreamed of owning a yellow Victoria with white shutters. In fact, I bought a water color of just such a house at Ghirardelli Square shortly after I moved here, in hopes I might find a house I could afford that matched such luck!

    Sharkbytes -
    The house, with its rounded shape, is quite unusual, I think. I haven't seen many like it.

    Indrani -
    Isn't it a pretty house? It would be fun to look inside. I'd like to know how many bedrooms it has.

    srp -
    There isn't another house like it in the area. I drove around for several blocks, taking pictures.

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