Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Watery Wednesday #121, Wordless Wednesday - St. Kitts - January 5, 2011

St. Kitts, Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles, West Indies

I am participating in Watery Wednesday & Wordless Wednesday!
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  1. a gorgeous sunset! the colors are beautiful. marvelous photos all.

  2. wow! all those are stunning views and captures. Good work.

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    Thank you.

  3. A very happy new year, RNSANE.

    The silhouette of the gentle mountain seems to harmonize in the soft setting sun.
    The way which embraces the peninsula.
    It will give a driver refreshment.

    Yes. I agree with you.
    We live together on this earth.
    And I can interchange with you familiarly in this way.
    It is a dreamlike event if before 20 years.

    The dream is a gift of God.

    I hope you have a new year filled with good health and prosperity and joy.

    Thank you, from Japan.
    Your friend.

  4. The photos are beautiful.
    I have emailed you concerning your last comment on my blog!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. Anonymous4:25 AM

    what amazing photos you have there!!! thanks for visiting my blog!!

  6. When I read the title I was expecting some rain... How come ? rain in California?
    Great pictures of that water that only the sea can bring to our eyes... and oh- so much peace.
    Great post Carmen dear!

    Hugs D

  7. manuela5:02 AM

    these are some gorgeous photos you're sharing with us today, thank you! and i notice your cheery yellow header is back, i guess the holiday celebrations really are over, aren't they...

  8. Looks like a beautiful paradise. Gorgeous photos.

  9. Sush a beautiful country and seascapes. Love your blog.

  10. Oooh la la! I don't know whether to feel relieved or jealous!

  11. These are just GREAT shots!

  12. great images - check out my new Photo Project for 2011 here:

  13. Beautiful place. I've never been to the Lesser Antilles. Thanks.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  14. I love the way the road winds along connecting the island hills like emerald dots. Fantastic capture too beautiful for words. Happy WW and All the Best in 2011

  15. That first one is really a winner!

  16. Hello Carmen! You're getting better and better in your new hobby -photography. Your shots are beautiful and has so much depth! I missed you, girl! I got really busy with my three nieces and my blogging became limited to paid posts and guest blogger, but am back and am hoping I find time to pursue blogging. I miss it a lot! Happy New Year, dear friend! May we have a year enrich with love and full of Laughter! Mwa!

  17. Luna Miranda -
    These shots were taken some time ago but St. Kitts is a marvelous, less crowded part of the Caribbean.

    Priyanka Bhowmick -
    My desk top computer crashed and, woefully, I hadn't backed up hundreds of recent pictures so I've pulled photographs from the past to use for awhile. Thankfully, I have a few nice ones!
    I've already checked out your new site and will
    be delighted to participate.

    Ruma -
    I always love to have you visit and, if I could, I would share a sake or a cup of tea with you. Glad you liked these photos..they are many years old, though, taken on a wonderful trip to a smaller island, St. Kitts, that I love.

    I will look forward to our visits in the year to come! Many continued blessing to you in 2011.

    Maggie May -
    Thank you for all you kind words. I appreciate you so much.

    Glad you liked my photos...yours this week was especially nice! -
    I took at least a hundred pictures in St. Kitts. It is really a beautiful island!!

    Dulce -
    California has certainly gotten plenty of rain this winter though, today, was as glorious as any I've seen! I met a friend for lunch and we shared a bottle of Rombauer chardonnay, one of my all time favorites which I haven't had in the two years since my job ended. It's too damn expensive but Jeannie treated!!!

    manuela -
    After a winter of being home in Canada, you just might need a week's vacation in St. Kitts to warm up and thaw out!!

    eileeninmd -
    Though I haven't been to St. Kitts in years, it was such a lovely place and, the thing I liked most about it, was that it was small and much more peaceful than some of the other Caribbean destinations.

    Watercolour Australia -
    I appreciate your visit. Your art is just beautiful. Many years ago, I had a very brief stay in Sydney prior to a twelve day Australia -
    New Zealand cruise. Spectacular part of the world.

    The Chair Speaks -
    Glad you enjoyed my St. Kitts pictures. It's a lovely island, very laid back and the folks there are so charming.

    colleen -
    I was lucky enough to visit St. Kitts twice in years past. Would love to get back there one of these days but retirement, with its drastically reduced income, probably won't allow it.

    Lindsey V -
    Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you liked my

    kathew -
    Your picture a day project for 2011 is quite an undertaking. I have a hard time getting out a daily blog and am remiss from time to time.

    Kay L.Davies -
    St. Kitts and its sister island, Nevis, are really lovely places to visit, a little off the beaten path and that is one of the things I liked most about it. In the years since I was there, I am afraid it may be become too crowded and popular a tourist destination.

    Sukhmandir Kaur -
    St. Kitts is one of the prettiest spots I've visited in the Caribbean and I've been to at least twenty of the different islands.

    Becca -
    St. Kitts is beautiful - from one end to the other as is its neighboring island, Nevis.

    Sharkbytes -
    I spent about ten days total, over two visit, to St. Kitts. Really loved its quiet charm.

    Tes -
    I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see you back, blogging. I know instant motherhood has kept you quite busy, understandably, but you have certainly been missed around here. I'm glad you got to San Diego over the holidays. That must have been wonderful, all of you guys hanging out, the kids getting to enjoy the beaches and the adults chatting late into the night! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall!!

  18. Those photos of the sea are history for me, this winter doesn't let me go to the beach, although I live on the coast.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  19. Absolutely stunning, a view you could never get tired of. ~ Calico Contemplations

  20. gorgeous photos, they are so bright and cheery.

  21. Irredento Urbanita -
    It gets pretty cold in Barcelona, doesn't it, during the winter months? I was there in February and I don't think it was swimming weather....not bitterly cold but I wore a light coat most of the time.

    Calico Crazy -
    St. Kitts is a beautiful spot in the Caribbean.

    Self Sagacity -
    You would love St. Kitts. It is a beautiful place to be and to forget any cares and worries you might have for a little while!