Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #105, Puppets of Pokhara, January 24, 2011

I am blessed to have a wonderful Indian friend, Rohan Saraf, who is a senior beverage
manager at Royal Caribbean International.  Of course, we met on one of my cruises, a
number of years ago and he became part of my crew "family."  Rohan's home is
Kathmandu, Nepal, an ancient and historic city that is surrounded by four mountains of
the Himalayas.  When I visited India fourteen years ago, I only got to Mumbai, Delhi and
Agra but, if I ever travel that way again, I pray I might see Kathmandu!  Even if Rohan
isn't home on vacation, I will see his his mother, Surjit, and his father.  I feel like I already
know them.

Besides being an excellent beverage manager, Rohan has become an incredible
photographer.  Some of his efforts are truly breathtaking and could easily win awards. 
I've asked his permission to use some of his shots in my blog and he has been kind
enough to allow me to share his pictures with you from time to time.  Perhaps when he
retires from Royal Caribbean, he'll join the ranks of outstanding Indian bloggers and
 photographers himself!

My Mellow Yellow picture this week is of puppets he took during his vacation from ship
life.  I found it most delightful as I am sure you will.

Thank you, Rohan, for allowing me to use this photograph!

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  1. What a vibrant photograph! I wish him well in his photographic hobby.

  2. You know what? All your photos are wow! Really WOW! I'm still learning how to do photography. Followed u you to know more about your blog. Mine's a photo blog too but very very amateur.

  3. Beautiful shot!!Don't they have an internet connection in the cruise ship? He can do some blogging in his spare time hehe. Thanks for the visit Carmen!
    Street/Store signs

  4. these are gorgeous and exotic!
    i hope to see more photos of our friend.

  5. Very colorful. Some nice vivid yellow.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  6. sometimes being close to the things, we may not see how beautiful they are......... i remember of watching puppet shows around streets as kid but kind of drifted away from these kind of entertainment..... same ways for circuses ..... used to love them some day ....

    i recently had an opportunity to watch a beautiful puppet show while visiting Jaipur......

  7. His photograph's colors are so vivid! The marionettes make interesting subjects!

  8. Gorgeous and vibrant colors! Wonderful shot!

  9. Such beautiful puppets. I love the bright colours.

  10. Puppets are fascinating- The yellow one really stands out.

  11. Indeed a beautiful picture.
    Do drop in at Bangalore too. :)

  12. Hi Carmen, I enlarged the photo to get a good look-- Wow, the colors and faces and details-- It's really a great shot. Thanks to your friend for sharing it with us.

    Cheers, jj

  13. wonderful picture indeed! so colorful! ;)
    thanks for sharing.

    here's my MYM entry!