Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Flash 55 - Down the Rabbit Hole - April 22, 2011

I saw the wierdest rabbit,
He was very strange to me,
I hadn't had a single drink,
So I was sober as could be.

He hippity hopped everywhere,
Leaving baskets that he'd made,
They were really exceptional,
For these were eggs HE'D laid!!

Hens asked to have a little rest,
Easter bunny passed the test!

I am participating in Friday Flash 55, from the mind of the brilliant, handsome
debonair Mr. Know It All.  Check out the site and join in the fun!


  1. ha. cute...according to the new movie hop the EB poops jelly beans which has all kinds of jacked up my

  2. I am honored to be able to celebrate wonderful coming of spring with you.
    Thank you for the warmth of your heart.

    Have a good weekend...

    From Japan, ruma

  3. Ha! I just saw Hop with my son. It's about a little male bunny that poops jelly beans. Yeah, I'd eat 'em.

  4. He should have laid the Hens!!
    Cute little holiday ditty Carmen Electra.
    Loved your 55.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Easter

  5. Nice one...really created the Easter Bunny spirit...happy Easter...Any chocolate eggs for me. :)

  6. hippity hopping...Formidable!!!

  7. Great rhyme and rhythm. Never looked at Easter from the hens point of view. 'Course Mrs. MM will say I never look at anything from the hen's point of view.

  8. Thinking of you and spring in SF

    hope all is well
    this may be a duplicate comment
    watch out for bunny ears - addiction comes in pairs

    Happy Easter

  9. another happy thought coming from you Carme, love your poem. Hope you have a happy Easter weekend.

  10. Cute poem, i commented on your last response to my blog regarding your health issues, by the way.

  11. Hi Carmen
    Happy Easter by Igor e Myriam :)

  12. It almost doesn't bear thinking about - a male rabbit laying eggs. Sounds painful!

  13. Fun Easter 55! I am glad that I finally had time to stop by and check it out!