Sunday, April 24, 2011

Follow Your Dreams - Happy Easter - April 24, 2011

I just got home from a lovely evening out and was about to sit down and write a
poem for Easter.  I decided to check my mail first and had a note from Patty Crane,
a dear forensic nurse practititoner colleague who sent this touching video, which is
actually a commercial made by a Taiwanese bank.  Having been to Taiwan with
my sons, Alex and Jeremy quite a few years ago, I took a look and I've watched it
over about five times.  It is a true story and it has a beautiful message - one of love
and friendship that has endured through the years and that it is never to late to follow
your dreams.

I'll write an Easter poem next year.

For those who celebrate Easter, I wish you a happy day with family and friends.
May our world come closer to peace, day by day, and may those suffering in the
aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan be on the road to recovery and
healing.  God bless us everyone - or may the deities, in whom you believe, bless you.


  1. so beautiful and motivational

    happy easter to you and yours!!

  2. Happy Easter, Carmen! :)

  3. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  4. Such a lovely and spiritual Easter present for us. Thank you, Carmen!

  5. absolutely wonderful, thank you for this!! and Happy Easter to you, too, dear friend!

  6. wow..... it being a real story just adds the extra don't know ... something to it.....

    and Happy Easter Carmen

  7. Wonderful post as always Miss Carmen. Have a beautiful and peaceful Sunday. Did you ever get my e-mail on the bio oil?

  8. Hi Carmen! Happy Easter!! Don't eat too many easter Eggs; Blogtrotter Two will be waiting for you after the chocolates... ;)

  9. Happy Easter to you, too, Carmen.

  10. happy Easter Carmen, glad to know you had a lovely Easter eve.

  11. enjoyed your post...Wishing you a Happy Easter

    Happy Easter

    Thanks for reading

  12. Carol and Alan Cruise8:35 PM

    Thanks Carmen! We all need stories like that. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

    Maybe, one day, we'll meet again on a cruise ship. Hope so!

    By the way, I just bought "Life's Journey" and am very anxious to read it. Should be here by Friday.

    Love from,

    Alan and Carol

  13. magiceye -
    A good friend sent me this Taiwanese video and, while I'm still about 15 years from those motorcycle seniors, I share many of their maladies...and it sure was an inspiration!

    Muza-chan -
    Somehow, that video reminded me of the stamina and spirit the Japanese are showing right now.

    Jidhu Jose -
    I have watched that Taiwanese video over and over. It is so endearing. It is wonderful to see what friendship and motivation can accomplish.

    Josep -
    It really didn't feel much like Easter...none of the boys were here for a big dinner but I went out Saturday night to a nice new restaurant where my friend, Margie Baker, was singing with my favorite piano player. It was so great. I just slept in on Easter Sunday, then watched movies!

    Steve E -
    I'm going to have to watch that video a couple of times Monday and Tuesday as I start PT for my shoulder arthritis. I am dreading it, somewhat, wondering how the heck I am going to manage to work through the pain!!

    Manuela -
    I thought that was one of the most touching videos I've seen in a long time.

    hitesh rawat -
    Seeing those old guys accomplish so much makes me feel a little guilty about my complaints. It's nice, isn't it, tha they stayed friends all their lives.

    Jenny -
    Thank you so much for the sweet Easter card. I did get your email about the bio oil. I go to the Derm clinic tomorrow and I'll ask Dr. Yu about using it on my scar. It doesn't look too bad now with make up on it...but it's definitely there!!

    Jingle -
    I didn't have a single Easter egg this Easter! No Peeps, either.

    Trotter -
    This was strange Easter without a single egg and, even worse, NO chocolate!!

    Welshcakes Limoncello -
    I really needed to be in Sicily, having Easter dinner at your house. Since none of my boys were home, I just ate leftovers!!

    sm -
    I am not sure of your religion so I don't know if you celebrate Easter in India - but you are certainly not at a loss for wonderful holidays and festivals - and fabulous food!

    Betchai -
    I should have gone down to San Didgo to see my friends who invited me. It was so strange not to have at least one of my sons around!

    Larry -
    I am glad you visited and enjoyed my video.