Monday, April 18, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday, #117 - Sunny Yellow Daisies - April 18, 2011

I have always loved daisies.  My favorites are the yellow and white ones but the
all yellow ones are beautiful, too, bright and cheery.  They always remind me of
San Francisco since, on my first visit here when I was eighteen, forty-eight years
ago, they were blooming profusely everywhere.

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  1. i don't know why, i get so mesmerized by yellow blooms more than any other flower colors.
    thanks for the comment at my other site.

  2. Happy Monday, Carmen! These are beautiful yellow flowers.

  3. Very vibrant!! Love the color as always.

    Mellow Yellow Monday

  4. great shots. love those yellow daisies!

    check out mine too, it's cute!
    Cute Yellow Plane

  5. I really like these sunshine blossoms and love to paint flowers!

  6. beautiful yellow Carmen, so alive and joyful.

  7. beautiful dainty daisies come see my entry at

  8. I'm just WILD about saffron, and vice versa.

    Yes, daisies, as Meg Ryan's character in "You've Got Mail" said -- ARE the friendliest flowers. My faves are the gerberas. I get pinkish ones to match my dining room, maybe twice a year, put them on the table's center -- and I'm due in that respect!


  9. I'm a fan of the simplicity of daisies.

  10. Bright faces on those flowers!


    Splash of yellow,
    Dash of gold,
    Make me mellow,
    Never old;
    Keep my humor
    In fine trim,
    Always laughing,
    Never grim.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Little Yellow Chicken Shack

  11. Gorgeous!

    Would be happy to have you visit the Mellow yellow at my page, thanks!

  12. Yellow daisies are delightful.
    Great memories. :)

  13. Mitr Friend - Bhushavali -
    Even in our thick fog, those bright yellow daisies shine through!

    imriz2 -
    I, too, love yellow flowers. Yellow roses are my all time favorites, especially in a bouquet with purple irises.

    Welshcakes Limoncello -
    I would love to have these on a table on a deck where I'm drinking a lovely yellow Italian limoncello to match their color.

    ~✿~Icy BC -
    Daisies are always the least expensive flower in the shops but I just love them.

    Kim, USA -
    My favorites are the yellow and white daisies but these are very pretty, too!

    texas_sweetie -
    I always associate daisies with San Francisco. When I first vacationed here for a couple of days, at 18, en route from New Orleans to Honolulu, they were in bloom everywhere. I've never seen so many anywhere else.

    Barbara Rosenzweig -
    I am honored to have you following my blog - and your talent to paint flowers! You can have perpetual blooms that way!!

    Betchai -
    Daisies always give my spirits a boost and make me feel energized.

    shopannies -
    I'll be checking out your blog in just a minute!

    Jannie Funster -
    Gerbara daisies and their brilliant colors are lovely. I love the hot pink and the Mardi Gras purple ones.

    secret agent woman -
    I'm about to put back my header of the Pacific with the field of daisies. I just love that picture.

    Magical Mystical Teacher -
    You always amaze me with the seemingly effortless ability to whip out a poem for every occasion!

    Indrani -
    Daisies seem, to me, the happiest of flowers. I love them when lady bugs touch down on them, adding that tiny spot of bright red.

    chubskulit -
    I'm headed to your page right now!!!

  14. So beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o)

    Have a nice day*