Saturday, April 09, 2011

Camera Critters #157, My Granddogs, April 9, 2011

During my recent visit to my son, Alex, and my beautiful daughter-in-law, Laura,
I didn't take too many pictures of the granddogs since they never seem to change.
I hadn't seen them in three months so I was afraid they wouldn't know me.  I
shouldn't have worried.  They greeted me with so much joy and it really did my
heart good.  I really love those dogs and, at night, they often sleep in my room -
if Laura and Alex close their bedroom door.  Taffy, the smaller one, jumps on the
bed with me ( she is a snuggler ) but Bucky likes his pillow on the floor at the side
of the bed.

Taffy has been with my son two months longer than Bucky - for nearly two years
now.  She's mostly pit bull - I never thought I would like them - very sweet and
gentle and quite shy and timid.  I think she must have been badly treated wherever
she was first.

Bucky is part pit bull and something else, perhaps shepherd.  He seems so much
bigger than Taffy but Alex says, at 75 pounds, he's only 10 pounds more.  He is
much more rambunctious ( not mean at all ) but he loves to rough house and wrestle
with rings and play with toys.  If let loose outside, ie, in the woods, he'll take off
and come back when he's good and ready, which is a bit of a concern to the kids.
Taffy doesn't want to stray far from them.

I like this little white spot on Bucky's neck.  I think it's where his guardian angel
tried to grab him when he was gallavanting off and wouldn't come back when

I think it is so funny how Bucky lies down like this with his legs stretched out behind
him.  He can sleep like this for hours.

I am participating Camera Critters, a wonderful meme to show off your pet photos and
and others you have of creatures that you have taken.  Check it out and join in the fun.


  1. I like the one where the dog's eye glows green.

  2. Some dogs can lay down like that, but I think it looks weird.

  3. So cute!

    Here's my entry, have a great weekend!

  4. A thousand million thanks for sending healing purrs. Cinders is better.

    Animals do have good memories. Cute dogs. Love that sleeping style. :)

  5. Great pictures. The one on the staircase, I was wondering if he is comfortable.

  6. cute dogs, and it is always a joy seeing them jumping to you, very excited in seeing you. how Bucky lies down like that reminds me of my late dog back in the Philippines, I cried a bucket of tears then when he passed away.

  7. Such adorable shots - especially that last one. Hilarious.

  8. hey good to see ya guys!!

    Woof woof
    from Bozo
    Pets forever

  9. secret agent woman -
    I think it's wierd how the flash does red eye but the green - I tried to use the red eye correction on it but no deal. He looks like some kind of spooky dog this way.

    Sharkbytes (TM)-
    I don't see how that's comfortable for Bucky but he really seems to like that position.

    chubskulit -
    They're great dogs and my son even coaxed me out two evenings to go walking with him and the dogs!

    The Chair Speaks -
    I'm so glad your cat is doing better! It's so sad when our pets are ill. I'm glad Taffy and Bucky remember me. Even when I get to my son's house and they're not home, I go in and they never bark at me but just come running, wagging
    happily. A dog's love is so wonderful.

    Indrani -
    That is a rug Bucky is lying on, not a staircase. I just looked at the picture and realized it really does look like he is lying on stairs.

    betchai -
    We get so attached to our dogs because of their unconditional love. I've hated in the last 23 years, as a renter, that I haven't been able to have a dog of my own. My boys were really deprived and Alex always said, as soon as he had his own home, he would get one - and he and Laura were at the shelter the week before they closed on the house.

    Mama Zen -
    They are nice dogs, and healthy. They get plenty of exercise and lots of love.

    LadyFi -
    I've never seen another dog lie down like that -though betchai, in her comment above, said her dog used to do the same.

    magiceye -
    Nice to have a visit from you and Bozo!

  10. What lovely dogs and just goes to show you it is not the breed but the owner that makes the dogs good or not so good.