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Noe Valley Houses, Sunday in My City, July 4, 2010

Noe Valley Houses, Sunday in My City, July 4, 2010

San Francisco's Noe Valley neighborhood lies in the central part of San Francisco  While some of its beautiful Victorian era homes have a two million dollars price tag, when it was built up at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, it was basically a working class neighborhood.  The houses were built in rows and Noe Valley has the greatest concentration of row houses in San Francisco.

Noe Valley has become a more upscale community now with numerous restaurants, shops, and much higher priced real estate.  The weather there tends to be some of the best in San Francisco.

House climbing hillside in Noe Valley

Hillside landscaping

Bird of Paradise


This lovely Noe Valley drive is part of  Unknown Mami's Sunday in My City - check it out and
join in the fun.

Happy 4th of July to our good old USA - and a special rememberance to all of our
Armed Forces deployed on foreign soil protecting our liberty and freedom!
Our prayers are with you!


  1. I'd love to visit there one day, San Francisco is on my list!
    Those houses look amazing but how practical they are live in - carrying all the croceries and wine bottles! huh! Hard work. But no need to go to gym! :)
    Sunny SIMC greetings from Casablanca, Morocco!


  2. Wow, beautiful. San Francisco is tempting, I am not sure about the steps!

    Happy 4th July, enjoy your day. xxx

  3. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Thanks Carmen for stopping by my site today. I love your house photos and the flower ones, particularly the bougainvillea. We used to have a bird of paradise plant in our garden in Australia.

  4. Oh my dear CArmen. This post is SOSOSO beautiful. That city is so full of light no wonder flowers blossom so beautifully



  5. Beautiful! I'm hoping to see some of this in person -- I'll be in SF in mid-October for a mystery convention.

  6. These photos are beautiful Carmen! I look at those stairs and thought "wow, I'm too old to climb that"..It's really impressive!

  7. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Gorgeous. I could live in that neighbourhood! Think I need to get a lottery ticket... Love the garden shots.

  8. Fascinating homes and gorgeous landscaping. Beautiful shots of your city.

  9. Wonderful pictures, Carmen! And Bravo too for the new look of your blog. Have a nice 4th of July!

  10. San Francisco is a beautiful city - lovely captures of it.

  11. I work in a city that once was a working class environment, now the price tag is beyond the reach of the people who are working class. I am not sure how to feel about this as it brings much needed income into the area. Your city is beautiful. I love blogging it bring alive history, places and people in a friendly approachable manner. Lovely Lovely picture.

  12. Wow! Beautiful house x

  13. WOW those homes are soooo pertty!! love the flowers :)

  14. I love this style of house. It has an old world charm mixed with an organic feel.

  15. Gorgeous shots! I've spent many a pleasant day in Noe Valley.

  16. so nice to see houses nestled in greenery and bright and beautifully colored flowers!!

  17. i haven't been to this area but it's beautiful! i hardly see sfo with landscape and so mcuh flowers

  18. love these! lovely flowers.

  19. landscape is so very different from yours....

    is that meat market photo, new ?

    it looks like something from years and years ago....

  20. These are terrific, and I thank you for the education about the Bird of Paradise--I had no idea what those are called, and now I know! It's a perfect name.

  21. Sigh!! To live in such houses!! Thanks for stopping by my blog..:-)

  22. I lived in San Francisco 22+ years ago and loved to walk the different neighborhood. This one sure has changed. It's more beautiful than ever. Thanks for the reminder.

  23. I went to Noe Valley a few times when I lived in Los Gatos, in the 70's. It is a wonderful place! Love all of the lovely houses and landscaping in your photos!

  24. BLOGitse -
    I would HATE having to lug groceries, etc, up all those flights of stairs. You would have to be in great shape ( or it would keep you in great shape ). You certainly couldn't live here after you got old and infirm!

    Raymonde -
    SF is spectacular. I have loved my 33 years in the area but I'm outside the city. I could not do steps like that.

    Cathy -
    Thanks for visiting. Australia is beautiful, too.

    Dulce -
    We do have a great deal of fog from time to time! There are still plenty of flowers, though, especially daisies!

    Vicki Lane - I'm sure you'll be pretty busy with your conference in Oct but, if I'm in town and you have any free time, I'd love to meet up with you and show you around a bit.

    Icy BC -
    I'd never manage those stairs, either...maybe when I first came to San Francisco when I was eighteen. I remember eating at a restaurant on Telegraph Hill wwhen I visited years ago that involved climbing about 200 stairs. I was huffing and puffing for an hour afterwards.

  25. Lynn -
    You're better off renting in San Francisco. At
    least, there's rent control!

    Tara R. -
    It is a gorgous city. I never tire of it.

    fullet -
    I'm glad you like my new blog template. The only thing I don't like is that, somehow, I can no longer schedule posts. It must be a fluke.

    secret agent woman -
    Isn't San Francisco beautiful. Of course, it does have its less than lovely areas as any city does.

    cheeky curves -
    I'm so glad you like my San Francisco pictures. It's a great city for photography.

    Lee Ann -
    One never runs out of lovely houses to photograph in this city.

  26. Sonya -
    Every time I drive around Noe Valley, I find new and wonderful houses to photograph.

    Marla -
    Noe Valley is an lovely neighborhood. I need to get out and do some more photography. Will be posting more pictures.

    The Ancient Digger -
    This city is just full of beautiful Victorians.
    I never tire of seeing them. I always fantasize what it would be like to live in one. I imagine some of them are pretty expensive to heat, though!

    Unknown Mami -
    There are some nice places to eat and some fabulous shops in Noe Valley, not to mention that great Noe Valley Bakery. It's easy to while away the hours there.

    magiceye -
    It amazes me that people can actually garden on some of our San Francisco hills!

  27. Ayie -
    Houses are very close together in San Francisco and there isn't much yard space except a little in the rear. People try to make whatever they have as bright and cheery as possible.

    Jen -
    I was just driving up and down Noe Valley streets that day and was so delighted with this one and its beautiful houses and flowers.

    beth -
    The hills of San Francisco are quite different! I would never manage climbing those stairs.

    As for the Lucca, Italy meat market. That picture was taken on my 65th birthday trip to Italy in October 2009, just last year.

    Mrs4444 -
    Hawaii is full of those beautiful bird of paradise flowers. It is the perfect name for them, isn't it?

    May -
    When I first moved to San Francisco over 30 years ago, in some of the less desirable areas, you could find an old Victoria for under $50,000. Wish I had gotten one then. They were bought up by doctors and lawyers, the areas gentrified and now are worth two million dollars!

    Joanna Jenkins -
    Gosh, I wish I'd known you when you lived in the city. I moved here a little over 30 years ago. I first saw the city when I was 18 and visited on my way to Hawaii for a few weeks during vacation from nursing school in New Orleans.

    Marguertie -
    What brought you out here in the 70's? My good friend from nursing school lived out here for awhile in Sunnyvale, working at El Camino Hospital. She's originally from Lafayette, married an attorney, now lives at English Turn in New Orleans.

  28. WOW! What AMAZING photographs!! Just paying a visit to the one who stopped by my blog and left a comment on the pic of my 2 year old walking our puppy. :-) Have a wonderfully blessed day!