Monday, December 20, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday - San Francisco Victorian - December 20, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday - San Francisco Victorian - December 20, 2010

I came across this beautiful Victorian when driving near Dolores Park in San Francisco. 
I just love the color schemes and gingerbread that graces these "painted ladies."


  1. wow, this Victorian is so beautiful! must be expensive to live here.:p

  2. Oh, you find beauties all over the places.

  3. I agree, love the painted lady, good pic.

  4. The house next door looks so bland in comparison!

  5. That's exactly what I appreciated in San Francisco, these old Victorian houses !

  6. Anonymous12:13 PM

    One of the best parts of San Francisco is the architecture. Beautiful :)

  7. The Victoria-like houses.
    I watched them from the lawn Park.
    A wonderful memory...

    The view was peaceful.
    The form is a symbol of paradise San Francisco.


  8. yes it is truly beautiful

  9. Love Yellow. Love Victorians, what more is there to say.

  10. It is very pretty, but what a chore to paint it!

  11. I actually lived in a place like this once, but it didn't look nearly so nice.

  12. If you didn't see my holiday poem, it is here:

    Luna Miranda -
    I imagine it must be pretty expensive to heat these Victorians.

    rainfield61 -
    It isn't hard to find these since they are all over San Francisco. I love driving around, you turn down a street you haven't been on before and discover all sorts of new houses you haven't seen.

    Angie -
    The amazing variety of paint colors is something to see on these Victorians!

    Lesley -
    You're right...the neighbors can't compare to this cute Victorian!

    Gattina -
    I would need an elevator to live in some of these houses that are three stories and on the steepest of hills!

    Thom -
    SF definitely has its charm and a European feel to it...but Hawaii is equally beautiful - glad we're neighbors!!

    ruma -
    I think it's time you came back to San Francisco for a visit!

    shopannies -
    I know there are hundreds of Victorians that I haven't even discovered yet.

    Sharkbytes (TM) -
    The first year I lived here, I bought a watercolor of a little yellow Victorian. My dream always was to buy one....but it only remained a dream.

    Snowbrush -
    There is a multimillion dollar business in painting these Victorians. This yellow one is quite sedate, actually.

    magiceye -
    Are there Victorians in Mumbai? Since the English were in India for a long time, it wouldn't surprise me.

    Ratty -
    It is so nice to see you here!!!