Thursday, December 09, 2010

Alphabe Thursday - "K" is for Keepsake - December 9, 2010

Alphabe Thursday - "K" is for Keepsake - December 9, 2010

"K" is for keepsake,
These give me such pleasures,
Acquired in my travels,
They're my own special treasures.

Others are sent,
By friends far away,
Whenever I touch them,
They brighten my day.

I've a whole herd of elephants,
Of all shapes and sizes,
From exotic locales,
They were wonderful surprises.

 From my visit to India,
I found bangles galore,
Unique and so special,
I had to have more!

I've at least fifty strawberries,
The non edible kind,
Fine china and art work,
All beautifully designed.

I just couldn't send,
My mom's owls to Goodwill,
So they're my new collection,
And reside with me still.

I've outgrown the unicorns,
And have dozens to send,
To a lovely young girl,
Who will become their new friend.

I hold tight to my keepsakes,
And can only let go,
If they're given to someone,
Who will treasure them so!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) Carmen Henesy
December 9, 2010
I am participating in Jenny Matlock's Alphabe Thursday - stop by and join in the fun.


  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Wonderful Keepsakes my friend. Unicorns have always been a favorite of mine as well as Strawberries :) I love your header as well :) Nicely done.

  2. Great keepsakes... we keep because we paise them as noboby would do... You can give them away, but then...
    Great poem
    LiKe the word!

  3. I feel exactly the same way you do about my keepsakes. They are very hard for me to let go of, but I do like giving them to someone I know will appreciate them!


  4. What a wonderful K poem full of keepsakes. This is so delightful!

  5. keepsakes are wonderful.. .I love that you are holding on to your mothers owls!

  6. well written
    K for King or K for Karate

  7. I don't have too many keepsakes, but the ones I have I treasure. My mom's recipe box (even though she wasn't the greatest cook!), my husband's wedding ring (he died a long long time ago), oh my, I'm starting to get a little too nostalgic here!

    Wonderful post, as always!!!

  8. You wonderful collections! I bet each piece holds a story.

  9. Hi Carmen! lovely post!! And wonderful new header!!

    Blogtrotter Two is in the Valley of Kings waiting for you!! No photos allowed inside the tombs, sorry… Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  10. I so appreciate this Letter K Post as I, too have Keepsakes that mean alot to me, and I hope will someday mean alot to those I give them to. Lovely poem and your header is Stunning!

  11. Glad you are working through this. Nice poem

  12. sounds like you have some wonderful keepsakes ... i have a few, and i could never part with them.

  13. Anonymous7:43 PM

    i love your blog header. very festive.

  14. So perfect! And extremely fitting considering the resent post about giving them up :)

  15. The bangles are fabulous and I bet your collection of elephants is too.
    Cheers, jj

  16. I have some keepsakes that are very dear to me too..Nice poem!

  17. Keepsakes are lovely. I collect Russian Babushka dolls and Japanese Kokeshi dolls......... all of them wooden.
    Many thanks for your lovely words on my blog.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  18. love it,
    your image blows me away.
    Happy Friday!

  19. What a sweet post! Thanks for sharing your keepsakes!

  20. Carmen, what a lovely post you shared with us here. The unicornsmade me smile. My Granddaughters are still enchanting with them...AND stuffed animals.

    It is hard to let go of tangible matter how clearly we remember there in our minds.

    You are such a lovely writer Carmen.

    Thank you for linking.