Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Watery Wednesday, #119 & Wordless Wednesday - New Zealand Scenes - December 22, 2010

Watery Wednesday, #119 & Wordless Wednesday - New Zealand Scenes - December 22, 2010

Mitre Peak, South Island, Fiordland National Park,  New Zealand

Wellington, North Island, New Zealand ( the capital )

I am participating in Watery Wednesday and Wordless Wednesday!
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  1. I see mountains and water. I can see beautiful scenery.

  2. Beautiful photos, Carmen! :)

  3. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Absolutely beautiful my friend. :)

  4. so beautiful Carmen, the shadows added depth and drama to the picture. Hope all went well with the procedure yesterday.

  5. Beautiful shots. Love the variety,

  6. Beautiful I love the way the mountain plunges into the sea and the sea scape is so picturesque these could be postcards.

  7. New Zealand looks like a magical place to visit. Maybe I'll get there one day....one can hope can't one?

  8. My Christmas poem is at:

    rainfield61 -
    New Zealand had some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen. That area of the fiordland was spectacular.

    Nichole -
    I don't know what happened to all the pictures I took on that cruise. I could only find a few. Very sad to lose them.

    Muza-chan -
    Glad you liked the photos - they were taken long ago on a 12 day cruise I did from Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand - I spent two days each in each in Sydney and Auckland and the ship made stops in Melborne, Hobart,Tasmania and at Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington. It was such a beautiful trip, especially the fiordland of New Zealand.

    Thom -
    Hawaii is most beautiful but these two islands of New Zealand are incredible as well.

    betchai -
    While it isn't fun ( the prep is actually the worst of it ), my colonoscopy went well. My doc removed a polyp which was sent to pathology. I do have diverticulosis but, as long as the polyp is benign, it looks like my bowel is ok, at least!

    As for the pictures, that one of Mitre Peak, I loved. I used to have a poster of that at my CASARC job and, to actually see it in person, was such a thrill.

    Rajesh -
    New Zealand is so picturesque, clean, and breathtakingly beautiful.

    Pooja -
    Amazing is a good way to describe New Zealand's
    scenery. It is so pretty, not very crowded, and
    the ocean and sky are incredible.

    Sukhmandir Kaur -
    That area of the fiords in New Zealand is very much like that of Norway. The mountains, indeed,
    plunge into the sea. I don't know where I misplaced all the other lovely photographs I had from there.

    steviewren -
    I regret so much that I only had a day each in our cruise stops in New Zealand though I did spend two days at the end in Auckland. The scenery was so magnificent and the cities were clean and not so croweded as ours. Believe me, if you ever have a chance to go there, you won't regret it.

  9. The pictures are lovely.
    Happy Christmas, Carmen.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. Those are beautiful photos, what a majestic place!

  11. I can see the "posh" houses in my street up on one of the high hills in the middle of this photo! This was certainly Wellington City and the inner harbour of Port Nicholson a few years back - the waterfront has changed more than a bit (hugely for the better) since then.

    What a lovely suprise for me as I catch up on blogposts now I'm back home in Wellington after 2 happy weeks with my Folks. Yes - Zebby Cat came home today too.

    Sending care and huggles, and many happy hopes and wishes to you for the New Year,

    Michelle xxx (Zeb is flat out sleeping, lol)