Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cats on Tuesday - Indifferent Tom - October 28, 2014

I lived nearly a year, at two different times, with my
wonderful friends, Rosy and Norman Toscano, in
Bandra West, an upscale suburb of Mumbai, India.
The house was shared with three cats who gave me
multiple photographic opportunities.  None of the 
three ever paid a bit of attention to me!

Here's Tom, clearly wishing I would take myself and
my camera off, anywhere!

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  1. Hehehe ! cats in general don't like to be taken on a picture, especially when the flash goes on !

    1. I can certainly agree, Gattina, but these guys are disdainful, even with teh flash off.

  2. Tom is enjoying the warmth of his home. Adorable images!

    Mersad Donko Photography

    1. It might be more appropriate to say Tom is allowing ME to enjoy the warmth of his home!

  3. Replies
    1. He is the most sedate of my cat roomies. Eddie is the nosiest and most inquisitive and Teddy is a bit of the mix of the other two. They tolderate me and, occasionally, I am allowed to pet them.

  4. He looks quite happy with himself.

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