Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Fragments #266 - My First Visit to Friday Fragments - September 13, 2012

Well, this has certainly been a fragmented week for me.  Sometimes it is hard to 
keep focused, that's for sure.

My Sunday began at the beautiful Grand Hyatt Mumbai where I had splurged and
spent my last Hyatt points for an overnight stay in their Club Level.  Talk about 
luxury.  Just before leaving, I availed myself of a wonderful breakfast in the Club
Lounge, with great staff in attendance and an assortment of excellent food items.

The auto rickshaw ride back to my Branda West condo was much lengthier
than usual since Sunday was the beginning of the week long Bandra Fair,
taking place right beside my residence.  The streets were jammed with 
people buying all sorts of trinkets and, of course, street food ( which I
refrain from eating in India though it smells so tempting ).

All three of my cat housemates were waiting when I got home and, for some
reason, they have parked themselves outside my door all week.  They are
not allowed in my bedroom ( allegries ) but they seem to like my company
when I work at the computer with my door open, sitting there quietly.

Monday marked the beginning of a very special celebration in India, the birthday of the
Hindu god, Ganesha, who bears the head of an elehant.  Almost every home in this
country has his image displayed.  He is revered as the lord of success and the 
destroyer of evil and obstancles. He is also invoked at the start of travels and is
worshipped as the god of education, wisdom and wealth.

The festival to honor Ganesha last for ten days and, on the 11th day, his image
is paraded through the streets, then submerged in a body of water - a river, lake,
the sea - even just a bucket of water for the small images - a ritual sendoff as 
he journeys to home taking the troubles of mankind.  Ah, if only he could be

While monsoon season, I believe, is officially over, we have had several very 
heavy showers, making the Bandra fair goes most unhappy.

Fortunately, by nightful, it had ceased and I could see the lights of south 
Mumbai, across the Arabian Sea, from my window.

I am almost halfway through Barbara Kingsolver's, "Pigs in Heaven".  I ordered
it as soon as I'd finished the first book of the set, "The Bean Trees".  She is 
one of my favorite authors and I will be sad to see this book end.

I am halfway through this six month stay in India.  I miss my family and friends
( and the cooler temperatures ) in San Francisco but I am enjoying this, my
third lengthy stay in India.  October 3, I celebrate my 69th birthday ( how did
I ever get this old ).  I was in Jaipur last year and it was quite a special 
birthday, with three different cakes in three different locations.  No wonder I 
love India.

This is my first time to post in Friday Fragment but I am sure I'll be back.

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  1. I hope your India stay was awesome...

    1. I am still in India, Wayne. Him him him I arrived here on June 3 & will stay six months, going home December 3. This is my third long visit to any Indiaa in three years.

    2. Wayne, I tried to do a post on your blog but, for some reason, I could not get my cursor to begin in the comment section. really weird.

      I always hate to go to work when I have guests at home.
      I want to be there with them having a good time.

  2. That rain picture is pretty amazing. I'm glad you are having such a good time.

  3. Even during monsoon season, it was too hot here. After 30 years of living in the cool climate of the San Francisco area it's hard to adjust to no air-conditioning and just a ceiling fan. Even the nights don't cool down!

  4. An earlier Happy Birthday to you. A few months before I turn 60 I posted about turning 6 again. I wrote,"I have more wisdom, less bounce and less puzzle pieces to move around now."
    I hope that is all true for you too. It is wonderful to be able to travel and spend such a length of time.

  5. Well now, happy birthday to you!

    Your staying in India sounds interesting, and by the time you come back, your granddaughter must be big enough to call "nana"!