Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cats on Tuesday & Pets Forever - Eddy, Curious Cat - September 24, 20`3

I have never really been a cat person, preferring pooches myself.  Partly, it's 
because I am allergic to cats.  Their presence makes me end up with a
stuffy nose and, if they climb in my lap and I hold them, I get little itchy bumps
on my arms.  When I had allergy testing done, cats were high on my allergy
scale but bunnies were even worse.  

When I came here to Mumbai and, desperately, needed a place to live, friends
offered their master bedroom with its view of the Arabian Sea.  I didn't hesitate
a minute, so glad to finally have a home.  "The only thing is," my friend told me,
we have four cats."  I told him that wouldn't be a problem. 

Junior, one of the cats is almost invisible, as he is relegated to life in a back 
bedroom.  He was the original cat in the family and he didn't take kindly to two
of the other three as they moved in his space.  He, literally, became an attack

The others, Tom, Jerry and Eddy have the run of the house ( except for my
room ).  They seem to be quite fond of me and, somehow or other, my cat
allergy seems to have abated quite a bit.  I guess I am becoming desensitized.
I can even pet them as long as I wash my hands right after - and don't touch 
my face.  My stuffy nose remains, with or without cats.

Of all three cats, I find Eddy the most amusing.  He is definitely inquisitive
and that old quote, "curiosity killed the cat" makes me worry about Eddy.
He is aways poking into boxes, bags and, if I type at the dining room table, he
is there checking everything out.  

Here Eddy is visitng with Junior.  It looks like he's telling him a secret.  The 
coloring of the two cats is similar.  It's nice that they get along so Junior can
have a visitor once in awhile.

This is Jerry.  I always get a kick out of them sleeping and lying on their backs!

Eddy loves to poke around in the hard pkastic wrap in which my bottles of 
water are packaged.  It's not the clingy type so he's safe to do that.  He'll 
wander in the opening at either end and amuse himself for quite some time.

After he plays, he finds a comfy spot for a cat nap.  His positions are hysterical.

If I am at my computer on the dining room table, he simply MUST investigate.

"Now, what exactly is this thing?"  He investigates thoroughly.

Next, he goes after my USB camera connection.

When I start to pull it away, he makes a grab for it!

"Wait a minute...there are some other things here that look interesting..."

'There must be something wrong with Carmen's eyes.  She keeps calling
this thing a mouse and it definitely is NOT a mouse."

"It doesn't smell like a mouse or taste like a mouse - but Carmen must love
it more than she does me....she is always holding it!!"

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  1. Cat antics beautifully captured!!

  2. RNSane...
    I love my cats--
    that is a fact.
    (Also a Rhodesian Ridgeback/German Shepherd heheh!)

    LIKE your photos, Ma'am--and the off-the-cuff commentary. :-)

  3. I'm allergic to cats too but he does look cute!

  4. I'm a dog person too, but I sometimes like having cats around too.

  5. 'Never really been a cat person'... They have a way of winning people over though :-) Gorgeous kitties. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Eddy sure keeps you in line. Maybe he'll bring you a real mouse.