Monday, April 30, 2012

Ruby Tuesday 2 - Indian Children in Jaipur - May 1, 2012

I still have so many wonderful pictures of India to post.  Hopefully,
going through them all will help keep me from missing "the country of
my heart" so much until I can return.  I am just hoping that it will be
possible for me to go back.  Having just spent three days in the hospital
( and still on ten days of antibiotics for cellulitis of my left ankle - not
related to my four months in India ), I am increasingly made aware
that, at 67, horror of horrors, my traveling days may be numbered.

I spotted these two little girls enjoying the sun on the promenade near the
beautiful Jai Mahal, the palace which stands in Man Sagar Lake.  It is an
area protected from traffic and, especially on weekends, people are out,
buying drinks and tidbits from the vendors and there are crafts and wares
being sold ( as evidenced by the array of bangles spread out in the distance ).

 I am participating in Ruby Tuesday 2
Check out the site and add your bit of red photography to
join in the fun!


  1. Great capture of kids clad in red--with the added bonus of all those red bangles in the background!

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  2. It maybe in one day, I'll see you in Penang.

  3. Best friends, I guess.
    Hope you can recover soon.

  4. Lovely take for the theme.

  5. Beautiful capture! Happy RT2!

    Mine's here.

  6. Innocent minds!

    Rubies at my site. Please come see.

  7. Anonymous3:08 PM

    wonderful wonderful wonderful

    may time and life please treat them kind.

  8. Gorgeous ruby find, captured beautifully too!

    Ruby Tuesday at my page. Have a great day!

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