Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Ship of Rajasthan - Tourist Fun and Hard Working Beast - April 6, 2012

Jaipur, a lovely city in Rajasthan, certainly does much to entertain the huge number of 
tourists that come in huge numbers.  While I certainly didn't clambor aboard a camel ( or
even an elephant which could have accommodated my proportions more easily, I
thought the creatures looked quite elegant in their fancy garb.

When off duty, these "ships of the desert" were allowed to rest in the sunshine.

Besides offering transport for tourists, these animals, however, were often used to
pull carts and were hard working at the tasks for which they were employed.


My very dear friend and respected mentor always gives me grief when 
I do this kind of post, saying I give people the wrong impression of 
India.  I will admit that, outside, Jaipur, I really didn't see camels but,
in Jaipur, they were a presence in many places.  I do think that there 
are other parts of Rajasthan that one will find them.  

I am now in Hong Kong but I miss India so much and I still have many
posts of my four months there.


  1. Camels aren't as cute as squirrels either, but not many things are, I guess. Of course, babies of almost any mammalian species would give adult squirrels a run for the cuteness award.

  2. I don't see anything wrong with your post, Carmen! It is real life, and the carmels look beautiful all dressed up. There is nothing bad about it anywhere.

    I know you are on your way home, and just want to wish you a HAPPY EASTER!

  3. The camels coverings look very lovely. I enjoy seeing photos of such a very different place from here.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. and I am looking forward to more of your India posts...those camels indeed look fabulous in their garb...I hope they get to eat and rest well enough...may you have a safe journey, I love reading your musings and viewing your photos...

  5. you are now on your way back home carmen? hope you have a safe trip. I see nothing wrong with this post, but I do understand the concern of your friends, I actually find this post sharing the uniqueness of India.

  6. Interesting adventure! Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories and lovely photos.

  7. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Thank you for this beautiful entry of yours and the chance to get a glimpse of your adventure. Please have a good journey and an easy return.

  8. I hadn't realised you were already homeward bound. :(

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