Saturday, April 07, 2012

Hong Kong - Victoria Harbor, Symphony of Lights, April 8, 2012

I spent twelve hours yesterday, out and about, walking the streets of Kowloon, then
heading toward Victoria Harbor.  I booked a night "Symphony of Lights" cruise to
see the spectacular light show, then wandered around a bit more, taking in the sights,
sounds, smells and energy that is Hong Kong.  It was amazing to me not to see one
person in a colorful sari.  India is not that far away.  Mostly, I encountered the younger
generation, perched on precarious shoes, dressed in mini everything, giggling, holding
hands, or visiting tourists such as me, some with money being spent in the many
exclusive shops everywhere or others bargaining in little stores.

The light show, of course, was spectacular.  The overcast cleared up to give us an
incredible viewing.  No one puts on an extravaganza like Hong Kong.

Victoria Harbor, before sunset

One of several harbor tour boats

Hong Kong is one of the world's most popular cruise ports

Lights begin coming on about sunset

The show, sponsored by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, takes place every
night at 8PM, when the weather is good.  44 buildings, on both sides of 
Victoria Harbor, participate in the display.  It is the largest permanent sound
and light show in the world.  For more detailed information on the Symphony


  1. You will find different variety of foods in Hong Kong which are very delicious.

    How about a bowl of snake soup?

    1. I have definitely eaten some oddities in my life, including canned rattlesnake. We had an abundance of those in my home state of Georgia. I do like a lot of the Asian delicacies but NOT those fetal eggs.

  2. Cool

    You are so lucky to see the world
    Camera Critters

  3. Ah, the memories and such a gorgeous harbor. You've captured the excitement and beauty of HK with these shots.

  4. The lights are amazing! I've never seen it before so I had no idea they had that display.

  5. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Thank you very much for this journey and indeed joy to see such. Hope you are fine and are heading towards a good new week.

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