Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Splurge in Hong Kong - Dinner at the T'Ang Court, Langham Hotel - April 14, 2012

Since I flew Cathay Pacific, one of the world's finest airlines ( in my opinion ),
for my trip to India, I was allowed a stopover in Hong Kong on my return.  I
spent five days there, enjoying all the sights and sounds.  I hadn't been in 4 
years and, while it certainly would have been more fun if I had been with friends,
I managed to enjoy myself alone.  For the most part, I ate at the little small 
places in the Tsim Shat Sui area of Kowloon where I was staying.  One night,
however, I decided to indulge myself and went to my favorite online review
site, TripAdvisor, to look at their recommendations for dinner.  I chose to 
dine at T'ang Court at the Langham Hotel, a Cantonese restaurant, rated #8 out
of 3,332 restaurants in Hong Kong by TripAdvisor.  It was superb.

I was most impressed with the Langham Hotel, itself.  In my past life as a 
working RN, it's the kind of place my friends and I might have chosen on one
of our "queen" journeys.  It was most elegant and lovely and the T'ang Court
was equally so.  I was greeted by name by several of the staff and shown 
to a table in the beautiful dining room.  Soft strains of taped ehru music,
the two stringed Chinese musical instrument I have always enjoyed, played
softly in the background.  Since it was Easter night, there were only a few
tables occupied but the diners seemed most engrossed in their meals.  

Lobby, Langham Hotel, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

Lobby flowers, close up

Main dining room, T'ang Court

Dining room flowers

The menu was incredible, filled with all sorts of chef's special recommendations 
and set menus.  Having lived in the San Francisco area for over thirty-five 
years, which houses one of the world's largest Chinese populations, good 
Chinese food, especially Cantonese, is not foreign to me.  Instead of choosing
a meal, I picked multiple items from the menu - appetizers, soup, some of the
chef's recommendations, all of which were outstanding.  I know I went over-
board with my selections and, as the staff's eyes grew wider and wider, I 
asked them to advise me.  I ended up with three fewer items which was a
good thing.  By the time I was ready to leave, I could barely walk!!!

The table was very simply and elegantly set with a single green orchid in a glass.
Everything, throughout the meal, was accompanied by sauces.  My pitcher of
jasmine tea was most elegant.  Each item of food was savored and enjoyed to the
fullest.  I spent about two hours dining, listening to the lovely music and enjoying
the ambiance.  It was nice to be away from the clatter and noise of the Nathan Road
dining spots.

Lovely pink shadow from my cocktail

Many paged menu

Jasmine tea

T'ang Court Appetizer plate - fried eel, octopus sashimi, jellyfish,
roast duck, roast pork

Kimchi appetizer

Braised noodles with whole small abalone

Braised seafood and beancurd soup

Crisp tofu skin appetizer ( this was fabulous )

Roast suckling pig...the skin was exquisite

View of the table with some of the dishes

Roast pigeon ( its head came on a different plate )

Jelly fish and pork

A trio of desserts

This was a wonderful feast - if only I could have shared it with someone special,
it would have been absolutely perfect.  Every morsel was an exquisite taste and, 
as you can see, there was certainly enough for two - or, even, three people.  This
was my third trip to Hong Kong - and, sadly, since I'm 67, probably my last.  I 
will never forget dinner at the T'ang Court at the Langham Hotel, one of the 
great meals of my life.  I returned from India and had a visit with my primary
care physician.  It seems I lost 25 pounds during my four month sojourn in 
India....possibly, I lost 30 pounds but my Chinese feast probably restored 5
pounds!!  The price of this meal, before the gratuity - $125 US dollars!!


  1. Anonymous2:34 PM

    What a dream.

    1. It was so peaceful and relaxing in the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and the food was heavenly.

  2. It's a beautiful hotel, but what an amazing meal! I would love to be able to taste it.

    1. Sheila, the Langham is one of those hotels I used to splurge on when I would travel with my nurse friends and four of us would share a room!

      As for the meal, it was truly exquisite...every bite to be savored.

  3. super spread!!!

    looking forward to your next Indian trip!

    1. magiceye - I trust all my friends are offering prayers heavenward so that I can get back to India. I want to return as soon as possible.

      As for the T'ang Court was the best Chinese food of my life...and I didn't really eat a meal, just nibbled on those superb Chef selections, leaving not a morsel behind.

  4. oh Carmen, can't believe you finish it all, but they all look so yummy and so elegantly presented, I love crisp tofu skin wrapped around shrimp paste, I guess it is one of my favorites. wish I could have enjoyed the meal with you. welcome back.

    1. betchai - I would so much more have enjoyed that lovely meal if you had been along. Dining alone isn't that much fun, especially when you have such an elegant and delicious repast. It was nice that I had all the time in the world to eat. I had actually ordered a couple more dishes but,wisely, took the staff's advice, that I had more than enough.

  5. The food looks so scrumptious, and the place looks very pretty.

    I am glad you're home, Carmen!

    1. Thanks for the welcome home, Icy. It's nice to be back though I will probably return to India if I can scrape up enough money for a plane ticket. The T'ang Court was a beautiful place to dine and the food definitely suited the ambiance. I just needed someone with whom to share the meal.

  6. I'm a big TripAdvisor fan and they certainly sent you to a fantastic restaurant. It looks like a wonderful meal and a beautiful restaurant/hotel.
    xo jj

    Ps Congrats on the weight loss-- and on vacation no less. That's great!

  7. Hi Carmen, what a beautiful place to visit and a wonderful hotel indeed. You are most fortunate to be able to experience all those. And the meal...the bomb! Mouthwatering delight. I feast of the palate. YUM!

  8. What a place!!
    The hotel and restaurant really look gorgeous, and Everything of the food looks wonderful and delicious.
    If I have a chance to visit in Hong kong I definately want to call at that restaurant.

  9. 125$!!! You are RICH!!!
    Glad you enjoyed. :)

  10. Catching up on your blog. Stunning pictures and poetry, thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure.

    You on the boat with the lights behind is a stunning picture. Loved the monkeys and camels. The saris are in such glorious colours. That sunrise pic with the tree branches is a wonderful shot. Masala dosa for breakfast? Yes please!

    So thrilled you had a good time and a weight loss too. Such adorable memories for you. x

    Mm, pigeon thanks. T'ang Court Appetizer...yummy! My what a banquet! Jasmine tea, so refreshing.

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