Friday, April 27, 2012

The Beauty of Being Home - April 27, 2012

Of course, everyone knows how much I love India, the country of my
heart....however, it is nice to be home in the USA for awhile, especially
in my part of it, the northern California coast, near San Francisco.  I was
just released from my three day hospital stint yesterday and I'm back
at the home of my dear friend, Silvia, where I'm renting a room until I
decide what to do ( probably, I'll head back to India after visiting family
and friends in the South ).

This morning, I had my coffee on the living room couch, looking out
Silvia's window which, of course, reminded me why I love this area so
much.  In spite of a few man made obstacles, it is still beautiful.

Electrical lines cannot obscure the beauty of Ocean Beach in the distance, just a
few miles away.  On some days, you cannot even see beyond the plate glass 
window because of the fog but today was exceptional and gave me much joy.

Over the rooftops, the Pacific gleams blue in the sunlight.  It is usually a very 
cold 55 degrees so people, brave enough to swim ( most beaches have 
warning signs about dangerous undertows ) or surf, usually wear wet suits.
Ships, seen from here, have already sailed under the Golden Gate, out of San
Francisco Bay and are in the open ocean.

If you look off in the distance, you can see the spires of our beautiful Golden
Gate Bridge which celebrates its 75th anniversary in May.  Seeing it always 
feels me with such a sense of delight and awe.  I've felt the same every time I've
seen it for the past 49 years since my first time at the age of 18.

Just looking down, I see part of Silvia's pretty back yard.  She spends a good deal
of time there, painting, planting, pruning with wonderful results.  Being here with 
her is so therapeutic for me! Years ago, we worked together ( she was a therapist &
social worker ) when I was a nurse at the San Francisco Rape Treatment Center )
and it is wonderful for us to have this time together in retirement.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Living about 2,000 miles far from the place I still call home, an entry certainly understood. And sometimes such power cables can provide a nice geometry in the skies. Wonderful last picture ! Please have good weekend.

  2. Robert, I certainly had a wonderful stay in India..and will return there, I hope - but it is scenes like the above that make me glad of a sojourn at home. It really is so beautiful here. You, too, have a great weekend.

  3. nice to see you enjoying yourself!

  4. You do have a beautiful view all around, Carmen! Your fantastic photos show it..Take it easy this weekend!

  5. No wonder you love that place.
    I like Sylvia's painting in the garden.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. you have such a relaxing view over there Carmen, it's nice to think that within the city you have so nearby escapes to relax and unwind

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